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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Monday the 16th of July ctssm42@hotmail.com All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT. From Cyrus the Astrologer The Sun in 25 degrees Cancer
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      Monday the 16th of July


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Sun in 25 degrees Cancer is inconjunct Chiron and Uranus.

      Venus opposes Pluto.

      The way in which we express our will, authority and pride may need self-correction and adjustment. The struggle for power and control over resources can be balanced with the feminine principle of cooperation and heart-centred inclusivity. We are urged to call on the healing energies available to open up to our intuition and guidance.

      Eternal values are meaningless until they are woven into the fabric of life’s daily activities.

      We are constantly developing knowledge and skills in order to make better use of available resources, thus becoming of real service to others.

      We are feeling ever more a part of the universe. Now we are learning to take responsibility and become stewards on the more spiritual side. Gaining insight into our ways and motives and transmuting our character weaknesses into strengths releases our creativity and potential.

      Meditation and service transform separative aspects in our being, bringing us in contact with pure potentiality and the Divine Light.

      This unfolding is becoming both an individual and collective process as humanity’s responsibilities of stewardship gradually increase.


      The Moon sextiles the Sun at 3:23 AM.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with will. We are learning to use the personality to nurture and love the lower self and develop receptivity to Soul impressions.


      The Moon squares Uranus at 3:41 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with electric will. We are drawn towards clever and ingenious methods. Teaching, writing, research and group endeavour are favoured.

      Emotional impulsiveness can be channelled into drive and creative energy by healing our emotions and attuning to Soul impressions.


      The Sun is inconjunct Uranus at 7:20 AM.

      Sustained effort requires us to make a commitment to deal with erratic behaviour and impatience. Many of our reactions may be coming up for healing. As our emotions and mental attitudes are transmuted into positive, inclusive ones, the desires of the personality begin to align with our Soul-purpose. Emotional depth-work is recommended.


      The Moon conjoins the fixed binary star system Algol at 7:37 AM.

      Its darker brother circles the brighter star in about 69 hours and this causes a periodical change in brightness. It is assumed that other dark stars belong to the solar system of Algol.

      High spiritual rays are emanating from Algol and these are becoming more accessible as we learn to integrate our personality and transform our negative emotions and mental attitudes.

      It is often too easy look within ourselves and be halted by our traumas, failing to penetrate further to the glory beyond. Once we pass the threshold of Algol, we find pure Spirit.

      The way in which Algol manifests in our lives, depends entirely on how we learn to live with integrity and a sense of purpose.

      Negative emotions need to be lovingly acknowledged and transmuted through Trauma Clearing(refer to Trauma Clearing Material or email for the information if you do not already have it on file).


      The Sun is inconjunct Chiron at 8:00 AM.

      We are experiencing a deepening process in order to evolve to the next level of spiritual awareness. We can expect multidimensional realities, deep memories and an unceasing evolutionary movement to occur.

      The healing process begins by intense feelings of wounding and a desire to heal. The process begins either from our own personal choices or from changes in the weather, government, economics, and the world of business.

      Personal and global wounds are being experienced. Chiron brings into focus the issues of birth, transmutation and spiritual insight.

      Humanity is in the process of healing and balancing the Divine Feminine. This imbalance has brought about separation between spirit and matter, self and other and within families. This wound has caused the human kingdom to be confronted with power drives and controlling behaviours in order to experience the use and abuse of power.

      We are beginning to experience a healing and balancing process that is bringing about a global Initiation. Step by step we are learning to integrate our personality with the Soul. Healing the pain of separation is moving the energy form the solar plexus to the heart centre where we experience unity.


      The Moon opposes Pallas at 9:31 AM.

      The mental creative combines with the emotional intuitive realm.

      Conflict between mind and feeling can be overcome through our intuition and psychic attunement. The Divine Feminine is needed and must be expressed for this is where the emotional and achievement needs can be healed.

      The Moon sextiles Vulcan at 10:04 AM.

      Vulcan is active in the process of reorientation from desire to aspiration. Desire is a longing, a wish, a want, an appetite or a craving. Aspiration is the desire to become free from the entrapment of glamour in order to experience the joy of liberation.

      Desire has three phases. The first phase is the passionate urge to be, have and express. The second is the aspiration to seek things that help us rise above attachments and achieve freedom. The third is the will to cooperate with a higher order of things. Vulcan is now most active in the second phase.

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