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Transitioning from ‘Sleeping’ to Awaken ing Consciousness By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    *Transitioning from ‘Sleeping’ to Awakening Consciousness* *The fact that you are reading channelings such as these says you are part of human
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      Transitioning from ‘Sleeping’ to Awakening Consciousness

      The fact that you are reading channelings such as these says you are part of human consciousness that is awakening. You are currently a minority on the planet. One need only watch the daily news to see the reality of this. Almost two-thirds of those incarnate on the Earth plane are still part of sleeping consciousness. A sleeping consciousness fears what it cannot see. Because “sleepers” are heavily veiled, there are many things they cannot see.  Challenges, traumas and difficulties are rarely transformed from a physical perspective. Without transformative “miracles,” it is difficult to recognize the blessings that lie at the heart of adversity. Without spiritual awareness, it is hard to recognize the love that is the heart of everyone they see. Finding answers to life’s deeper questions is perplexing. Literal rather than symbolic meanings are applied to spiritual writings so much of the true meaning is lost, causing the workings of the universe to remain a mystery.  Sleeping consciousness is essentially screened from the great teachings of the world.

      In this state of sleeping consciousness, there is still the perception of being enslaved by outer forces. These outer forces can be interpreted as controlling, all-powerful and even shadowy. These shadows are unknown, unrecognized, and unloved parts of the sleeper’s own consciousness. Even universal laws are adversaries to the sleeping consciousness. Fear of the unknown in the sleeping consciousness quickly becomes victim consciousness. It is in this way that a condition such as poverty becomes an oppressive, suffocating force in life, rather than the blessing of an opportunity to discover the true wealth of spirit that lies within.

      Approaching the Point of Wakefulness

      Many sleepers approach the point of wakefulness time and again and turn back each time they sense the magnitude of the transition. Eventually all souls make this transition.  In the meantime, remaining asleep holds one in a stagnating pattern. The sleeping consciousness is doomed to rely on the intuition of others. This is not true insight and spiritual growth. The journey of each soul is to forge its own connection with spirit and chart its own way home. This is only accomplished by undertaking the rites of passage that pull back the veils, paving the way for awakening.

      The Choice between Love and Suffering

      Transitions between waking and sleeping consciousness present a new set of opportunities. These changes offer the opportunity to believe in one’s self and in the loving support of the universe. There is a great shift between sleeping and waking consciousness. Waking consciousness requires one to release suffering, victimhood, blame and other negative patterns. Once this release takes place, energy is freed that allows one to experience a deep sense of inner peace and oneness. Viewed from this perspective, the choice between suffering and love appears obvious. Once one clears the hurdles to an awakening consciousness, the transition can happen easily.

      Jumping off the inner cliff into the waiting arms of spirit is the only true awakening. In this state of complete surrender, Earthly consciousness finds its safety net in the universal love that is the true means for entering portals of awakening. These transitions allow each person to become the architect of their lives, the visionary of their future and the healer of their inner and outer worlds.


      Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and
      Transformation by DL Zeta
      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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