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CRYSTAL PATTERNS FOR HEALING As auxiliary work of Reiki

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    [Crystal Healing Pictures, Images and Photos] CRYSTAL PATTERNS FOR HEALING By Carol Tessier Crystal
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      [Crystal Healing Pictures, Images and Photos]
      <http://photobucket. com/images/ crystal%20healing>
      By Carol Tessier

      Crystal patterns for healing of many ailments in the body will now be surveyed. Always remember there are no promises or guarantees. You are involved in a purely spiritual process with many other factors to consider. All of the patterns have been channelled and tested for validity.

      Adrenal glands - Set up the same triangulation that you would use for the thyroid, from the waist to the toes.

      Allergies - Here you are involved with a two-part process. The first triangulation is to make the individual aware of the cause of the allergies. This would be undertaken through counselling, and when understanding is present, a triangulation of single crystals would be
      set up, one upon the heart and one in each hand to affect the mental, emotional
      release. Then place the person in the pattern of twelve single crystals.

      Arthritis - Use either twelve single terminated crystals or the double diamond pattern of clusters. If the arthritis is very advanced, the cluster pattern will be more effective.

      Blood pressure (High) - Use the pattern of twelve single crystals. The same applies for low blood pressure and all circulatory problems. Bone growths - Bone growths or spurs, which are the most common form require strong fields of energy, and if in advanced stages, must be surgically removed. In many cases, they can be reduced through energizing by spanning the area of growth with two single terminated crystals, the points facing each other to create the most direct magnetic field for reduction of the growths.

      Bones (Broken) - Use two single pointed crystals. Place one below the fracture and one above the fracture with the points facing each other.

      This will speed up the healing process after the fracture has been set by a physician. It will also decrease the chance of infection and complications.

      Breast cancer - Use the single points for treating all forms of cancer. For breast cancer, make a triangulation ' one at the throat chakra, and one on each breast. This would apply even if the cancer is present in one breast.

      Bronchitis - Use a double triangulation of clusters with the point behind the head and the base clusters along side the lung area.

      Burns - Use the same treatment as you would for broken bones. You could also hold a third crystal over the burn to speed up the formation of new skin.

      Cancer (General forms) - It is of the utmost importance that the individual be made aware of the cause of the disease. Without this awareness the person will not be able to affect a release. If you are unable to transmit a satisfactory cause to the individual, you will not
      be able to effect a healing of the disease. Let us assume that you are successful in this manner and are ready to proceed. It is suggested that you take a single cluster and place it
      directly over the infected area. Utilizing three more clusters place one over the heart for release. Place one laying on the palm of each hand to complete the spiritual triangulation. If the cancer is present in an area below the waist, place one crystal over the heart, one on the naval chakra and one at the ball of each foot. All are clusters. If the cancer is in a widespread state without limited definition, we would suggest placing a cluster over each of the basic seven chakras in addition to holding a cluster in each hand, nine all told, for the number of completion.

      This pattern is to be used in only advanced cases and cases that are widely spread. The pattern should not be used for longer than five minutes. When the treatment has been completed, take your hand and return the opening of the chakras to their normal positions. (Place hand on chakra and set mental condition to return to normal.) This is of the utmost importance.

      Cerebral palsy - Use the exact same treatment described for mental retardation. This too, in most cases, is a karmic condition. Chemical dependency - There are two parts to this treatment once again. Have the person hold a single crystal in each hand, and a third crystal placed over the heart for a period of ten minutes. This treatment should be administered on a daily basis until the individual has built up a satisfactory reaction pattern strong enough to replace the "high" from the chemical stimulation. Once this has been achieved, place the person in the pattern of six single crystals to re-align the energy
      systems and re-establish the proper flow. Chemical imbalance - You could use either the twelve single crystals or the double diamond pattern of clusters. Colitis - Use the same treatment for colitis as you would use for treating ulcers.

      Colon - Heavy mucous deposits - This would apply for all types of infections relating to the colon area. Set up a triangle of six single pointed crystals. One crystal between the feet, two along side the naval, one on the naval and one on each side parallel to the knees.

      Diabetes - Use a triangulation of clusters, one triangulation inside the other. Points at the head and feet. Side corners at the waist with copper wire under the clusters.

      Emphysema - Use the clusters in a double triangle with the point behind the head and the base along side the waist.

      Epilepsy - Place a single terminated crystal on each side of the head approximately an inch above the top of the ear, points inward. This will re-establish the flow of energy and correct the short-circuitry in the brain tissue.

      Eyes - For general healing of the eyes relating to eye strain, near-sightedness, stigmatism, use two single crystals with the points in approximately one inch behind the corner of the eye. For dealing with cataracts and certain stages of corneas, place the crystals with the
      points at the corners of the eyes. This treatment should not be for longer than five minutes duration. It can be repeated daily.

      Fungus growth on the feet - Place two single terminated crystals on an ankle, points against the balls of the feet to energize the chakras in the feet and effect a healing.

      Genital organs - For healing of the genital areas, for both male and female, have the individual lie on the stomach. Place one single crystal, point down, in the small of the back and two others at the crease of the thigh and the buttocks with the points up. These two lower crystals are placed on the chakras in that location.

