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(Resend) November 2009 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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  • Ash
    Looks like part of it was cropped off first time around and my apologies for that so am re-sending it and, hopefully, that will not happen again.  
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2009
      Looks like part of it was cropped off first time around and my apologies for that so am re-sending it and, hopefully, that will not happen again.
      November 2009 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      November could be a good month or a bad month depending on our attitude.  It is a month to undergo something.  I began sensing this about November in early October.  For some of us what we need to undergo began in mid-October.  It will be a major life passage for some that defines the rest of our lives.  For others it is less serious though at the time it will seem serious enough.  It is something to undergo not go under about.
      When we are called to undergo something it is for the purpose of healing and growth.  And it can certainly lead to a birth, a new level in our lives.  So no matter how it looks, use it for healing.  If in an attempt to escape what we are called to undergo we attack those around us, falling for the most specious of ego arguments that we will escape attack by making it on others, we will block the self-love that is our gift-purpose-destiny for ourselves and the world.  Also to attack ourselves during such eventful times not only makes the problem worse, it is simply a way to hold onto someone or something and it is a strategy that won’t work.
      In a situation of healing, we can catch core self-concepts that show up and these are the biggest personalities that block our receiving and connection with the world.  A core personality gives birth to other personalities as henchmen, bodyguards or minions.  Anyone or anything in the situation shows us our core beliefs and every belief is a self-concept.  What we have projected on others or the world as untenable, because we cannot seem to think about ourselves this way, can be recognized as our self-concepts and if they play a big part in the situation it shows a core self-concept. 
      The worst of our core self-concepts are compensated for.  So we may have been acting in a positive way all of our lives but believe the opposite about ourselves and have ourselves treated accordingly.  One of the effects of compensating for a personality is that we receive little or no reward for our “good behavior” as all goes toward supporting the defense.  This is an act of good behavior to hide what we really believe about ourselves.
      Once we recognize a core personality, we can either give it to Heaven to dissolve, as well as its army of sub-personalities that it gave birth to in order to support and protect itself. Or we could melt it away with the gift-purpose-destiny that was enclosed by it.  We can then use the gift-purpose-destiny that is freed to fill our parents and pass it back to our ancestors in order to heal ancestral patterns.  Once this is accomplished we can also pass it back through our life, sharing it with everyone all the way down through our birth, into the womb and lastly into our soul, healing any soul patterns that may be present.  Finally we can bring the gift-purpose-destiny up through our life sharing it with everyone as we send our love into the future.
      If you cannot discover what your gift-purpose-destiny is, you are probably thinking rather than intuiting.  If so, you can use a general gift-purpose-destiny such as peace from which love, abundance and the Golden Life emerge.
      Most strong emotions can show you a core personality.  Someone behaving badly around you can show you a core personality.  Any meaninglessness, physical pain, valuelessness, or dark energy can similarly show you repressed, core self-concepts.
      If you feel you are undergoing a trial rather than a lesson, it reflects a lesson you pushed away earlier.
      Whatever you are called to undergo this month is set up to get your attention.  If you don’t use it for healing, you will use it to deny the situat ion has anything to do with you and attack instead.  This builds up denial and self- defeating patterns in your life, making the next shot that comes from life in an attempt to open you up, all the harder.  This month you may feel like you are at the end of your rope.  Don’t forget to do everything with grace and ask for miracles in everything especially every night and first thing in the morning.
      With awareness you won’t be blindsided and can be facing in the right direction if any thing untoward comes your way.
      In the first week there is busyness and the possibility of desolation (a sure sign of core personalities).  We just worked on this dip to lessen its impact in our ten day apprenticeship.
      The second week there is a tendency to distort the past.  This is where we look at the past to serve present ego needs but actually it is only justifying present and possibly willful action.
      The third week is one we are usually unaware of and it is our sexual fantasy-guilt conspiracy.  Fantasy creates images in the mind.  When our mind has these images it thinks we already have whatever we are fantasying and therefore don’t need it, which blocks receiving.  Our guilt about these sexual fantasies both reinforce us being stuck in fantasies and call for punishment.  Embracing naturalness and innocence will allow us to both receive and enjoy real partnership.
      The fourth week contains the energy of The Friend Story, one of the most enjoyable of flows.  This means pleasant times and get-togethers.  It is time to celebrate but beware of indulgence as it will block receiving, make you feel guilty and then compensate with sacrifice to make up for it.
      Good Luck This Month,
      Wishing You Every Good Thing,
      Chuck Spezzano
      Kahalu’u, Hawaii
      November 2009


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