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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Monday the 9th of July


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hour for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Sun enters 18 degrees Cancer.

      Today’s influences give greater impressionability, mediumistic tendencies, and incline towards ritual. The watery element gives us insights into the creative process and the secrets of evolution. Through training we are able to explore the invisible realms and harness their forces, enjoying cooperation with spiritual intelligences. We are better able to attune our gifts and our transformative powers are strengthened.


      The Third and 7th Rays are strong


      Today’s combinations gives skill in communication, a good business sense and a capacity for abstract thinking. There is a tendency towards better organisation, social awareness and refinement. There is a good sense of timing, an ability to build things and attend to details.

      Saturn ,Venus oppose Pluto and trine Neptune.

      Magnetic will and magnetic attraction are balanced by divine love and wisdom. The devotional aspects urge us to return to the sacred and stay grounded in order to distil our knowledge into wisdom.

      Today we are given insights into the mental and emotional spheres. The mental sphere is the realm of thoughts . These thoughts have their origin in the world of ideas . Each thought is preceded by a basic idea which accepts a certain form. Each thought comes from an idea into the mental realm and forms into a kind of mental picture and has its own form, colour and vibration.

      Tendencies towards intellectual pride, deviousness, restlessness, regimentation, perfectionism, materialism and over-concern with rules may surface. The vibrations of these thought forms are not in harmony with the Soul’s evolutionary unfolding and can be transmuted into higher more evolved energies. We have a chance to acknowledge and restructure these separative tendencies through the transfomative energies of Pluto and through Emotional depth-work.


      The Moon squares Mercury at 12:12 AM and trines Pallas at 3:06 AM

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. This aspect gives strong intuition because of the fusion of mind and feeling.

      The wise use of our emotions helps us to attune to the Soul and identifies splits in our personality. As these splits are healed through emotional depth-work, we are able to transcend warring dualities within the self.


      The Moon trines Jupiter at 6:28 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. When we have a real sense of belonging and oneness with others, we feel a sense of well being and are willing to be emotionally supportive. This attracts people of similar disposition to us. There is a chance to meet friends and new opportunities may come our way.

      This begins a short lunar void cycle.


      The Moon opposes Regulus at 7:47 AM.


      he fixed star Regulus conveys royal properties, noble mind, frankness and courage. Transcending judgement and the critical parent in our personality leads to the ability to sustain wholeness. It is important quality in those who are in positions of responsibility..

      Rulers only stay safely in office while they make it their business to care for and enrich the public. This is becoming an ever stronger obligation upon them as Regulus nears its transition in Sign from Leo to Virgo where we shall find it form the year 2018 AD. Virgo’s quality of obligation to be of service to others is increasingly felt with every vanishing decade.


      The Moon enters impressionable, sympathetic, intuitive Pisces at 8:05 AM and this ends the short lunar void interval.

      We are responsive to the depth of human experience and feel greater understanding and compassion towards all people.

      Undisciplined emotional responsiveness can be transmuted into devotion to activate the Plan of Love-Wisdom through compassion, devotion and the honouring of the sacred.


      The Moon squares Venus at 7:36 PM.

      This influence brings spiritual insight into the world of the form. The Fifth and Fourth Rays combine allowing the concrete mind to bring forth expressions of beauty and harmony. When we come from a place of compassion and non-judgement, we are better able to reconcile opposing parties into greater Unity.


      Jupiter conjoins Chronos at 7:43 PM


      This influence gives insight into the cyclic nature of time and the experience of time dilation, where we experience its expansion into the eternal present.

      Time passes during sleep in thought-forms, and when we awake in the morning, the hours seem to have gone by rapidly. Equilibrium is restored only after we become grounded in service and stay in the here and now.

      Here we also find the laws of cause and effect manifest. We reap what we sow.




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