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Karen Bishop: A New WINGS for January 31 Has Just Been Posted!

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2010
      January 31, 2010

      Dear Friends,



      In this WINGS post, find out how things have progressed greatly in
      the past week, how the falling away and financial situation is supporting
      the process as it was intended, and what some of our symtpoms are
      as we align with the higher realms and new reality.
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      YOUR BOOK EXCERPT FOR TODAY (All books, their descriptions, how to
      access more excerpts, and how to order, can be found at the end of
      te section below.)

      From "The Ascension Companion":

      I realize this excerpt was given most recently, but feel it still
      has merit for these times of loss and financial challenge.


      ALL OF THE LETTING GO, loss, releasing, and endings created
      though the ascension process can ultimately leave us in a space
      of simplicity. There is such a beauty in simplicity. The joy of
      being there for a child's smile, watching a hawk fly across the sky,
      tending to a flower bed, watching your favorite Disney cartoon,
      sliding down the slide with your grandchild, or perhaps just
      observing an ant carrying a bite of food home.

      Simplicity greatly frees us up to become a part of the moment.
      It frees us up to be much more present for what truly matters to
      us. As we become weary and apathetic through the ascension
      process, we cannot help but end up with a more simplistic lifestyle.
      With a busy, hectic life-style, we are really neither here nor
      there. And even though we may complain that ascension has
      taken so much from us, it has really left only what matters

      In simplicity, we have few responsibilities. We are so much
      more free, and we have all complained that we truly value our
      freedom! Within the freedom of simplicity, we can connect
      much more easily to Source. Our time is our own. We are
      removed from that busy and hectic world. In simplicity, we are
      able to see things we never had the time to notice before. Our
      lives move at a much slower pace. We can be present for others.
      We can be present for ourselves.

      One of my favorite memories is sitting in an inner-tube, floating
      down the Russian River in the wine country of California, with
      my daughter, then eleven years old, and two of her friends. I do
      think I spent more time in those days with my daughter's friends
      than my own, as they were always so much more fun, had more
      innocence, and didn't question much. And we loved to play! That
      particular time, as we lived just down the street from the river, it
      just seemed a natural thing to do. And now I get to play with my
      grandchildren. We get into so much mischief...sloshing through
      the mud puddles, drawing, twirling around in the shopping carts
      at the store; oh, the simplicity!

      Ascension brings back the simplicity. We don't have to take
      care of so many things. We have been removed from much of our
      prior responsibilities. We get to spend a good deal of time in our
      creativity. The child-like joy of our original and innocent inner
      child can re-emerge. And there are so many worlds within worlds
      that were unnoticed when we were in our busy, adult, and very
      serious lives. I can remember having my forehead down upon the
      earth out in nature one day on my friend's ranch in Colorado. Lo
      and behold, I discovered an entire civilization within the earth! It
      was truly amazing, and a sight to see. I would never have know
      that it was there if I hadn't been out just wandering around and
      enjoying myself, while my friend was off tending to "business!"

      Thinking back on the creak of the ranch door when it opened, or
      the brilliant sunlight that flooded the living room when the door
      was left ajar...these are the fondest of memories. These are the
      precious moments. And these are the times that we can feel oh so
      joyful and blissful, and they do not involve material things or
      things that we feel we need for security. These times of
      simplicity are when spirit is ever present.

      When I do not have a simple life, I feel very disconnected.
      Having no debt, being able to do pretty much whatever I want to
      whenever I want to, having the simplest of possessions, and
      having no real agenda, is the only way I feel comfortable these
      days. I would have a very difficult time having to be somewhere
      at a specified time;I'm just not used to it. If my life begins to get
      busy and complicated, I refuse to participate. Simplicity is
      much too valuable to me.

      If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to
      remember that simplicity can bring you closer to Source. It can
      place you much more in the moment and allow things to arrive in
      a harmonious and synchronistic way of aligning very naturally
      through Source. Enjoy your simplicity; it's really what it's all about!"

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      For book excerpts, book descriptions, prices, and how to order,
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      books and programs are offered in print and e-book format and
      reasonably priced for your convenience.

      Currently available books are listed and described below:

      Remembering Your Soul Purpose...An ascension book and workbook for
      excavating your soul's unique purpose and contribution, with a
      section on putting it all together to rekindle within you the
      memory of your true and authentic self and purpose within the

      The Ascension Primer...A simply written and easy to understand
      explanation of the ascension process, with a comprehensive list of
      strange and unsettling symptoms so many are experiencing, a list of
      indications of reaching the higher realms (or very new reality and
      way of being) that may seem confusing and different, and a
      validation at every page that you are not "losing it," not alone,
      and that what you are experiencing is a complete and natural
      process of the divine.

      Staying In Alignment...This short book will provide you with a
      clear snapshot of where we are heading, how we will get there, and
      what we can do to stay in alignment during this process that at
      times can create upheavals in our lives. You will be given the tools and
      explanations to keep yourself centered, healthy, calm, and in the
      flow of what these new and higher ways are guiding us into. Being
      in alignment with the new and higher ways of being can greatly ease
      our process.

      The Ascension Companion...A book of comfort for challenging times.
      Open the book to any page at random and you will receive a message
      just for you and your current situation. Each of the 33 messages
      contains a detailed description and explanation of a scenario
      relating to the ascension process, an explanation of a higher level
      way of being that this scenario is supporting you in becoming, and
      suggestions for aligning with the higher energies, supporting you
      in having a more comfortable ascension experience.

      Stepping Into the New Reality...An interactive book in e-book
      and print book format, you will be given an opportunity to ask
      questions. As the old world is now rapidly beginning its "fall,"
      many are finding there is not much left to hold onto. Through a
      long and at times arduous process of letting go in order to connect
      to something new and more highly evolved, we can thus ease the very
      natural process of ascension. Stepping Into the New Reality
      examines the many steps up the ascension ladder, describes helpful
      processes to ease each step, identifies ways of moving out of the
      old and into the new, and gives a clear picture of where we are
      headed and what is to come. With sections on Keys of Being in the
      New Reality and Stepping Stones on Your Path, you will learn to
      navigate the new energies with ease, identify who you are, define
      your path, learn how to set up your money generating store-front,
      connect to your path of service, and find your Heaven on Earth.

      Mini E-Books:

      Heaven's Gate / Navigating the Dimensional Border...A mini e-book
      available on the Emerging Earth Angels web site by a donation of
      your choice, this book clearly describes how to manage and be in
      alignment with the energies that are not yet on "the other side,"
      how to run and create your store-front (or money generating contribution),
      how to stay sane and centered while visiting the old world, and much, much
      This mini e-book does not arrive in an e-mail to you, but is freely
      accessible on the web site.

      Crossing Over / A Blueprint For Living on the Other Side...A mini
      e-book available on the Emerging Earth Angels web site by a donation
      of your choice, this book describes the process and symptoms of
      leaving the old reality and arriving in the new, what the new
      reality looks like and how it will evolve, and how to fit in, in a
      way that fits who you really are and what you desire. This mini e-book is
      accessible on the Emerging Earth Angels web site, and does not
      arrive in an e-mail to you.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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