      Gum problems - For gum problems, as well as teeth problems set up a triangulation of single crystals. Place one on the throat with the point up, and one along each side of the jaw with the points facing in. If you possess very small crystals place them between your cheek and teeth ' one in the front and one on each side.

      Hearing problems - For hearing defects, use three single crystals. One at the top of the head, pointing down, and the other two behind the ears in the mastoid area pointing in.

      Heart disease - For heart disease, use the single pointed crystals in the pattern of six, not twelve. Also use a generator (clear quartz crystal) placed over the center of the rib cage.

      Hepatitis - Use the cluster crystals in a double triangle. Place the point in between the feet and the other two along the side of the waist. In all cases of using the clusters, remember to use the copper wire to connect them.

      Herpes - The disease affects the entire system. Therefore, we must utilize a pattern that will encompass the whole structure. We would erect a pattern of twelve single crystals. We also recommend the placing of  a generator over the naval chakra.

      Hyper-activity - The same process as for epilepsy.

      Hypo-glycemia - Use the double diamond pattern of eight cluster crystals with the copper wire beneath them.

      Leukaemia - Use single crystals. Have the person lie on the floor. Place one crystal on top of each ankle. Hold one in each hand. Place one on the naval, one on the throat chakra and one behind the head.

      Liver - Use the same triangulation as for the spleen. This applies also to the kidneys, pancreas, and bladder. It would also be beneficial to lay a generator directly over the infected organ. This also applies to the gall bladder.

      Lupus - The treatment for lupus would be the same configuration as for the disease of Herpes.

      Lymph disorders - Using five single crystals, place one on each of the shoulders directly over the pit of the arm, point down. Place a single crystal on the naval, point down, and one crystal on top of each knee, points up.
      Mental Depression - Use the single crystals in the pattern of twelve. Remember to set the pattern of the six-pointed star first, and then balance between them.

      Mental retardation - Before treating mental retardation, it must be ascertained as to whether the condition is of karmic nature ready to be released, or if it must still be retained. In all cases, it is a karmic condition. Some of these conditions are brought in with the soul.
      Some of them are birth "accidents" that create situations for karmic experiences to be endured. Many times in cases where mental illness is the karmic result on the birth process, this form of karma can be totally released during the current incarnation. These are the cases in which we are involved in this discussion. Those that are karmic from birth,
      and cannot be worked through, must be passed by. When we are dealing with the curable retardation, place one single pointed crystal, facing in, one inch over the ears for ten minutes. When this has been completed, place one crystal point down, behind the top
      of the head. One crystal on the throat chakra, point down; one over the heart chakra, point down; one over the naval chakra, point down, and one crystal on the ball of each foot, point up. This will help to restructure the magnetic vibration relating to the nervous system and
      the impulse system from the brain. If the condition is capable of being released, it shall be done through this treatment. If, after three treatments spaced one week apart, there is no noticeable change, then the condition will not be released.

      Migraines - Migraine headaches are basically caused by imbalance of energy flows throughout the physical structure. In this case, we would utilize four single crystals. One on each side of the neck, between the neck and the collarbone with the points down. The others, one each leaning on the balls of the feet with the points up. This will balance the energy flow through the main meridians.

      Muscular dystrophy - Use the diamond shaped pattern of double clusters, eight all told, with the copper wires connecting underneath: One point behind the head, one between the feet, and the side points opposite the waist. Where there is an extremely painful or advanced area, take a single generator and place it over the immediate area for no longer
      than five minutes.

      Multiple Sclerosis - Use the pattern of twelve single crystals.

      Narcolepsy - Use the single terminated crystals in the pattern of twelve.

      Neuro-muscular problems (General) - Erect the clusters in the diamond shape with the points behind the head and at the feet, the sides of the diamond along the waist. Erect double clusters with copper wire beneath them.

      Obesity - Obesity must first be treated at the mental level. Treat it as you would any problem of emotional insecurity. We do not treat obesity directly with the crystals, only the causes. A pattern of twelve single crystals could be set up to heal the emotions.

      Parkinson's Disease - There are two phases to this treatment. If a specific area is affected and causing severe pain, lay one single pointed crystal over the area of pain. Place another crystal, points facing each other, over the nearest associated energy insertion point. Once
      the pain has been eliminated, set up the pattern of twelve single pointed crystals for further healing.

      Pituitary (Under active) - Treat this in the same way you would treat epilepsy by stimulating the energy centers in the brain. Use two single pointed crystals, pointing in, one inch above the ears, and the third pointing down over the back of the head.

      Prostate - Using three single crystals, place one directly over the prostate area and one on each side of the naval. Have all points facing inward.

      Scar tissue - Exterior scar tissue can be healed effectively by application of natural vitamin creams. The internal scar tissue, depending upon its location, would require a triangulation of single crystals over the area. In relation to scar tissue resulting from operation, or any
      form of heart malfunction or surgery, do not use the crystals. The energy field might be too strong. It is always suggested that absentee healing be given from a distance in this area. It is softer and more gentle. Always avoid the chance of too much energy in sensitive tissue

      Sciatic nerve inflammation - Using five crystals, place one crystal in the small of the back with the point down, and one crystal along the side of each hip with the points down. Use additional crystals placed at the balls of the feet with the points up.

