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Jennifer Hoffman: Ten Days to 2010

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    Ten Days to 2010 A Year of Miracles and Blessings   Happy New Year from Jennifer and Archangel Uriel Greetings!  We will soon say goodbye to 2009 and hello
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      Ten Days to 2010
      A Year of Miracles and Blessings
      Happy New Year from Jennifer and Archangel Uriel

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      We will soon say goodbye to 2009 and hello to a new year, as well as a new decade. The world has changed indeed and the year 2000, which we celebrated as the beginning of a new millennium, seems like such a long time ago. For us, the lightworkers, healers, teachers and energy workers, this has been the longest, most trying and challenging period of our lives. While it appears that we have been through so much, what we did was the preparation work that was necessary for the next stages of the ascension cycle to begin.
      And here we are. Archangel Uriel calls 2010 the 'year of miracles and blessings' and has been clear that the end of 2009 closed a healing cycle that leads into a cycle of transformation and growth. That is why so much of 2009 was about closure, letting go, releasing, surrender and acceptance. So what do we do next? We are co-creators, and this is where we get to explore what that means and to test the limits of our powers (which, as we will find, are limitless).
      For each of the next ten days we will work on closing out 2009 together, to ensure that we are fully prepared for our year of "miracles and blessings" in 2010.  Are you ready? Here we go.
       Many blessings,
       Jennifer Hoffman
      Day 2
      Hidden within our energetic being are multitudes of cords that connect us to emotions, beliefs, thoughts, experiences and people. Everything you encounter in your life has an energetic connection to you. The cords that are based in fear siphon energy away from you. The ones that are grounded in love return energy to you. Fear-based cords are activated when it is time to disconnect and release them. This is a choice point for an important decision, do you return the emotion in kind or do you disconnect from it? 
      Each person who pushes your buttons is activating a cord you share with them. Instead of responding to them with your own fear, connect to your inner guidance and ask what cordis being activated and the lesson it corresponds to.Then set a conscious intention to disconnect the cord from that person, to send them unconditional love and see them in their perfection. As you disconnect from this energetic level, you allow the possibility for a connection at a higher vibration. 
      For today, practice disconnecting from every energy you do not want to be part of your life in 2010. Send love and light to the cords that bind you to fear and release them to complete those lessons. Set an intention for relationships and experiences that honor, enlighten, fulfill, respect and shower you with love.
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      Many blessings,
      Jennifer and Archangel Uriel
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