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GCI Care Focus: Chile Earthquake

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  • Ash
    Dear Friends, As a caring global citizen and Global Coherence Initiative member, most likely you have already been directing your love and care towards Chile
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      As a caring global citizen and Global Coherence Initiative member, most likely you have already been directing your love and care towards Chile where an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck over the weekend. The GCI staff has also been sending heart-focused care to Chile. This catastrophe has come on the heels of the earthquake in Haiti, where the GCI Care Focus has been directing heart-focused care and compassion. The people of Haiti still need our energetic support, and we request that you now include the people of Chile in your heartfelt prayers, meditations and affirmations.
      In Chile, more than 800 people have been reported killed and the number is rising, while the number of injured is not yet known; 2,000,000 people have been displaced; 500,000 buildings have been destroyed. Relief supplies are only beginning to arrive and food and water shortages are a great concern. Powerful aftershocks continue to create fear and looting has become a serious issue. It is especially in these times, the days after the initial event, that people affected need more of our energetic support.
      As a caring community, let’s radiate our heart-focused care and compassion with the intention to help ease the emotional pain, fear, insecurity and loss experienced by the people in Chile as well as Haiti.

      You can use the Heart Warm-up and Heart Coherence Technique or whatever method you choose that’s comfortable to you and engages your heart’s compassion. Let your heart radiation and compassion extend to the people of Chile and Haiti and then expand out to all catastrophes and hardships going on throughout the world. True compassion facilitates yet allows for Universal Love to know the highest need for the whole.

      Also, you can join with others around the world in the Global Care Room as you radiate your heart-focused care and compassion. To access the Room, just log in at www.glcoherence.org and click on the enter button on your My Member page.

      Thank you for providing energetic care and support.

      In appreciation,

      The Global Coherence Steering Committee

      P.S. For the Introductory Coherence Technique:

      For information on the Global Care Room:

      Revised Note – Please Read –
      Guiding principles for GCI Care Focus
      As the Global Shift is playing out, there are a growing number of situations that unfold continuously around the world that could benefit from focused care. This makes it difficult to choose a GCI focus that would suit everyone at any given time. With GCI members from many different countries and cultures, it’s understandable that this would influence personal feelings of what would be most appropriate for a GCI care focus.

      At times when a global issue is more important to you than the GCI care focus selected, we suggest this: Spend a little time on the GCI care focus, then spend most of your time sending love and compassion to whatever situation you feel is most important. Some of you may choose to hold a vision of the planet in a state of perfection, which can help manifest how we would want it to be. The most important thing is for us all to love, accept, and respect without judgment each others expressions of care.

      The techniques suggested by the GCI team won’t always feel appropriate for everyone because of our many cultural backgrounds and personal belief systems. This is very understandable. When this is an issue, we invite you to use your own heart’s choice of technique, prayer, meditation, affirmation, visualization, etc., when sending love and compassion to the planet and its inhabitants. It’s our genuine coherent love and care that make a difference, much more so than method or technique.

      Our common link with each other is that we all care. By honoring our differences, we multiply the strength of connection and effectiveness in our care for the planet and each other. This is what the planetary shift is about – differences coming together in the heart to co-create a greater wholeness. 

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