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Re: *Saying thanks to 2009, Welcoming in 2010!*

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  • Patti Garrett
    ... *Sorry I messed up on sending this message a few minutes ago, but I sent it out from the wrong e-mail address and it was returned as undeliverable, so I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
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      Calling All Angels and friends here today, and I do hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and have had a great January 1st so far:
      Sorry I messed up on sending this message a few minutes ago, but I sent it out from the wrong e-mail address and it was returned as 'undeliverable,' so I had to resend it.  I apologize so much for doing this, and this tells me in strong terms that it really is time for me to log off for the night.

      I am not sure if I am having a relapse of my bronchitis or if it just never completely healed, but, for some unknown reason, I am really and truly not feeling well at all today, again feeling very dizzy and having a constant blinding headache, like I did when I went to the doctor in early December and was given some medication.

      So I have been sort of taking it easy all day and plan to do the same tonight, in hopes I will feel better tomorrow.

      I really got on-line for a few minutes to see if my computer technician had responded to my e-mail from yesterday because I am still experiencing problems getting into some links and he may just need to come back over and work on my computer some more. When he left on Wednesday, he told me if I had any more problems to let him know -- which is exactl what I did.  So this on-line session is most definitely going to be short so I can lay down and take another headache pill and probably go to sleep early.

      Anyway, as I scanned my messages, I saw this message from a website I subscribe to called 'Go Gratitude,' and the prayer and words here were just too beautiful to keep for myself so I am sharing them with all of you today.  Of course, if these words do not touch you in some way or this message is of not interest to you, please delete it now -- with my blessings.

      May the rest of today be special and joy-filled for you, as well as touched by love in every way you need.  And may each of you have a stress-free evening, followed by a night of peaceful, restful and relaxing sleep.

      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,


      To our Community of the Heart:

      Thank you for being a part of our lives, and sharing time
      in 2009 together! 

      May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful
      awakenings and graceful journeys.  May we have courage
      to look for the blessing in every moment,  and the audacity
      to celebrate it!

      May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring
      through every word.  May our waking dreams be filled
      with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our
      hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without.  

      May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred
      spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family
      of Love.  

      May we choose Love over fear;  unity and harmony over
      separation and discord.  May we have the strength to claim
      our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed,
      and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

      May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes.  May our
      elders be honored for the wisdom each bears.  May every Heart
      trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive,
      and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

      May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our
      eyes to the sacred in all things.  May we breathe prayers of
      thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift
      this Life brings.

      This is our prayer.  We give thanks it is so!  And so it is!


      Come one, Come all! Did you know ...

      New Years Eve 2009 is also Day 42 of World Gratitude gathering?

      As we prepare to complete this wave, and this year, we invite
      you to join us, wherever you may be, at 11:11 am or pm on
      January 31st for a silent world-wide Gratitude meditation.

      Simply breathe into the heart, allowing Gratitude and appreciation
      to flow thru you.  Allow this wave to roll beyond you, to the heart
      of the earth and to the heart of the Universe.  Feel yourself
      being connected to our global family, to Source, to Love.

      Let go of any thoughts, intentions, or distractions.  Rather, allow
      yourself to BE the Great-Full-Ness of Life, fully present to the
      gift of this moment and to the power of Now. 

      Whether you are able to join us at the appointed time, or simply
      choose to spend one moment - maybe this moment! -- in the
      energy of Gratitude, know that you are part of a wave of
      appreciation flooding the planet, our hearts - yes! all creation -
      with Love.

      What better way can we give thanks for this year, and prepare
      to enter the New - with a heart full of Love and Gratitude!

      Thank you to all who joined us for this wave of World Gratitude.
      What a beautiful way to complete 2009, and begin 2010!

      For those interested in joining our next wave, we're charting our
      2010 schedule and be sharing here soon!


      Thank you, Beloveds, for joining us in this experiment in Gratitude.
      We are blessed by your prayers, notes of insight and kindness,
      generous support,  and expressions of Love and Gratitude. 

      We look forward to 2010, and beyond, and to the continued
      growth of our Community of the Heart - which most blessedly
      includes YOU!

      Ukehi shi'bijii (Thank you for being our heart)

      Stacey Robyn
      and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

      When we have the courage to look for what is right with
      the world, we will find our hearts, and the world, filled with
      Gratitude! In-Joy this 20 min. journey with Dewitt Jones, as
      he shares his stories on finding more and more to be grateful


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