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PLW Newsletter - June 2009

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      Join Dr. Masaru Emoto & Dr. Len Horowtize at the LIVE H20 CONFERENCE, June 19-21 long Beach, California!

      Robert Rabbin has a new eBook!
      SOUND BITES FROM SILENCE - Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness

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      JUNE's Crystal Star Oracle Reading

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      PLW Newsletter - JUNE 2009

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      This new eBook comprises 67 sound bites, verbal snapshots, on the theme of Silence, about which Robert writes in the Introduction:
      "One may wonder at the value of Silence. For me, it is everything. It is the goal of meditation, the very ground of existence. It is where I discovered my authentic self, where I learned what life is, where I learned what is worth wanting, where I developed my professional skills, where I learned how to listen, to be aware. It is where I learn about love and courage and freedom and self-expression. It is everything."
      This book, beautifully illustrated with full color nature pictures, is an original expression of the author's personal experiences and insights, whose background includes 40 years of study and practice in a variety of spiritual disciplines, including Zazen and Vipassana meditation, Kundalini yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta, and self-inquiry.
      This book has something for everyone, wherever they may be on the journey to self-knowing. As the author writes, "I knew that this Silence would show me how to live, moment to moment, nothing fixed, nothing certain, always changing. This realization of the nature and power of Silence happened all at once, and yet the 'how to' of living an engaged, dynamic, creative life from within Silence continues to deepen and ripen, as if Silence has become my personal tour guide of an ever-expanding universe of creative and expressive potential and possibility."

      Scouting Reports From the Frontier Of Consciousness

      This eBook is available
      exclusively in the Store at www.robertrabbin.com.


      Robert Rabbin's new eBook!

      Sound Bites From Silence

      JUST ASK...
      A Spiritual Advice Column
      Dear Rev. Sherri,
      I have a lot of emotional baggage that I have been carrying around for quite some time now. I just kept choosing the wrong guy and kept getting hurt over and over again. I am now afraid to get into another relationship for fear of more hurt. I have read articles that say that I need to let all that emotional baggage go before I will be able to move on to a real loving relationship. I am not sure though how to go about doing that, I am hoping that you can give me some advise on how to release it.
      Thanks, Becky
      Dear Becky,
      YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THE FIRST STEP in moving forward; you are aware. This is the hardest step in any change, understanding its need and importance. By being aware of that something needs to change - you are open, you can now allow yourself the freedom to find healthier / more satisfying relationships.
      How to release this old baggage is something that is as unique as each person. We come into these challenges through different experiences - some are from childhood and reflect back to the types of relationships we saw with our parents, other times it stems not from our parents but our own dating as teens. One negative experience can truly change how we see ourselves and others thereafter.
      I have found that through forgiveness you can bring the greatest relief from the past. Forgiveness can take time for some people - take the time you need and learn to heal you emotionally from previous decisions / choices you made in the past - forgive you as well. This is equally important. As long as you feel you are to blame for "bad" choices or "choosing wrong guys" you will continue to feel responsible. Forgive these actions and understand their role in your life as growth, balance and contrast. Now that you are aware of what you seek, what you truly desire, you are able to move into healthy, strong and stable relationships.
      When you connect with potential partners, don't fear the future outcome, and expect the worst - look for the qualities that appeal to you - be aware of the ones that don't. If you meet someone new who is seeking a relationship with you, take time to discern if his beliefs or standards are different than yours, give yourself permission to move on to someone who matches your standards and beliefs if you don't feel compatible.
      Connecting with new people in romantic relationships, we put our hearts out there - trusting and hoping for only the best outcome. There will always be a chance that hurt may arise - this is risk for finding love. However, love itself does not hurt. A broken heart over a lost relationship will be painful, but the experience of love itself should never be hurtful or demeaning.
      As you move into this next phase of your journey, open yourself to love, be the love you seek to feel and know. Don't hold back love in fear of pain, embrace love in all its purity.

