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Joining Together in the Festival of Goodwill By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Joining Together in the Festival of Goodwill Today and over the next five days, there is a unique opportunity to join with other souls to anchor greater light
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2009
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      Joining Together in the Festival of Goodwill

      Today and over the next five days, there is a unique opportunity to join
      other souls to anchor greater light to the earth plane and make it
      available for
      all of humanity. As the Gemini full moon approaches, many souls are joining
      together in the Festival of Goodwill that will help disseminate the
      transformative energies coalesced during the powerful Wesak full moon in

      Preparing your Consciousness

      Over the next two days, you can prepare yourself to anchor these
      energies and
      make them bioavailable to all who seek to access them. To prepare your
      consciousness, affirm you are releasing all negativity. Affirm all that
      has ever
      happened and all that will ever happen radiates love and spiritual
      When you have stepped free of any densities and judgments that bind you
      to the
      physical plane, further detach by moving beyond any limiting identities
      you may
      hold. See yourself as an infinite and expanded being that carries the
      codes for
      uniting Heaven and Earth. See your body filling with light as you become a
      vessel for the energies of love flooding the Earth plane. Join in
      with all people of goodwill on the planet.

      Reprogramming Your DNA

      On Sunday, during the Festival of Goodwill, enter a time of complete
      inner peace
      and silence. Reach up to contact the energies and allow them to flow
      into your
      consciousness. Open to the dreams, visions and peak states these
      energies offer.
      Allow these energies to filter into every level of your being. See them
      the cells of your body and reprogramming the codes in your DNA. This new
      brings you into stronger alignment with your higher self and allows you
      to more
      easily download healing and spiritual guidance.

      The two days following the full moon are a timeframe in which you filter
      spiritual energies through your intentions of goodwill and radiate them
      out to
      the places where they are able to do the most good.

      Stepping into the Next Phase of Your Spiritual Mission

      This is a powerful time. You have just experienced the apex of the spiritual
      year when the Wesak full moon brought an influx of revitalizing and
      energies to the Earth plane. This energy was further amplified by the
      shifts in
      consciousness now taking place, and facilitated by the potent cosmic
      of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. Now you're able to take a step further and
      serve humanity during this time by opening to receive the energies
      gathered and
      focused during Wesak and throughout the month of May, and making them
      bioavailable to all on the Earth plane who wish to access them. As you
      and distribute these energies, you're able to step into the next phase
      of your
      spiritual mission. As you radiate these energies for the highest good of
      the identities you currently hold are transformed, expanded, and filled with

      Identity Shifts and Designing Your Realities

      In coming days and weeks, you will see yourself in a new way. As you go
      your days, you will observe changes in your vision and preferences.
      These are
      signposts of the changes taking place within you. These changes you
      observe in
      yourself reflect the energy shifts on the Earth plane and the New Time
      that is
      now being seeded. You are now able to come into resonance with your future
      self, which is able to guide you through this time of transition on planet
      Earth. You will be able to open to the message of your sacred wound and
      its wisdom. This will allow you to step off the karmic wheel and begin
      designing your realities in the shape of your deepest dreams.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org
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