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March 2010 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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    March 2010 Nightlight Newsletter Chuck Spezzano The original challenge in place for March has been met through everyone’s healing, prayers, manifesting,
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      March 2010 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano

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      The original challenge in place for March has been met through everyone’s healing, prayers, manifesting, choice, etc.  This gives us a new slate to write on.  Here is what March portends now.  The first three weeks of March carry a steadiness that is excellent to build on.  They can be weeks of both fineness and enjoyment bringing the clarity for a new foundation.  Toward the end of the third week and beginning of the fourth, there is some kind of hook or challenge.

      The learning-healing-transformation involved is meant to take us to a new level in the last week.  This level carries great import for us personally and for the world in general.  It seems to imply a new level of success.  So having an easy transition to a new level depends on us.

      The birth can be quite an easy step if we allow it to be directed by Heaven.  This can occur if we let go of all judgments.  This allows us to remain as harmless as possible.

      At the beginning of every month imagine the month you want to have.  See it, feel it, hear and sense it as vividly as possible.  This programs the month ahead.  If something other that this occurs, know that you made a mistake in what you chose.  In spite of the fact that what may be occurring may come from subconscious or unconscious patterns, there is a reason and purpose in it occurring here and now.

      If something negative occurs, acknowledge your mistake and ask Heaven’s help in correcting it then once again imagine the month you want.  When something negative occurs you made a choice for fear and when you do you attack yourself.  When you feel bad it is because you feel bad about an illusion which is why things can be healed.  They are not as we thought and we can choose love, peace and acceptance instead.  We could choose happiness and play instead of siding with the separateness of the ego.  Beware of anything you are using to hold yourself back, such as power struggle, grievance and judgments, which hide fear and guilt both of which fundamental building materials of the ego.  The ego’s purpose is to stop you and hold yourself back, which is what occurs when you choose with the ego instead of your higher mind.

      The sub-themes for the months are subtexts or currents below the surface.  In the first week the subtext is a tendency to Fracture or side with separateness.  When success and love come about as a result of coming together than Fracturing is an aberrant impulse that mistakenly chooses fear.

      The second week  of March may be full of feeling, bringing tenderness, poignancy and flow.  There may also be emotions that call for healing.  It is important we do not use our emotions as weapons or ways to control ourselves and those around us as this can generate havoc in our health and in our lives.

      The third week can bring Illumination.  This would promote an easy transition to a new beginning in our lives.

      The fourth week carries the sub-theme of the Depression Conspiracy.  This is a last ditch attempt by the ego to throw every old loss at us to prevent a new chapter in our lives.  Knowing this, we can counter it by letting go of the past, which is no longer with us except in fantasy and illusion.  As we let go, a new perspective begins taking the place of what was lost.

      There can be triumph in March if we not only allow but foster it.  New energies of success are waiting to show themselves as well as new and critical forms of communication bringing new information and knowledge to light to connect with each other.

      Sending love and blessings to you, Whoosh!!

      Chuck Spezzano 
      March 2010

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