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      This Week on Dreamland: The Science of Miracles Marla Frees interviews a neurologist who has had some powerful experiences with miracles. He is a longtime
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      This Week on Dreamland: The Science of Miracles

      Marla Frees interviews a neurologist who has had some powerful experiences with miracles. He is a longtime friend of Dreamland regular Robert Bruce, whose many appearances on Dreamland and astral projection workshops have become legendary among our listeners. The show begins with a Whitley Strieber interviewing Marla Frees about a miracle she experienced last weekend while at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. This resulted in the photograph shown here, one of a number Marla took after being directed to do so by an inner voice. She did not see anything unusual while taking them, and they were not all shot into sunlight, so this image, which appeared in all of them, is not a lens effect. They were shot on emulsion film, not a digital camera.

      Doctor John Turner combines the rigors of a medical and scientific background with an openness to higher levels of reality that is unusual among scientists. This surgeon sees medicine as a spiritual practice. He has explored nontraditional healing techniques such as energy healing, soul travel, astral projection and many others. He uses a scientific approach to take a rigorous and open-minded look at remote viewing, telepathy and life after death. Listen as he tells Marla Frees his thrilling stories of the interface between the human brain and universal consciousness, including a remarkable story about an Electronic Voice Phenomenon exchange with a deceased friend.

      You will not often hear a more fascinating, empowering or deeply hopeful interview. He talks of his struggle to attain out of body travel, his long string of failures and HOW HE SUCCEEDED. Don?t miss this frank and enlightening report from a man on a great journey. Marla Frees' website is

      Find out more about Dreamland here

      Subscriber Chat TONIGHT and Chat with Implant Scientist on Saturday

      This is the week to become a subscriber. Anne and Whitley Strieber will be in the subscriber chat room tonight, Wednesday, June 3, from 7 to 8 pm Pacific, talking about all kinds of interesting topics AND "John Smith," the scientist we interviewed for that Dreamland show, will be with us in the subscriber chat room on Saturday, June 6 from 10 to 11 am Pacific.

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      Anne's Diary: Getting by Giving

      Anne has written before about shedding by shredding. In her new diary, she writes about getting by giving and says, "Sometimes what looks like giving really is getting, but it's hard to convince other people of that. It's equally hard to convince YOURSELF." Come meet Anne IN PERSON at our Dreamland Festival in June!

      Read Anne's Diary now...

      Meteorites May Have Provided our Warm, Watery Home

      A study was just published by scientists at Imperial College London which analyzed ancient meteorites to find out how much water and carbon dioxide they could have brought with them when burned upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere. For the most part, the results were insignificant, but when the researchers looked at one particular period of high meteor activity both on Earth and on Mars about 4 billion years ago, called the Late Heavy Bombardment (or LHB for short), they found that the changes the meteorites caused just might be responsible for Earth’s ability to sustain life.

      Dr Richard Court, the lead author of the study, explains, “Because of their chemistry, ancient meteorites have been suggested as a way of furnishing the early Earth with its liquid water. Now we have data that reveals just how much water and carbon dioxide was directly injected into the atmosphere by meteorites. These gases could have got to work immediately, boosting the water cycle and warming the planet.”

      Why doesn’t Mars still share the same hospitable environment then? Scientists believe that because Mars lacks a magnetic field (which acts as a protective barrier on Earth), the Sun’s solar wind destroyed most of Mars’ atmosphere. Also, Mars volcanic activity has dwindled, causing the planet to cool and its oceans to gather at its poles as ice.


      William Henry's Revelations: Secrets in Our Cities

      William Henry is discovering MORE secrets in American cities. This country contains a hidden spiritual dimension that began with the founding fathers and has been continued by secret, probably Masonic inheritors of their knowledge. In this Revelations, he tells us about his latest discoveries in places as familiar to us all as Detroit and Dallas. But these cities are really NOT so familiar, and when we look at them through the practiced eye of an expert mythologist, the hidden vision behind our remarkable country emerges in a whole new way.

      Listen Now!

      New for Subscribers

      Dr. Turner has a lot more to say, and our subscribers get a real treat as he talks about his own UFO sighting and what a remote viewer told him he was seeing, and, most surprisingly, when Anne Strieber told him her familiar story about meeting an angel in a Kinko's copy shop, he immediately recognized and IDENTIFIED the angel!

      He also offered some scientific support for the idea that we really do live in a sort of Matrix, and that life as we are living it could be more of a dream state than we realize. There is some very special and unusual information here. Don't miss this one!

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      Loch Ness Style Fossil Found in Britain

      The fossilized bones of a 12ft long plesiosaur that lived in the English Channel 200 million years ago were found in a limestone patch on a beach on the UK’s Jurassic Coast. The reptile looked like reports of the Loch Ness monster - long thin neck and tail, four large flippers, and razor-sharp teeth. The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site team has extracted and reconstructed about 70 per cent of the fossils and hope to display the finished skeleton at the Lyme Regis Museum.


      Don't Miss Marla's Blog

      Our resident psychic medium Marla Frees now has her own blog! We are also excited to welcome Marla for the first time to our Dreamland Festival coming to Nashville June 26 - 28. Marla is a brilliant and powerful psychic and medium, and she will offer a two hour gallery reading for the whole group, as well as individual 'Kamikaze Readings' for as many of us as time permits.

      Check out Marla's Blog here...

      First Genetic Disease Cured with New Combination Therapy

      Juan-Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, Ph.D., director of the Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona, Spain and his team of researchers have used a combination of regenerative gene therapy and a stem-cell transplant to sprint ahead in the race to develop genetic cures for human disease.

      Belmonte and his team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies took hair samples from patients with Fanconi anemia – a genetic disorder leading to bone marrow disorders and even some cancer – and isolated the affected genes and corrected them using gene therapy. Then, the scientists reprogrammed the corrected genes into a type of stem cell, identical to stem cells taken from healthy patients without Fanconi anemia. The cells were then ready to differentiate into healthy blood cells. 

      Belmonte says, “We haven't cured a human being, but we have cured a cell. In theory we could transplant it into a human and cure the disease."


      Remote Viewing on Twitter?

      A psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire has set up the first ever scientific experiment on a social networking service. Professor Richard Wiseman, who specializes in investigating psychic phenomena, in association with New Scientist magazine, has developed a system by which people tweet their impressions of a remote location, then vote on a series of photos that show four possible locations. 

      Wiseman hopes to attract more than 10,000 participants. If you would like to join in the fun, you can check out


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