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      Spinning-StarS eNewz Consciously Creating Reality 02-27-2010     Opportunities to Assist Mother Earth & Redefine our Reality   Saleena: For the last week
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      Spinning-StarS eNewz

      Consciously Creating Reality




      Opportunities to Assist Mother Earth & Redefine our Reality


      Saleena: For the last week many things are moving into my awareness to indicate that it is time to focus some loving attentions on our Mother Earth. There are at least two events on Sunday, Feb 28th where you can align your intentions, imaginations & focus with many many other lightworkers to support Mother Earth & all of us who live here, as we consciously shift our reality. There are two organized events you can participate in; the 1st is defined in the last blog: Creating Miracles for Mother Earth hosted by Mother Earth Network, on every full moon. The 2nd one is an organized & specifically focused transmission hosted by Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation. They organize two a month. Full moon & new moon.


      Details how to participate are included in the articles below.


      Art of JuiceyLiving Series by Saleena Kí


      Remember we are multi-dimensional beings & thus, if you read these messages past the date & feel drawn to participate, set your intentions that you will be able to join in at the perfect time & participate as guided. The principles shared here are powerful enough to be used in adjusting your own perceptions at any time, to support your own ascension process.




      Newest Blog Messages:

      Creating Miracles for Mother Earth

      Help Create Balance between the Male-Light-Electric energies with the Female-Magnetic energies for Mother Earth.


      “On the surface of the Earth, the female energy coming from the core of the planet meets the male energy coming from above. These two energies, in perfect balance, together create the highest divine energy of love. Today there is an enormous imbalance, with way too much male energy on the face of the planet. This is due to mankind’s imbalanced lifestyle and aggressive technology, combined with all the mainly male energies from cosmos flowing in over the Earth preparing her for her transformation and transcendence into the 5th dimension. The energy imbalance has created a very critical situation for Mother Earth; Together we are creating miracles!” From Maria & Manne, & the Mother Earth Network


      Saleena: I received this in an email to remind me it is time once more, to join together to bring healing and balance to Mother Earth. There are so many ways being presented to assist in our Mother Earth in this transition. There are many ways of seeing reality. I participate almost everyday in some kind of lightwork-lightplay to support the shift from a world reality of control, greed & imbalance, spanning the micro to the macro, to one of sustainable interconnected living. If this is resonate with your way of seeing things, here is another way you can participate that happens every Swedish full moon.

      Dear Members of the Mother Earth Network,

      Every Full Moon it’s time for our global healing session to Mother Earth!

      This next session takes place on Sunday, February 28th, from 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm Swedish time zone (CET). Use www.timeanddate.com to translate to your time zone!

      Here is a list of all dates for the Mother Earth healing sessions 2010 (Swedish full moons): View Full Article »

      Haiti Part 4: Message from Mother GAIA: Haiti was not of Her Doing…

      Filed Under: Ascension Process, Channeled Message, Indigenous Wisdom, Insights, Lightwork-Lightplay, Meditation, Messages, New Mother Earth, World Event

      Feb.27, 2010

      “She, (Mother Earth-Gaia) impressed very simply, that “Haiti” was not of her doing and that she would never do this, in this way, to her children. She went on to say that this occurrence was not of the Divine Plan, that our transition and accompanying earth changes are meant to happen in as much ease and grace as possible…” Tiara Kumara

      Saleena: I receive these emails for Planetary Grid Transmissions every full moon and new moon with an invitation to participate. I felt this message was so important I want to pass it on. I have also been watching how Haiti is being assisted and what everyone is doing to assist them to get back on their feet. I also had the sense the earthquake was man-made. So…. there is a tendency to get very upset with all these implications. That is why am glad that the next message Re-defining the Darkness is available with its insight & with an organized Grid Transmission to help us focus this shift within so the outer reality can shift also. View Full Article »

      Re-defining the Darkness; Shift Reality

      Filed Under: Ascension Process, Expanded Views, Insights, Lightwork-Lightplay, Messages, New Mother Earth, Process, World Event

      Feb.27, 2010

      Instead of seeking to hide from or destroy the darkness, may we look at simply reassigning its role in our existence.

      It's ALL part of Me...

      When we turn on a light in a dark room, the light does not overcome the darkness by struggling with it… it transforms the darkness by simply Being what it is. View Full Article »


      Latest Energies:


      2010-02-27, Colin, Marimar & I checked in… On Feb. 22nd we participated with Sophia, Moreahl & the new Logos of this new Universe in some lightwork where we saw all kinds of new energies moving to earth & being set up. Then it all stopped & we waited for a few days while some very complex new energies & codes continued lining up & getting ready to engage with the earth plane. Last night we saw them engage! It was powerful! We watched some kind of portals open & many veils removed. We saw indigenous beings all over the world connected with us & the earth & aware of what was happening. We watched a seed of the Divine Mother-Father move deep into the earth. Something new is about to be born!


      So much vibration & movement occurred… we will all have to watch & see what happens. Earth continues to rock & roll. We are not sure how much is the natural process or is a man-made effort to cause more fear & confusion & thwart the awakening & ascension process. See blogs Re-defining the Darkness & Haiti Part 4: Message from Mother GAIA: Haiti was not of Her Doing…  for more on this.


      Tonight we experienced such a gathering of power & love, something akin to the meeting at the Sacred Tree, in Avatar. Beings from many dimensions all gathered to continue to engage a new kind of energy into the earth. I felt the trees connected through their roots passing it along. Many animals, including ones we consider mythical, arrived to help the focus. Plants, flowers & elementals joined us. New codes from Source flowed in.


      Keep checking Message from our New Universe blog in the days to come…


      Hope you take time to assist our Mother Earth & play as the Source Creator your are, focus with intent & engage your power to change reality on Sunday….and many days to come.


      Blissing to Raise Vibration




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