      Dear Rev. Sherri,
      I have a 5 year old grandson that has been seeing Spirits from the time he was two. The first instance began at our home which is wear he sees a man in a white doctors jackets and black pants.
      I know this is because my grand-daughter (who is 11) and my daughter have seen the same vision on at least one occasion. My grandson sees him quite often and is frightened. He not only sees them here but seems to see them at cemeteries, estate consignment and antique stores. He doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to leave, which we really don't mind but my question is...
      How do we explain this to the 5 year old that he isn't someone to be afraid of? How do we correct this? How can we make him feel more comfortable with his gift? I would sincerely appreciate some advice on these matters.
      Thank you, Cristine
      Dear Cristine,
      MY SUGGESTION is to assist in easing the fears your grandchildren are experiencing is to engage with them - in their visions. You support them, this is perfect and wonderful - but when your grandson sees these energies, he feels that he is alone in this vision - what I feel is for you to open yourself up to "seeing" what he sees - with him. I understand you will not likely see what he sees, as his vision is quite clear in his young age.
      Another suggestion may be for the you two (or three) to meditate - a light meditation - together to connect to the source of energy he is visualizing - to communicate together to ease the sense of alone-ness he / and she feel when they see these spiritual forms. I feel this is the greatest challenge your grandchildren are facing right now is that no one else can "see" what they see, therefore it causes some fear and perhaps anxiety about it - what makes them different is perhaps something they are feeling.
      Often when an adult is open to what a child see, he / she will ask questions about it - what does it look like, etc. this lets the child know they are "alone" in their vision - so what I felt is that it would be beneficial to "connect" to this energy as well - when one of your grandchildren sees the spirit energy, you can engage as if you are seeing it as well - but you may be feeling your vision more than seeing your vision - so you could engage with knowledge of what you sense but expressing in a seeing context.
      If he/she comes up to you and says they see this energy, you can let them know you feel them too - share what feelings you have about this energy - ask questions such as what is he wearing today, what does he want to share with us today or even what his name is. This will open up a stronger connection of being shared and not alone. The more you both learn about this energy, the easier it should be to dispel the fear surrounding it. By the spiritual source having a name and message, it may make them more solid and less fearful for your grandchildren.

      To submit a question for Just Ask...

      or to contact Rev. Sherri,
      you may visit her website: www.RevSherriBarclift.com
      reach her via email at Rev.Sherri@...
      or by phone at 828-280-56352.

      About the Author
      Rev. Dr. Sherri M. Barclift is an ordained interfaith minister with the Alliance of Divine Love (Chapel 1547), a Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Healer and Teacher.
      Rev. Sherri is internationally known for her work and has been featured on The Learning Channel, as well being published in PlanetLightworker, WomenOf.com, Natural Awakenings - Tampa and Asheville - and has held classes and workshops on various spiritual themes in both Florida and North Carolina.
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      And That's Just The Beginning...

      That's only a very small sample of what Sandie has done for small and large companies and individuals - and is now ready to do for the conscious community too!
      Whatever the objective, Sandie's never at a loss for a creative and effective solution. Her consultancy services have benefited large corporations, medium-size companies and individual one-man-businesses and authors around the world. To find out what YOU could achieve with the advantage of her 30+ years of writing, marketing, publishing, media knowledge and expertise to guide you, send an Email briefly outlining YOUR dream to:

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      Hosted by Sandra Sedgbeer

      About The Show
      Today's children face far more challenges than we did as kids. From our governments to our boardrooms to our health services, corruption, mismanagement and carelessness are rampant in the world today. As someone once said, if we truly want to see change in the world, it has to start with us. If we are truly committed to becoming the best humans we can possibly be and the best stewards of our beautiful planet, it has to start with the way we nurture, raise, and educate our children. And it has to start NOW!

      World Puja and the Inspired Parenting Show are on a mission to educate the hearts of our children so that there is no more war, no more exclusion, no more hatred or intolerance in our world.
      Each week, starting in June, the Inspired Parenting Show will bring together an entertaining and eclectic mix of guests from celebrity parents to experts from the diverse fields of science, psychology, sociology, education, health, nutrition, and metaphysics, to discuss their findings, experience and insights, and offer their strategies, tips and tools to assist our children in achieving their full potential as kind, confident, resourceful, loving, inclusive, emotionally intelligent human beings who have respect compassion and love for our planet, and all sentient beings.
      Celebrity moms Jenny McCarthy, Alison Sweeney, Lauren Holly and Kristen Stills tell us how they juggle their various careers with the demands of being a parent, plus leading child development and parenting experts give us the low down on why such qualities as resilience, compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence are now regarded as being far more important than IQ in predicting a child's future happiness and success in life and relationships.

      "CosmiKids' Inspired Parenting"
      airs every Sunday on the World Puja
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      On WorldPuja
      Sunday, June 7th
      CARON GOODE, ED.D., NCC, DAPA & TARA PATERSON: Creative, Empathic, and Psychic Children.
      Sunday, June14th
      WILLIAM STILLMAN: Demystifying the Autism Experience.
      Sunday, June 21st
      DR. WILLIE DUNN: Living Sensationally - Understanding Your Senses.
      Sunday, June 28th
      JUDE WELTON: What Did You Say? What Do You Mean? Strategies for understanding and coping with the literal minds of those with Autism and Asperger's.
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      Crystal Star Oracle
      JUNE 2009
      A PLW Exclusive!


