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September 2009 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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    September 2009 Nightlight Newsletter Chuck Spezzano The month of September is a month of challenge, for some possibly the greatest challenge of their lives.
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      September 2009 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      The month of September is a month of challenge, for some possibly the greatest challenge of their lives. There are powerful unconscious forces coming from the collective unconscious and ego. Yet, the purpose of this challenge is to nudge us into our destiny. If we address what is coming as an opportunity to springboard us into higher consciousness then we will embrace the transcendence, triumph and destiny that is also present and something unexpected may happily surprise us. Otherwise, in September we may feel blindsided by what comes up. Yet, even as you read this know that “there is a better way”* and your higher mind is already beginning to take the issue in hand .* A Course in Miracles
      While for some this month is only a series of small challenges, for others great challenges mean great possibility. We can make the right choice and step up to a better, easier way. We can refuse the ego’s offering as a deceptive temptation. We can understand that the independence, the ego is offering us has strings attached. We never just get independence as the ego promises. Independence is not freedom. It is a role and we get roles of sacrifice and the victim alongside of the role of independence. We always get strings to roles. Independence will give us control but we will have to pay a pound of pain to the victim role to have it and carry a burden of the sacrifice role to go with it. These three roles are a wedge between us and partnership, success and intimacy. Do you want control or confidence? When we control, we are blind to the problems we set up around us but if we have any awareness at all, we notice the people around us are thrown into sacrifice and victim positions by our control. We could have equality and partnership instead.
      If the challenge in September occurs in your relationship , remember two things, the possibility for happiness you felt at the beginning of the relationship and what you have to be grateful for to your partner. This can help put what is happening in your relationship in perspective and motivate you to heal rather than quit.
      When the ego makes offers about following its path, it offers some form of hiding, dissociation to heal the pain (which only keeps it stuck inside), independence that does not make you free only willful and finally it offers attack and self-attack. These cannot make you happy. On the other hand, your higher mind in association with Heaven, the Tao, the Holy Spirit or whatever you would name this Higher Power that is always unfolding positively offering you easy births rather than trauma. On the Path of your higher mind, there are soul gifts, gifts from Heaven and a new aspect of your purpose and destiny that would allow you to shine more. Your purpose is what you promised you would give to help the Earth and it is a great source of fulfillment. Your destiny is who you came to be. It is a golden facet of your being with its connection with the Tao and Oneness. It is this connection that through grace and miracles can create transformation when issues are at global or collective levels.
      The best way to handle what is coming is either to put September in Heaven’s Hands or embrace what is offered by the higher mind so that the collective challenge in September can be bypassed and there will instead be transcendence, triumph and the goldenness of our destiny.
      Be dedicated to easy births for yourself and the world. Those you love count on it. Every trauma shows you made the mistake of following the ego’s path and recovery will take that much longer. Yet, you are always offered the alternative provided by your higher mind that will provide a leap forward. Take the easy and true path this month. Your willfulness has forever gotten you into trouble.
      The first week in September brings to light the Abuse Conspiracy in our lives. This is where we make ourselves or others suffer. In Conspiracies, it looks like there is no way out but we can simply let them go. Put them in Heaven’s Hands. They are not the truth and we no longer need invest in them. This can save us a lot of pain and misery especially this month. Let us let them go before we abuse ourselves with something catastrophic. The second week is filled with the Oneness blessing. We can be aware of it and receive it to enhance our lives and even to bring miracles as needed. The third week is the Compassion Story. Let this come about by opening your heart naturally rather than in the face of disaster. The fourth week we are able to catch the part of us that is miserly. Become aware of how many of these self-concepts of the miser you have inside you. How have they impacted your life? How have you compensated for them? What percentage do you have of miserliness at conscious, subconsc ious and unconscious levels? Accept this quality about yourself. Forgive it. Let it go and integrate the energy these beliefs contain. In the last few days of the month, we can more easily recognize the things we’ve been doing to delay ourselves that aren’t our job. Let these go for more ease and truth in your life.
      I wish you ease, grace and goldenness,
      Chuck Spezzano
      Hangzhou, China
      September 2009

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