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Abundance and the Mystical, Magical Art of Reality Creation, Part 1 By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Abundance and the Mystical, Magical Art of Reality Creation, Part 1 By DL Zeta
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2009
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      Abundance and the Mystical, Magical Art of Reality Creation, Part 1 By DL Zeta

      There’s much focus in the world around manifesting desires, and much frustration when visions fail to materialize. This condition can be transformed by following some simple steps on the path of reality creation. Abundance and manifesting can happen easily and effortlessly once we understand the mystical, magical art of reality creation.

      Understanding Reality Creation

      Reality creation is a process where we become a vibrational match with the version of reality we choose to experience. This vibrational resonance is created when our core beliefs are in harmony with our chosen reality.

      If you have sought to manifest things that failed to show up in your physical reality, it's because on some level, you hold a belief that’s in contrast to what you wish to bring into your reality. This throws you out of resonance with your desired creation.

      Discovering and Transforming Core Beliefs

      Gaining awareness of your beliefs is the first step to creating the realities of your dreams. This discovery process can begin with an examination of your core beliefs. A core belief is a deeply-held version of your personal truth. It may be a truth adopted during a time when you were very young, or more limited in terms of understandings than you are now.

      Core beliefs can be brought into awareness and transformed so they are in harmony with the realities you wish to attract and experience. The challenge is in discovering beliefs that operate off the radar of our conscious awareness. In a sense, these beliefs operate like “wallpaper” in the background of our lives.

      To discover your beliefs, become a detached observer of your life. Pay attention to details. Examine various situations in your life and ask yourself what kind of beliefs a person would have to hold in order to create them. In this way, you become a detective in your own life, tracking the course of your deeply-held beliefs. As detective, stand back from your self several steps. Ask yourself if your current beliefs have assisted you or held you back. Are there payoffs in holding these beliefs? If so, are these benefits helping you grow, or are they limiting you in some way?

      As you gain awareness of your beliefs, you’re able to "see through" beliefs that no longer apply. Once you bring to awareness a belief you want to change, you will need to consider what belief you wish to replace it with. This is where you begin practicing reality creation, by choosing the belief that corresponds with your desired reality.

      Stepping into the Parallel Reality of your Choice

      It’s this process of "core reality change" that allows you to step into a new parallel reality where you’re experiencing the identity and reality of your choice. By practicing conscious reality creation, you’re able to receive
      images of new probable realities through guidance and imagination.

      The Images your Imagination Brings you are Real

      You'll need to work with your imagination to discover all possible options to choose from when adopting new beliefs. Many of us need to expand what we believe is possible for ourselves.

      In fact, one of the first beliefs most people need to examine is what they believe is possible for themselves. Even some lightworkers still hold limited visions of their possibilities. As you become aware of the beliefs you hold about what’s possible, go within and allow your guides and higher self to bring you visions of greatly expanded possibilities.

      Whatever images of future possibilities your imagination brings you are true probabilities. Your imagination will not bring you anything that is not within your field of possibilities. In other words, you are already all that you imagine -- and more.

      As you trust in the images your imagination brings, you begin to adopt new core beliefs and release any beliefs that stand in the way of your desired reality. It’s through this process of reality creation that you become the version of yourself that’s a vibrational match to the realities of your dreams.

      Coming Soon: Part 2, Steps to Reality Creation

      Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/abundance-magic-ebook-by-dl-ze/

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