      Sinus conditions - The best application will be through the ears. Use three single crystals: One at the top of your head pointing down, and one along side each ear, pointing in. However, you should not remain in this pattern for more than two to three minutes. The energy field will become too strong.

      Skin growths - Hold a single pointed crystal in each hand. Place the points along side of the growth, one on each side for a period of ten minutes. Repeat this on a daily basis.

      Spinal cord damage - Use two single crystals, one at the neck with the point down, and one between the legs with the point up. Spinal disorders - Place the individual on the floor face down. Place a single pointed crystal between the ankles pointing upward toward the base of the spine. Place one crystal with the point down over the afflicted area of the spine. You do not want the energy to travel the total distance of the spine, only applied in the affected area.

      Spleen - Erect a double triangulation of the clusters with the point between the legs and the base sides along the side of the naval.

      Sprains - If the sprain occurs in the ankle, place a single crystal, with the point on the ball of the foot. Hold another single crystal, pointing down, at the knee. If the sprain occurs in the wrist, hold one in the hand with the point up and the other at the shoulder with the
      point down. If the sprain is at the knee, place one on the ball of the foot and the other at the hip with the point down.

      Strep throat - Using three single crystals, place one on the mastoid areas on each side and one on the throat chakra. All with the points facing inward.

      Temporo-mandibular joint - Use a triangulation of three single crystals. One placed on the throat chakra with the point up. The other two lean against the jawbone at the back of the jaw to create the triangulation.

      Thyroid - Use a triangulation of single crystals. Place one crystal, point up, at the throat. Place one crystal along the side of the top of the head to effect a triangulation pointing down. You would be simulating the figure "Y" with the head in the middle.

      Toxification - If localized, use the double cluster triangle with the point between the feet. If the toxification has become an overall condition, use the diamond shape pattern as used for diabetes.

      Ulcers - The procedure is in two parts. The first would be to set up a triangulation using single points. Hold a crystal in each hand and the other crystal directly over the area where the ulceration exists. When the discomfort has been relieved, set up a pattern of clusters,
      in a triangle, with the point behind the head and the base along the waist.

      Valley Fever - Use the single crystals in the pattern of the six pointed star, with the person lying on the floor.

      Venereal disease - There are two parts to this treatment. The first part is an emotional treatment, for in most cases, there is quite a severe emotional reaction pertaining to one's worthiness, cleanliness, etc. If this is not taken care of, the individual could hold on to the
      disease. We recommend a single triangle of three crystals with the point behind the head and the base of the triangle along side the waist for a period of ten minutes to affect the spiritual peace and healing. When this has been completed, erect a double triangulation of clusters. The point of the triangle between the upper legs, and the base ends corresponding to the naval. This will create the triangulation over the genital area. The same treatment will apply for male and female.

      ------------ --------- --------- ---
      Transformational Medicine can give us a glimpse into the medicine of the future. This evolving trend merges the technical advances of the latest scientific research with the ancient techniques of healing, so that a unique and highly effective healing modality emerges. Although the art of healing with the hands has been with us for centuries, a new
      awareness is now developing about the nature of the energies involved in this fundamental healing process.
      Quartz crystals store, amplify, focus and direct these healing energies, as will be described shortly. We will explore the essence of healing, and how Transformational Medicine has been applied in disorders ranging from herpetic lesions to low back pain. The emotional
      and spiritual components, which must be addressed if a healing is to be most effective, will also be explored.

      I became involved in this work a number of years ago while I was attending a conference at Asilomar, California. My roommate was a musician with testicular cancer that has spread to his lungs. He was receiving medical treatment in Boston at the time. The first night we were there, he awakened coughing and moaning with pain. Now, I had some familiarity with healing because of my interest in consciousness. So I went over and asked if I could help. He said, "Yes", so I put my hands on both sides of his chest and visualized a radiant ball of white light. I pictured energy coming through the top of my head, and just held it there for
      about four minutes. While I was doing that, his coughing stopped, his breathing became easier, he stopped moaning; I could feel him relaxing. He had no trouble sleeping for the next four days of the conference. He also received healing work from other people at the conference, and today he is alive and well. He had all the advantages of allopathic
      medicine, as well, so I don't know whether what I did influenced the course of his recovery. But it certainly made a difference that first night. Naturally, I wondered if this healing technique could be applied in my gynaecological practice, and so cautiously, and only with patients whom I felt would be open to it, I began to incorporate visualization and healing modalities in my office.

      About this time, I met the well-known crystallographer and healer, Marcel Vogel, who was giving a series of workshops for physicians. Marcel had been a research scientist for twenty-seven years at IBM, and had developed the phosphors used in color television images and the magnetic coding for their computer tapes, among other discoveries. He
      has devoted the last thirteen years to the study of crystals, and after retiring in 1984, he founded Psychic Research Inc., in San Jose, California to continue his research.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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