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New Years Eclipses Offer Powerful Window for Manifesting and Transformation By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    New Years Eclipses Offer Powerful Window for Manifesting and Transformation
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2009

      New Years Eclipses Offer Powerful Window for Manifesting and Transformation By DL Zeta

      A unique and powerful "window of manifesting and transformation" opens with a rare New Year's Eve full moon lunar eclipse and continues through the new moon solar eclipse on January 14, 2010.

      The December 31 "blue moon" (the second full moon in December) lands in Cancer/Capricorn, marking a potent time for bringing about completions of all types, spending time in meditative re-envisioning and creating clear intentions for the coming year. The rare New Year's eclipse has the power to magnify our intentions and accelerate their arrival into the physical.

      Whatever visions your higher self has been downloading to your consciousness can be brought to the forefront at this time. Even those visions that seem far away and improbable can be manifested when we align our highest intentions with the potent energies accessible during this time.

      Expect these heightened energies to continue into mid-January when the new moon solar eclipse brings opportunities for new beginnings beyond our wildest imaginings. All that is asked at this time is that we are willing to clear anything that no longer serves our well-being and forward movement. It might be said that we will be able to align with the new energies to the extent that we are ready to release the old.

      One aspect of this release will center around slowing down and tuning into our physical bodies. The new energies can be fully utilized to the extent that our physical system is able to assimilate them. Now is the time to undertake fasts and cleanses to clear old energy lingering at the physical level. This will trigger clearing at all other levels, opening the way to a more empowered and spiritually-aligned future.

      We offer here some suggestions to make the most of this powerful time:

      One) In a journal, make a list of 2009 highlights and notice any areas still waiting for completion as well as any areas you are holding energy around. Use this information in creating your intentions for the coming year. Note any areas that feel "stuck" or "stagnant" and ask for guidance and insight into steps you can take to clear the way for desired changes.

      Two) Undertake a fast and physical cleanse to clear your body of old energies. This revitalizes and rejuvenates your physical system, making new and accelerated life force energies more "bioavailable." Pay attention to any physical symptoms you are experiencing and decode these as symbols that point to areas of needed healing and clearing.

      Three) Practice clearing and stilling your mind and releasing all thoughts. Spend time each day in spiritual communion. Ask for visions and images of future possibilities to be downloaded to your consciousness. Remain open to images you may have felt were impossible or beyond reach in the past. The energies of this powerful window are activating many new and exciting potentials.

      Four) Write out your intentions and resolutions for the coming year. Write each intention on a separate slip of paper and place all the slips into a manifestation box you energize daily with your focus and desire. Daily ask to be shown any steps you can take to hasten their arrival in physical reality.

      Five) Pay attention to the signs and symbols in your sleeping and waking dreams. Upon waking, write down what you remember of your nightly dream, interpreting the symbols to understand their meaning. Before going to bed, write down and interpret the symbols of the main events of your "waking dream". This is how you become fluent in the language of your higher self. In time, this practice allows you to interpret the symbols of each moment as it unfolds and respond with impeccable insight and timing.

      Six) Take steps to raise your vibrational frequency. Your frequency, through the Law of Attraction, determines the people and circumstances you attract into your life. Your frequency is a product of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits. Examine each of these, operating as a detective of your life for a time. In other words, become a silent and detached watcher making note of any areas where your frequency is being lowered and your energy drained. As you bring awareness to these areas, you are empowered to heal and transform your vibration.

      Seven) Complete with everything in your life. Look at each situation, each relationship and see how it is helping you learn and grow. See how each person in your life is reflecting to you some important piece of your inner puzzle. When you receive and understand the message of each connection and event, you can release any negative energy you may be holding around them. This allows you to shift into a place of gratitude and acceptance for everything in your life and receive their gifts.

      Eight) Accept 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Though it may appear at times you are a small boat caught on the vast ocean and turbulent winds of others’ creations, this is not the case. You are the sole creator of your reality - past, present and future. Once you accept this and come into a place of peace with it, you become empowered to design and create realities aligned with your highest visions.

      Nine) Understand that whatever you tell your subconscious mind is real and true for you. Your subconscious agrees with everything you say and sends out requests and desires to the universe based on your statements regarding reality. Pay attention to all your self talk and make sure it is aligned with your true intentions. If something fails to manifest into your reality, it is likely because you are telling yourself it is not possible for you. Turn around negative self talk to create new possibilities for the future. For example, instead of saying, “I never have any money,” acknowledge that while you may have had less abundance than you preferred in the past, “I am now receiving an expanded flow of abundance and blessings.”

      10) Convene an inner United Nations meeting to allow all your aspects to voice any concerns they have about intended manifestations. Manifesting can be greatly slowed or even halted if aspects of your consciousness are not on board with your intentions. Often, younger aspects still trapped in past emotional turmoil will put the brakes on new creations. By opening to these aspects, you can re-parent them and bring your inner children of the past on board with your present-day visions. This allows you to free a great deal of energy and smooth the way for a new and greatly expanded year ahead.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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