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Fw: Calling the Avatar Within You

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  • Sanjoy Banerjee
    ... From: Diamond Alignment Subject: Calling the Avatar Within You To: sanjoybanerjee2004@yahoo.co.uk Date: Thursday, 31 December,
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      Subject: Calling the Avatar Within You
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      Date: Thursday, 31 December, 2009, 4:32

      Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology
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      A Message from the Founder of Diamond Alignment
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      Diamond Greetings Sanjoy -


      As I “Call” all of you Lightworkers and Conscious Beings to participate in Diamond Alignment World Activation – to bring Diamond Light and Alignment into our lives and thereby raise the consciousness of the Planet … I find it very synchronous that the movie “Avatar” has come out at precisely the same time.


      I rarely recommend movies, but “Avatar” is one that is relevant to what we are doing together with the Diamond Technology.


      Just as the advanced civilization in this movie plugged into Universal Energy through filaments in the Earth to Call forth “Divine Intervention”… so it is that we are plugging into Universal Diamond Energy through the Internet (and its many fiber optic filaments in the Earth) to Call forth “Divine Intervention” for our world.  


      I’d like to share with you a very astute observation from one of our Diamond World Activation participants, who expresses very well the positive impact that we can have on the whole through the Sacred Technology of Diamond Alignment:


      I truly appreciate your efforts to awaken a 'sleeping' Mankind. I am aware of the significance of 'Sacred' Geometric construct of this Universe and how the Octahedron in its holistic expression 'as above so below', is that which unites all of creation.
      The Meditation material you provide is really effective - as amazing transformations in consciousness can and have occurred.

      Individuals who resonate with the vibratory shift that is emanating trough attunement to this phenomenon, will ascend before the masses. But they will be the precursors to lead others and once more than half the population is energized everybody and everything will have the option to a 'Dimensional Shift'.


      If you haven’t already joined us…please do now. You have 13 more days to participate in our offer of FREE Unlimited Access to the 6-minute Diamond Experience online. Twice a day (only 12 minutes) will clear out the old energies that no longer serve you and activate the next step in your Soul’s progression.


      Be sure and read “The Calling” and all the links within it…to get the full understanding of what we are doing together.


      May the Power of Diamond Joy fuel your New Year!


      Jacqueline Joy


      Diamond Alignment





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