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A New WINGS For September 1st Has Just Been Posted!

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      September 1, 2009

      Dear ,



      In this WINGS post, find out how things are being beautifully set up for our arrival into a very new beginning, how we are being protected and held safe until we finally get there very soon, more about refining our new roles, and experiencing a small breakthough during the days around August 26.

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      YOUR BOOK EXCERPT FOR TODAY (All books, their descriptions and pertinent info. can be found at the end of this section below)

      From The Ascension Companion:


      "HAVE YOU EVER FELT somehow left out? As if you were perhaps on an island by yourself? Or maybe that things were moving along energetically, and then they suddenly stopped? Have you ever tried to move forward, and been stopped abruptly by some unseen force that simply will not let a thing manifest for you? During this time, have you felt very unsupported? There comes a time with the ascension process when we are basically disconnected. The energy that brings in the higher vibrations and this energy that we usually connect to in order to create and move forward, feels simply absent. There are several reasons for this. Basically, it is absent. And when these phases occur, they can be quite uncomfortable as they make us feel powerless. And powerlessness is one of the most lower vibrational states we can be in.

      We can feel disconnected when the energies are re-adjusting. This is a regular pattern with the ascension process. We go through a period of great movement, and then nothing but stop sign energy. This period of disconnection occurs because much is being re-aligned and readied for the next stage of movement. At higher levels and at the lower physical levels as well, things are being moved into place for our arrival. It is as if a bed is being made for us to lie in.

      In this regard, we are being prohibited from moving forward for a very good reason. We would not want to move forward into a space or New situation, and then have to move right out of it into a better suited one. Things are being prepared. The energies, so to speak, are elsewhere on a different task that will be highly beneficial to us for the near future.

      Several months ago, I needed to register my car in the state of Arizona, as I had moved here a few months prior and had yet to update things. Trying to be a good citizen, I went to the motor vehicle department and attempted to accomplish this seemingly easy task. Well, evidently, I had brought the wrong documents, and was sent home. A few days later, I tried again, but the lines were unbelievably long, so I decided to wait. While in a neighboring smaller town a week or so later, I thought that I would go to their motor vehicle department, as the wait would most certainly be shorter. As I waited for a little while, an employee soon arrived on the scene and declared that there was a very unusual
      situation at hand, and they were suddenly severely short of staff, so many would need to go home! Well, O.K. Something was certainly up in regard to my car situation. But stubborn me, decided to try one more time. As I was in the very small town of St. Johns, Arizona, a few days later, I tried again. I was literally the only one in the office that day. Oh, perfect! I thought to myself. Well, guess what? I no sooner got my papers filled out
      than I was told that the computers had just gone down, would be down for who knew how long, and I could not complete my task.

      In future weeks, my car would suddenly break down and I would end up having to buy a new one…so all was in order, it seemed. (And I ended up buying a brand new car with no source of income and absolutely no credit, as I have no debt!) Although a minor example here of the stop sign energy at work, it can affect us in all areas of our lives, as we seem to literally be held back. When the disconnect phase arrives, it can feel very uncomfortable. No matter what we do or whatever action we take during this time, we seem to get nowhere. Another manifestation during times of disconnect, is a lack of support. Supportive finances seem to come to a halt. Nothing seems to arrive for us in
      any way. It is as if everything has come to one big halt.

      Once we know and understand what is going on and why, it can help to ease the frustration of the stand-still energy. If we can trust that this phase is occurring in order to better prepare our place in the future, we can then know that in actuality, we really are being supported. As human being we tend to like being in charge of our creations and being the ones to make things happen. With this power seemingly gone, we may feel useless and almost as if our wands have been confiscated or we are being punished for some unknown reason.

      But something that knows more than our mental minds know, is very busy creating and lining things up just for us. Perhaps it is about control; a need to be at the helm. But as we connect more and more to Source, we learn to trust that Source can do much of the legwork for us. We simply have to let go and allow, and know that even though nothing seems to be happening for us now, it will again very soon.

      If you have chosen this page, know that all is in divine and perfect order. Even though you may feel disconnected, things are actually being moved into place to support your next phase. You would not want to move forward into a situation that would soon be changing, along with your own. As you trust that the Universe is on your side, you will soon be in a New and different space that is just perfect for you."

      To access the newest WINGS post, kindly utilize the link below:



      For book excerpts, book descriptions, prices, and how to order, go directly to the Emerging Earth Angels web site at http://www.emergingearthangels.com and access any of the book links at the sidebar. All Emerging Earth Angels books and programs are offered in print and e-book format and reasonably priced for your convenience.

      Currently available books are listed and described below:

      Remembering Your Soul Purpose...An ascension book and workbook for excavating your soul's unique purpose and contribution, with a section on putting it all together to rekindle within you the memory of your true and authentic self and purpose within the cosmos.

      The Ascension Primer...A simply written and easy to understand explanation of the ascension process, with a comprehensive list of strange and unsettling symptoms so many are experiencing, a list of indications of reaching the higher realms (or very new reality and way of being) that may seem confusing and different, and a validation at every page that you are not "losing it," not alone, and that what you are experiencing is a complete and natural process of the divine.

      Staying In Alignment...This short book will provide you with a clear snapshot of where we are heading, how we will get there, and what we can do to stay in alignment during this process that at times can create upheavals in our lives. You will be given the tools and
      explanations to keep yourself centered, healthy, calm, and in the flow of what these new and higher ways are guiding us into. Being in alignment with the new and higher ways of being can greatly ease our process.

      The Ascension Companion...A book of comfort for challenging times. Open the book to any page at random and you will receive a message just for you and your current situation. Each of the 33 messages contains a detailed description and explanation of a scenario
      relating to the ascension process, an explanation of a higher level way of being that this scenario is supporting you in becoming, and suggestions for aligning with the higher energies, supporting you in having a more comfortable ascension experience.

      Stepping Into the New Reality...An interactive book in e-book and print book format, you will be given an opportunity to ask questions. As the old world is now rapidly beginning its "fall," many are finding there is not much left to hold onto. Through a long and at times arduous process of letting go in order to connect to something new and more highly evolved, we can thus ease the very natural process of ascension. Stepping Into the New Reality examines the many steps up the ascension ladder, describes helpful processes to ease each step, identifies ways of moving out of the old and into the new, and gives a clear picture of where we are headed and what is to come. With sections on Keys of Being in the New Reality and Stepping Stones on Your Path, you will learn to navigate the new energies with ease, identify who you are, define your path, learn how to set up your money generating store-front, connect to your path of service, and find your Heaven on Earth.

      Mini E-Books:

      Heaven's Gate / Navigating the Dimensional Border...A mini e-book available on the Emerging Earth Angels web site by donation only, this book clearly describes how to manage and be in alignment with the energies that are not yet on "the other side," how to run and create your store-front (or money generating contribution), how to stay sane and centered while visiting the old world, and much, much more. This mini e-book does not arrive in an e-mail to you, but is freely accessible on the web site.


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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