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Aligning with Your Mastery Self By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Aligning with Your Mastery Self By DL Zeta Outside linear reality, all-time exists as one quantum moment
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010

      Aligning with Your Mastery Self By DL Zeta

      Outside linear reality, all-time exists as one quantum moment pulsing with many energetic threads. There is no "past or future." We describe here versions of your self that hold fewer understandings than you have in your present moment as "past selves." Those selves with greater understandings than your present moment are "future selves." This is regardless of where they exist "in time."

      When we speak of the "number of understandings," we are talking about vibratory levels. The degree of spiritual understandings you hold is directly related to the rate at which you are vibrating. You might think of a slower rate of vibration as being weighed down with unresolved emotions and denser, heavier energies. Greater spiritual understandings pave the way to greater feelings of inner peace and unconditional love. These inner states directly correspond to a lighter, higher vibration.

      A past self can be a self from your present lifetime or a self from a past lifetime at any point in your arc of incarnations. The same is true for a future self.

      Your Future Selves Assist Your Guides and Angels

      Throughout time, whenever you have asked for guidance and assistance from beyond the physical realm, this assistance has been immediately downloaded into your consciousness. The only "waiting" or "lag time"for its arrival into your physical reality has been a matter of bringing your consciousness into resonance with these downloads. When you "opened" sufficiently to become an energetic match for the information and assistance you were seeking, it showed up in your life.

      Your higher self orchestrates these downloads in conjunction with your spirit guides and angels. In order to deliver what you are seeking, these high-vibrational beings "amp down" the vibration of the download so it is in closer resonance with you in your present moment. One way this "amping down" takes place is by filtering it through the consciousness of future versions of your self. This is possible as these selves carry your energetic signature. Their vibratory level is higher than yours because they hold a greater degree of spiritual understanding, Your future selves are closer in resonance to you than your spirit guides and your higher self, which exist in an expanded realm beyond the Earth plane. When you have created the causes of advanced future selves in your near future, you are able to receive a great deal of spiritual insight and understanding through these selves.

      Your Mastery or "Ascension" Self

      Somewhere in time -- in this lifetime or another -- exists a version of you that has achieved spiritual mastery. This self has healed and released all that stands in the way of complete spiritual alignment. Your mastery self is spirit incarnate; it is your spirit walking the Earth. This is the complete unification of Heaven and Earth.

      A being that exists on the Earth as spirit incarnate serves as a portal for all who seek spiritual knowledge and communion. This being is able to see the higher purpose of each moment that unfolds upon the Earth plane. In their eyes, each moment is perfection. That is because they see each event in the context of the centuries of its making; they see each person in the context of their arc of lifetimes. Inside this spiritual vision, there exists complete awareness, acceptance, detachment, discernment,
      complete love and compassion.

      It is possible for you to seek guidance and assistance from your mastery self. All that is necessary in order to contact this self is to come into resonance with it.

      Harmonizing with Your Mastery Self

      When you set your intention to harmonize with your mastery self, you begin to receive a great deal of guidance concerning steps you need to take to clear the way for this connection. You will begin to see any areas where you still hold blame,resentment or other negative emotions. Your attention will be drawn to any limiting beliefs you hold and any way you have limited your vision of what is possible for your self. As you take the steps to raise your vibration, you become a stronger vibrational match for your mastery self. Once you have evolved your consciousness to a certain vibratory level, you will find you have a clear and direct channel to your "mastery self." This is the point where you find your self drawn to new ideas, new people and activities. At times, you may not feel like the same person.

      You will experience a greater sense of peace and unconditional love. Your spiritual awareness will expand as you begin to glimpse the world through the eyes of your mastery self.

      Working with Your "Near-Mastery Self"

      As you begin coming into closer resonance with your mastery self, you will encounter your "near-mastery self." This is a future self that is nearing mastery understanding. A near-mastery elf is assigned the task of uniting all its selves throughout time. This self will sense those past aspects that are awake and aware of its presence and will call upon them to work with less aware aspects to help bring about healing and understanding. As you work with your near-mastery self to bring about healing, understanding and unification, you take quantum steps on your spiritual path and towards resonance with your mastery self.

      Excerpt from Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/messages-from-the-future-ebook/
      Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
      Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks: A Soul Retrieval Journey

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