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Carrie Hart ~ The Owl Says: Embrace the Unknown

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  • Ash
    Dear Power Animal Lovers & Quado Readers, I am sending another joint Power Animal/Quado message, since the owl showed up with a message, and Quado thought it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2010
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      Dear Power Animal Lovers & Quado Readers,

      I am sending another joint Power Animal/Quado message, since the owl showed up with a message, and Quado thought it was great.  And so did I!


      First, a couple of reminders about things that are happening tomorrow (Sunday).


      Power Circle Invitation Call

      On Sunday 2/28 at 8 AM California time, you are invited to discover if you are one of those called to form a new group consciousness, a new energy of oneness, wholeness, joy and love, that is exactly what the earth has asked for at this time. 


      If you have already registered, we look forward to seeing you then, either at the live call or through our recording of it shortly thereafter.  If you have not yet registered, please go deep into your heart right now and see if this is something you should join. You can learn more and sign up on www.carriehart.com for this free call.


      Ask Spirit Radio

      Quado and I will again be taking your calls on www.blogtalkradio.com/carriehart on Sunday at 4PM Pacific.  You may either ask a specific question or just ask for a message, without needing to reveal any details of your life.  Just call in on (917) 889-3183 and press ‘1’ to let me know you wish me to call on you.



      And now, the message from the Owl.


      Saturday, February 27, 2010

      The Owl Says:  Embrace the Unknown


      My wisdom, which is legend, comes not from book study, talk or even deep thinking, but from gazing into the mysteries of the night.


      Learn to move into the darkness with deep love, trust and faith.    Go into the unknown and move by feel alone.  Do this, and the night will open to you.  Let a star, your star, shine brightly on the next place to put your foot.  And seeing and knowing only that, move out with courage and deep inner conviction, with faith that you are shown the way. 


      Do this long enough, moving with grace and ease through the mystery of the unknown, trusting that your inner truth knows everything, and then, gradually, you will begin to see in the dark with your inner eye.  And one day, the moon will shine down just so and you will see that you actually have wings, wings that can carry you out across the night sky, soaring with joy and wonder, shining brightly with an inner light.


      Hear my call into the night.  Who?  Who?  The answer is You.  You are the one to fly into the sacred night, your heart lit by freedom and love, your soul shining the way.



      Quado, do you have anything to add?

      I am in the night and if you call me, I will wrap my love around you to keep you warm.  Angels are in the night, and if you call them, they will sing your next step to you.  Jesus is in the night, and he holds his hand out to guide you.  You are surrounded by love and guidance.  You are deeply loved and cared for at all times. 


      Hush, hush, and hear us speak.  Be very still and feel us, hear us, see us with your heart, your soul, your center.  We are here and we will guide you.



      My book, A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, is meant to help you find your way through the unknown, while enjoying every wondrous step along the way.  You may purchase it on amazon.com or on my website, www.carriehart.com.


      Love & peace,




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      Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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