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Should Monsanto Monitor Themselves?

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  • Skye Coe
    Aloha Kakou. . . Those of us living in an area agriculturally and environmentally isolated area know well first hand from stories of farmers affected that this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2009
      Aloha Kakou. . .. Those of us living in an area agriculturally and environmentally isolated area know well first hand from stories of farmers affected that this issue is critically important to address.  Farmers whose crops are 'contaminated' with pollen from thier neighbors crops, no longer have comlete rights to thier own crops! Did you know that rats served even one meal of agri-grain showed signs of digestive stress?  Is there any reason to implement such a global experiment when the facts relating to this issue are still being hidden from us?  Is their anyone who will gain or profit from this other than the chemical companies behind this?  Dependence on expensive pesticides and seed make the farmers poorer, agribiz wealthier and you and I at risk for health issues.  Speaking up will take only a few seconds!  Please pass along as guided to. . . Malama Aina!  Mahalo!  )'(  Skye

      Don't Let Genetically Engineered Crops Take Over!
      Take Action

      Dear Skye,

      In the last months of the Bush Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed some bad rules that significantly weaken the oversight of genetically engineered crops.  These rules are bad for consumers, the environment, and would allow the biotechnology industry to regulate itself.  Can you demand that the Obama Administration ditch the Bush rules, and make rules that will adequately regulate genetically engineered crops?

      The rules USDA has offered further endanger your right to choose the foods you and your family eat and farmers' right to their chosen livelihoods. If implemented the rules would virtually ensure more contamination of organic and conventional crops, and would continue to allow the dangerous practice of producing drugs and industrial chemicals in food crops grown in the open environment, and in many cases even allow the biotechnology industry to decide whether their GE crops are regulated at all.

      We have an extremely important opportunity to have the Obama Administration create rules that could be stronger than anything we've had for the last 15 years.  We need real regulation and oversight of genetically engineered crops that are being created and planted every day with new toxins, poisons, and drugs.  Can you submit a comment now requesting that Obama's USDA scrap the Bush Administration rules and create real rules for change in the biotech industry?


      Thanks for taking action,
      Sarah, Alex, Noelle and the Food Team
      Food & Water Watch

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