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Karen Bishop: A New WINGS for February 10 Has Just Been Posted!

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2010
      February 10, 2010

      Dear Ones,



      In this WINGS post, find out what the lates shifts in energy have
      created, why you may be feeling edgy, tense, or angry, with a need
      for more sleep, what the strange and intense dreams are all about,
      and how things are, as always, moving right on track.

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      From "Crossing Over":


      As we begin to arrive in the new reality, in complete totality this
      time, we slowly but surely begin to connect to our very new
      families. These new families are our soul families and those whom
      we share some kind of connection.

      Many of us have been through so much because of the ascension
      process. In this way, we have become ever grateful for the smallest
      of things, for the presence of another, and for any love and
      support that may come our way.

      As we open our bleary eyes to very new light in a very new world,
      we are ready then, to see where we have arrived and what is now
      surrounding us. So even if we have lost our biological families of
      origin, we still have our soul families. I remember an e-mail I
      received after I had mentioned losing my family in a WINGS post. It
      simply stated, "Don't worry Karen. You still have us and we are
      your family." Yes indeed; we are family in every way as we
      experience this one-of-a-kind ascension process.

      The higher we vibrate, the more we connect to our own souls. We
      lose so much of our density; so much of the old ego energy that we
      no longer need; and what is then left is the purity of our souls.
      Many of us have had eons of experiences together in times past. We
      know each other well. We are not strangers. Some of the greatest
      joys of my life have been creating with soul partners, as it
      rekindles within me, memories of times past when we were oh so
      connected to each other and to source; of times when we created
      planets together, life systems, and things from times when we were
      pure soul and source energy. Feeling oh so familiar, it is simply
      divine to connect in these ways.

      Interacting with biological family members can be a bit different,
      unless they are, of course, also members of our soul families. One
      good indicator that we have a soul connection with someone, is that
      we laugh with them often and easily. Soul friends always play well
      together. They seem to see things the same way, naturally and
      easily understand each other, and laugh at the same things. Very
      easily, they fall into a lightness of being together, and in this
      way, it is then very easy to simply have fun.

      Biological family members can have a different role, if they are
      not specifically our soul families. Their role was to birth us into
      this world. Many times, they gave us immense challenges, which were
      imperative in creating the traits within us that we wanted to
      embody this time around. In addition, many times we grew to model
      their positive traits as well, and to embody them, as well as
      embodying those traits that were created within us from a need to
      be strong and to survive, when we were challenged by their
      so-called darkness. And of course, we were always transmuting the
      darker and denser energies on an on-going basis.

      When we no longer need to grow from these interactions, and
      especially if our biological family members have not grown, we then
      eventually part ways. We can love them from a distance, but as we
      greatly expand and grow through the ascension process, we simply
      lose the desire to stay connected to lower vibrating energies. Not
      only are we weary, but we become almost baffled by energies and
      behaviors that are now out of our frame of reference and reality.
      And in addition, we are no longer transmuting the denser energies
      through ourselves. That phase is now over. It is then time to move
      on, seemingly whether we choose to or not. All the old roles are
      over. That time will never return again.

      We need to move on in order to create the new reality. We have thus
      been released in every way. We are very done. If you are one who
      has stayed in regular contact with a biological family member, even
      after your original purpose was fulfilled, and were simply
      interacting out of love, and then very suddenly you found yourself
      moving on, most likely it was because you were needed elsewhere to
      create the new reality. But know as well, that staying connected
      with love is always an option too.

      After my daughter made her higher level decision to come on board
      and shift her energy, we have stayed very connected. We had agreed
      before we were born, to come together and to love and support each
      other as long as we were on the planet. No matter how different our
      lives may be, the love, caring, and respect we have for each other
      keeps us eternally connected. Members of soul groups always help
      and assist each other..it is a given, even if at times we
      consciously do not know why.

      So then, we soon begin to connect to our very new families; our soul
      families. And these new family members can be old friends too. What
      is important here, is that we decided whom we would meet up with
      when this time arrived. We decided before we were even born. Some
      of our soul family members did not make "the cut." For whatever
      reasons, they did not grow and expand as they had planned before
      their arrival. In this way, we will then meet up with our "alternatives,"
      or those who most perfectly fit with who and where we are now.
      Thus, we can re-create and change the original plan at any given time.

      Now that we have completely crossed over to a new reality and new
      way of living and being, our relationships will be very different
      from old reality relationships. They will derive from a desire to
      create together, to unite and have fun together, and to simply be
      companions together. There is not really much growth that needs to
      occur now, in regard to human relationships. By now, we are more
      complete than ever before, not coming together from a lack within
      ourselves, or a need to examine and adjust our behavior, but from a
      place of coming together to complement one another and to create a
      whole. And know a well, that we are nowhere near perfect either.
      The ascension process will continue to create within us, a loss of
      more identity and more density, a stronger connection to source as
      we become source ourselves, and a stronger connection to our souls
      as well, as time goes on.

      As we come together on the other side, what will we choose to
      create together, and what will our heaven on earth look like?"

      To access the newest WINGS post, kindly utilize the link below:


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      go directly to the Emerging Earth Angels web site at
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      memory of your true and authentic self and purpose within the

      The Ascension Primer...A simply written and easy to understand
      explanation of the ascension process, with a comprehensive list of
      strange and unsettling symptoms so many are experiencing, a list of
      indications of reaching the higher realms (or very new reality and
      way of being) that may seem confusing and different, and a
      validation at every page that you are not "losing it," not alone,
      and that what you are experiencing is a complete and natural
      process of the divine.

      Staying In Alignment...This short book will provide you with a
      clear snapshot of where we are heading, how we will get there, and
      what we can do to stay in alignment during this process that at
      times can create upheavals in our lives. You will be given the
      tools and explanations to keep yourself centered, healthy, calm, and in the
      flow of what these new and higher ways are guiding us into. Being
      in alignment with the new and higher ways of being can greatly ease
      our process.

      The Ascension Companion...A book of comfort for challenging times.
      Open the book to any page at random and you will receive a message
      just for you and your current situation. Each of the 33 messages
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      way of being that this scenario is supporting you in becoming, and
      suggestions for aligning with the higher energies, supporting you
      in having a more comfortable ascension experience.

      Stepping Into the New Reality...An interactive book in e-book
      and print book format, you will be given an opportunity to ask
      questions. As the old world is now rapidly beginning its "fall,"
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      long and at times arduous process of letting go in order to connect
      to something new and more highly evolved, we can thus ease the very
      natural process of ascension. Stepping Into the New Reality
      examines the many steps up the ascension ladder, describes helpful
      processes to ease each step, identifies ways of moving out of the
      old and into the new, and gives a clear picture of where we are
      headed and what is to come. With sections on Keys of Being in the
      New Reality and Stepping Stones on Your Path, you will learn to
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      your path, learn how to set up your money generating store-front,
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      Heaven's Gate / Navigating the Dimensional Border...A mini e-book
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      Crossing Over / A Blueprint For Living on the Other Side...A mini
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      way that fits who you really are and what you desire. This mini
      e-book is accessible on the Emerging Earth Angels web site, and does not
      arrive in an e-mail to you.
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