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Jennifer Hoffman: 7 Days of Valentine Love -- Day 5

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  • Ash
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day 5 of 7 Days to Valentine s Day      Preparing yourself for Love Greetings!   This week we
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      Day 5 of 7 Days to Valentine's Day   
      Preparing yourself for Love

      This week we celebrate Valentine's Day, a time when the world celebrates love-from a one-sided perspective. What we celebrate on Valentine's Day is love from others and with the hype and marketing we believe that if we don't have someone to show us how much they love us, we are missing out and there is something wrong with us. And that is where it is one sided because real love, the kind that is unconditional, incorporates all aspects of love, what we receive from others and most importantly, the love we have for ourselves.


      So during the 7 days leading to Valentine's Day we will take a journey of love together, that will bring us back to our core of love and prepare us to manifest the loving, fulfilling relationship of our dreams. Let's get started.

      Day 5  Giving and Receiving
      A fulfilling, whole relationship has an equal balance of giving and receiving. To receive love we must give love and to give love we must be with someone who can receive. If we are giving without receiving, we are trying too hard to convince someone that we are worthy of love. If we are receiving without giving, we are out of touch with our emotional center and limiting our ability to share love with others.
      But for some, that means giving so that someone will see their value, see them as wonderful and appreciate the love they give. They have confused love with validation and are disappointed when these kinds of relationships are emotionally unsatisfying. To receive love we have to give love but, and this is important, we must give it to someone who is able to give back to us. Our goal in manifesting a loving, fulfilling relationship is to have one that is fulfilling because it is balanced in its giving/receiving aspects.
      Today, consider your past relationships and ask yourself whether you were the one who gave love and what you received in return. Did you expect to receive anything? Did you ask for anything? Was the person you were with capable of giving to you? In your new relationship, what are you willing to receive from your new partner? What are you willing to give to them?
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      Manifesting Class 
      You have asked for a class on manifestation and I am offering a four part series on manifestation, prosperity and abundance, intention and co-creation starting March 1, 2010 at 8PM US central time.
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      Expanding  Love Project on Facebook
      Join me in expanding the love energy that is available during this Valentine's Day week to everyone in the world. Join the project by searching for Expanding Love Project on Facebook, take the project commitment and invite your friends and fans.
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