      Area of Responsibility Card: 4th House - Home and Family, Personal Foundations of Living, Close Relationships
      Planetary Influence Card:
      Neptune - The Unknown, Dreams, Illusions, Ideals, Mystical, Hypnotic
      Astrological Influence Card:
      - Security, Stability, Abundance, Sensuality, Dependability, Reliability
      Color Therapy Card: Purple - Spiritual Connection, Detachment and Objectivity, Intuition and Reflection
      Crystal Energies:
      Bloodstone, Jade, Lapis Lazuli

      Crystal Star Oracle

      There are times when things appear one way and actually turn out to be something altogether different. For those of us that tend to take what we see and hear at face value this can be disconcerting to say the least. While we may enjoy the allure of the mystical and magical in theory, the uncertainty of the unknown, the deception that is part of illusion and the uninhibited flow of the dream world can make us mighty nervous in real life. It's sort of like when you read a fantasy adventure novel and you imagine how great it would be to be in a story like that, until you find yourself having similar experiences in the real world. First-hand experience is very different indeed.

      This month the Crystal Star Oracle is about creating and maintaining a sense of security and stability in the home, as well as for you, when things may seem upside down and topsy turvy. The 4th house card and the Taurus card indicate this. The Neptune card suggests that there will be some unknown variables this month, changes, illusions about situations, or confusing dreams that may not make sense.

      In June you would be wise to give unusual situations or surprise events a second look. I'm not saying you should be suspicious or paranoid, but it never hurts to be open and aware of things that go on around you. This way you are less likely to be caught off guard by people or situations that are not what they first appeared to be. This also means you should avoid jumping to conclusions. Investigate things further before you make decisions, especially in regard to your home life and loved ones.

      You'll have lots of help from the color and stones this month as they give you mental, physical and spiritual energy to help you cope with anything that comes up.

      This month's Color Therapy Card is Purple, a royal color, and a psychic color too. Use purple accents around your home this month to remind you of your spiritual connection to all things. Bringing some purple into your space will increase your abundance and stimulate your third eye activity to boost your intuition. Locate a purple light, or throw a purple scarf over a lamp shade to bring the psychic and spiritual energy of purple into your space. If you are feeling disconnected from your fellow man, lie under a purple scarf and imagine that the world has been enveloped in a huge bubble of purple light. Activities such as this will aid you in remaining objective about world events while giving you insights and intuitions about how your spiritual energy can help create a sense of peace and harmony around you.

      Bloodstone is a deep green stone with red splotches that look like drops of blood, which is how it got its name. It is known as the stone of courage and perseverance, and it can be very helpful as you face the daily stresses of life. Find your piece of dark green bloodstone and carry it in your pocket or purse where you can easily touch it whenever you feel anxious or stressed. Maybe you can locate a lovely Bloodstone pendant to wear under your shirt or blouse that you will know is always there, protecting you whenever you feel challenged or attacked. Bloodstone will assist in removing obstacles in your path and will bring you the strength and courage to make the any necessary changes and reduce the stresses of day to day living.

      You may want to keep a small piece of Jade nearby this month, in your pocket or in a pouch around your neck. Jade is known as a stone of unconditional love and deep healing and is a stone that in a number of cultures reflects the deepest spiritual connection. The heart-healing energy of smooth green Jade will envelop you in a cocoon of unconditional love, bringing you emotional balance and peaceful thoughts. It will also boost the intensity of your dreams and inspirations while giving you the courage to take action, and the wisdom to make the best and highest choices for your inner well-being. At the same time Jade will remind you that we are all one in body, one in mind and one in spirit.

      Lapis Lazuli is an ancient and beloved stone of the Egyptians, who revered it for its abilities to enhance psychic power, clear discordant energy and induce a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perfection. Wear or carry a piece of Lapis Lazuli on your person this month so you can touch it whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed. The deep blue of Lapis Lazuli will not only remind you of your perfect self and the blueprint you have created for your future; it will also provide you with sacred subconscious knowledge to assist you in doing the things that will heal and uplift you.

      This month, don't be fooled by outward appearances or your own secret wishes to have things be a certain way. By keeping at least one foot on the ground you will make June a solid and unifying month for you and your loved ones.

      Visit my website at www.wisdomcrystals.com/ to find out about my new book, Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting your Heart's Desire through Creative Projects, to be published by Findhorn Press in 2009. You may also contact me directly at Joysprite@....

      © 2009 Crystal Star Oracle Reading by Carol Holaday


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