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Fw: 17 Cancer The Angels of the Legality of Divine Virtues

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2001 8:13 PM
      Subject: 17 Cancer The Angels of the Legality of Divine Virtues


      17 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of the Legality of Divine Virtues

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Ysquiron’

      Beloved, this day the Emanations coming through the Solar Archangel speak to us of Divine Love. This love gives birth to Mercy and it’s parallel virtues .

      How does this love operate in the spheres and planes of spirit, mind, emotion, and form?

      How does Divine Love in it’s manifestation as Mercy fullfill the laws of justice and karma?

      Listen as we speak to you of this.

      If one of you creates harm, according to the laws of karma and justice , this same energy must be returned in order that the lesson that what "goes around comes around" is learned.

      If, through an act of Divine Mercy, the guilty person is protected from the harmful results of a past mistake, how can justice and harmony be served?

      This great mystery can be explained simply. It is possible, and often happens, that a person grows in spirit through the beneficial rays of Divine Love that constantly fills all of space. The lesson of harmlessness can grow within the heart over time and the teaching of the karmic return is no longer needed.

      As the Sun traverses the frequency of Divine Love in it’s manifestation as Mercy, know the power of Love to fullfill karma and justice.

      Love can teach each heart that opens to it the Wisdom of Ages.

      The emanation of Divine Love in the role of Mercy can heal the results of the past .

      We wish to point this out to you as you ponder the possible future results of the past mistakes of mankind.

      Know that within the virtue of Divine Mercy lies the power that can heal the Earth and bring forth the kingdom of Heaven .

      We are the Angels of the Virtues of Divine Love.




      The 17th day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

      The Angels of Protection

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Emzhom’


      When danger is real, the adrenal glands produce chemicals that enter the bloodstream and enable the body to perform miraculous feats of survival. By taking this heightened state of energy and directing it to the feelings of the divine virtues, a child of God can avert any disaster.



      By mastering the steps of emotional consciousness of the first sixteen days of the 28 day moon cycle, at this 17th day a child of God is capable of producing an unstoppable force for magnetic attraction of any reality.

      Feelings are the magnetic force that attract change in physical reality.

      It is the will of Divine Providence that heaven manifests on earth.

      We encourage the children of God to meditate on the virtues of our name on the regular basis of every 17th day of the 28 day moon cycle. Then, if any being, person, or thing uses their free will with the intention to harm them at any time, the individual will and feelings of the intended victim can become one with the will and feelings of Divine Providence, and immediate relief is brought about. This skill can never be misused, and it is for the mature person only to use, and then only in real and immediate danger.


      We teach the particular meditations by which ‘ any enemy can be destroyed at once, thieves are checked on their escape, attackers are rendered stiff and lifeless at an instant.’

      ‘Further, the most furious beast rendered harmless, whether in the air, on land or in the water.’



      E…We teach control of the feelings of all other beings, through mastery of the divine virtue of omnipresence.

      M…We teach the power of feelings, and thereby the mastery of magnetism.

      Z…We teach how to immediately transfer ideas to others.

      H…We inspire the children of God with the correct divine virtues to invoke and meditate on in any situation. We do this to those who are familiar with the divine virtues through prior meditations with the letters and divine virtues of the ancient language.

      O…We teach how to always feel contentment and poise, through perfect attunement with Divine Justice.

      M…We inspire the children of God to develop their feelings so powerfully, that complete mastery over change in the feeling and material world is successfully attained.’

      In times of real and immediate danger, we inspire mature people to direct their adrenal energy into awareness of feeling. We inspire them with the feelings of the divine virtues that ban any negative being and render them harmless.




      Names or phrases in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quaballah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.


      Order these books online at


      Previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language, and the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, can be found at:







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