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Spandana 4:12 ~ Virgin Birth and the Miracle of Your Unborn Self

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  • Ash
          Volume 4 Issue 12    Wednesday, December 30, 2009    Namaste Shay, We at Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts wish you and yours a blessed holiday
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      Volume 4 Issue 12   
      Wednesday, December 30, 2009   

      Namaste Shay,

      We at Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts wish you and yours a blessed holiday season and a transformative new year!

      What I love about this season is the opportunity it provides for deep reflection on the past year and inspiration for the year to come. It’s a fertile moment of perfect calm – at least it is for us now! Jeff and I always use this holiday time each year to get in touch with our Self, to retreat, pull back from activity, and go deep inside ourselves to restore our energy with meditation.
      And this coming year, we’ll certainly need it! We have a very busy and exciting schedule ahead of us for 2010 and we look forward to sharing our offerings with you.
      Arti - Spreading the Light of Consciounsness


      I’m thrilled to announce the first batch of graduates from our 2009 Jyotisha Life Insight Coaching™ Certification Program. They’ll soon be joining  our Jyotisha practice as "Jyotishi interns" so they can continue refining development of their Vedic astrology skills and working with clients while benefitting from my tutoring assistance.

      Last year’s program was such a positive success, that we're offering it again in 2010 for those of you who’d like to embark on new career directions as Jyotisha Life Insight Coach™ Jyotishis that truly help others.

      For more information and to apply for becoming a Jyotishi, please visit: 2010 Jyotisha Certification Program

      (Note: You don’t need to have a special talent before taking this program. Much more than a vocational program, our Jyotisha Life Insight Coaching™ Certification Program is a profoundly personal spiritual enrichment program for your life that naturally results in deepened intution.

      The difference between our Jyotisha certification and other programs is that we incorporate an immersion in Vedic meditation, which directly develops your inner light, or jyoti, this is the most important skill a Vedic astrologer possesses.)


      Because we’ve found that deep meditation is at the basis of all Yoga and Vedic practices, Sri Jeff has created a landmark program that provides you with a profound opportunity to cultivate your meditation practice.

      Each week, you’ll join us for Vedic knowledge sessions on consciousness & the Self (the Science of the Cosmic Field™) and direct experience of group meditation sessions. Each quarter of the year (i.e., every 3 months) we'll dive deep into extended meditation retreats  (called a Forest Academy) for an entire weekend of silence & blissful rejuvenation under Sri Jeff's expert guidance.

      And once you've experienced it you’ll never again believe that meditation is difficult!

      This new program, the Vedic Meditation Mastery™ Program, is open to everyone, and components of it are now an integral part of all of our specialized programs in Vedic astrology and Sanskrit.

      For details and to sign-up for the Vedic Meditation Mastery™ Program, please visit: 2010 Vedic Meditation Mastery Program


      Finally, if you’ve just recently completed your 200 hour Yoga teachers training and are wondering where to go from here, you’ll be interested in my 2010 Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery Program. There are very few opportunities for Yoga teachers to access the knowledge and advanced techniques of the Yoga and Vedic traditions – and even fewer to grow your Yoga beyond endless asana.

      This 228-hour certification program in Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ provides you with a deep immersion in the Vedas, Vedic chanting, wisdom of the Upanisads, and experiential Vedic meditation practice. It also includes additional elective classes in the Yoga Sutras, Feeling the Alphabet of the Body (connecting Sanskrit and Yoga asana), the Bhagavad Gita, and Vedic chanting.

      At the conclusion of this program, you’ll be eligible for acceptance into our special training program to train teachers of our Sanskrit for Yogis course. This training  will enable you to teach our Sanskrit course according to the Sanskrit for Yogis Method™ as a Shruti Institute Partner. This is a valuable skill to have as part of your Yoga teaching career. Over the past five years, I’ve seen a growing interest in Sanskrit, and Vedic chanting in the Yoga community and very few qualified teachers of these practices.

      This is a great opportunity for you to train with Shruti Institute to become one of the few experts in the growing and evolving field of Yoga. For details and to apply, please visit: 2010 Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery Program

      We look forward to sharing the joy of Vedic arts with you in 2010! (For more information about all of our 2010 Programs please visit our website Calendar by going to: Shruti Institute 2010 Website Activities Calendar)

      In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this moment of peace. To help you access that in yourself, please read this week’s article that follows about "Virgin Birth and the Miracle of Your Unborn Self".

      Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu (May All Beings Be Happy).

      With blessings,


      Virgin Bith and the Miracle of Your Unborn Self

      By Dr. Katyayani Poole

      The virgin birth can only be understood by a mind enlightened through years of yoga & meditation mastery.

      All Jesus’ teachings are encoded in the miracles associated with his birth and life. Miracles are like sutras; they awaken your consciousness to perceive reality from an expanded perspective.

      By putting your attention on something that defies your logic and reasoning is not only a healing practice, but a profound meditation.  The main hindrance to the awakening possibility afforded by a miracle is the mind that seeks an explanation.


      Miracles aren’t meant to be explained or proven. They’re meant to suspend your thinking mind so that your awareness can expand. That’s why they bring joy. They free you from the prison of your limited thoughts and feelings.

      The miracle of being born out of a virgin body is meant to be a paradox. Rather than pursuing the path of logic that immediately questions the biology of such a thing, the innocent thought of it pulls you toward an extraordinary possibility. Jesus was never actually born.

      And neither were you.

      What you think of as you, is just a collection of events, starting with the division of the cell that became this body.  Think about everything that’s happened and will happen to you since you were born.  Who were you prior to these events?  What is it in you that never changes – even as the body, mind, and emotions change?  And where will you be when the body reaches its end?

      There’s something in you that never changes, is never touched by these events, tragedies, gains and losses of your life, and never dies when the body is dead.  When you identify with that limitless Self, you are born from that virgin place deep within you.

      Christ is a state of highest consciousness that accepts a limitless reality beyond the confines of time and space.  And you are That – the unborn, unmanifest, eternal, non-changing Self.

      Christmas is a celebration of that truth and that reality.  It happens in the darkest time of the year (or conversely, in the brightest time of the year on the other hemisphere) – a moment of both deep contraction and expansion happening simultaneously on the planet, a moment that is a portal for profound realization.  In the midst of extreme contraction and expansion, you are free.

      It’s the most valuable gift you could ever hope for.

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      About Dr. Katyayani Poole

      Yogini, 15 year Sanskrit scholar and master teacher, Dr. Katyayani Poole is the author of Sanskrit for Yogis™ , a revolutionary and convenient self-study course designed especially for Yoga teachers and students.

      Katyayani holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is co-founder of Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts (Shruti Inc.) an educational institute dedicated to promoting, enlivening and preserving the ancient knowledge of Sanskrit (the Yoga of Sacred Sound) Jyotisha (Vedic Life Coaching), and Meditation (Vedic Mantras).

      Blessings and best wishes to all of you,


      Katyayani Poole

      Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D.
      Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts (Shruti Inc.)

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