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True Holiday Giving is Holding a Space of Peace and Bliss for Others By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    True Holiday Giving is Holding a Space of Peace and Bliss for Others By DL Zeta Holiday
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2009
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      True Holiday Giving is Holding a Space of Peace and Bliss for Others By DL Zeta

      Holiday gifting in the material world is but a pale reflection of the potentials each person has in terms of true giving. By this we mean sharing with others the true gifts and blessings of the spirit.

      Even amidst suffering and disharmony, it is possible to stand inside the light of your spirit and hold a space of peace and bliss. This portal of bliss is a doorway to peace and love others can access to raise their vibration and align more strongly with their higher self.

      This portal is dedicated to the experience of joy and unconditional love. Inside it, it is possible to harmonize and center one’s energies with perfect awareness of the love being held there. Those who sometimes experience a lack of joy and love in their life can heal by entering this space.

      Those who hold this space for others are able to consciously enter this space anywhere at any time by intending to do so. This constant communion over time transforms all life circumstances allowing one to become an ever brighter light on the planet, guiding the way to the inner planes.

      Bliss Transforms All Life Circumstances

      When you live in a state of joy and bliss, you are able to see everything from a higher perspective. The person who chooses to reside in the frequency of joy has made a decision to view every circumstance they encounter with acceptance and gratitude, even those that are painful and challenging.

      When you have existed in this vibration of joy for a period of time, you find your life circumstances becoming more peaceful and loving. It is important to understand when you initially choose the path of joy you may find your self still experiencing manifestations of the past, some of which may have been created from a less than joyful place. This is because on the Earth plane there is a space of time between the seeding of a creation and its arrival in physical reality.

      If you are able to remain in a state of joy and bliss even as these past creations arrive in your present moment, you will soon find yourself sailing the serene waters of a peaceful sea.

      Bliss Makes Love Bio-Available at the Cellular Level

      The experience of bliss has the ability to heal the past, transform the present and create a future less hampered by the burden of illusion. It does this by making the vibration of love bio-available at a cellular level. This vibration of love is the most powerful vibration in the universe. It is the essence of life force energy. Imagine spirit as having its own DNA. By bringing your self into alignment with the vibration of love, you are able to merge your own DNA with that of spirit.

      It is inside the portal of bliss that you are able to merge with the highest vibration in the universe. Inside this space, you become a powerful portal anchoring Heaven to Earth - a doorway through which others can enter into the experience of bliss and peace. This experience is the true antidote to the suffering that exists within the world. It is only through entering the portal of bliss and becoming a conduit for love and joy that you are able to truly help alleviate the world's suffering.

      Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and
      Transformation by DL Zeta

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