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Visionary Music News & Updates/June 09

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  • Ash
    Visionary Music News & Updates   Shapeshifter s Shapeshifting Reality Show Blog Multidimensional Explorations into the Light Matrix   Updates from May 2009
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      Visionary Music News & Updates
      Shapeshifter's Shapeshifting
      Reality Show Blog

      Multidimensional Explorations into the Light Matrix
      Updates from May 2009

      New Navigation & New Look
      We have been working on ways to ease the navigation on our site. With hundreds of web pages, it is hard to keep them organized an easy to find. We found a great flash drop down Navigation plug-in for our Dreamweaver web development app. It was really easy to install and work with and there [...]


      New Paperback Books
      Both of our books are now available in paperback format, as opposed to the coil bound versions we were doing in-house. These are being produced by one of the new Print on Demand (POD) services. We chose CreateSpace.com who also does our CDs now. They are a subsidiary of Amazon.com, so the products automatically go [...]

      5/29/2009FLAC Download YouTube Video

      For those of you a bit confused over the FLAC download process, we have created a YouTube video for you. This is for Mac and PC. It will help you to understand the process a bit better and to feel more comfortable about downloading your sound files now as opposed to getting CDs. Take a [...]

      5/17/2009Podcast - Radio Interview w/ViratoLive

      Updating our podcasts on Itunes. This is an interview with Virato Live on 880 the Revolution recorded on July of 2007. The conversation is about the DNA Activation work.

      Download Podcast

      5/16/2009Podcast - Radio Interview w/Range Guide

      We are posting a few of our old radio interviews on our Itunes podcast. If you want to tune into our podcasts, search on Itunes for “Shapeshifter,” then look in the Podcast section. You can subscribe to these so that each time we post a new one, your Itunes player will automatically download them. This podcast [...]

      Download Podcast

      5/16/2009Podcasts: Evolutionary Guidance

      The following podcasts are from our previous shows on Talkshoe Live with Shivanti. 5/24/09 Episode 6 - Pastlife Explorations http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/36554 An open Q&A format to talk about various aspects of pastlife explorations. Topics related to  Shivanti’s process in doing readings and how these readings can assist someone in their current life to clear through blocks and resistances that [...]

      5/10/2009May’s Gold Member Sound File

      The new sound file for Gold Members has been posted. This one is called Akasha. If you did not receive your email with URL and passwords, please email us. There is an MP3 or FLAC as well as the Composer’s Cut, so you can hear insights from Gary about this piece. If you are unable to [...]

      5/3/2009In-House Production Closing

      We wanted to let you know about some changes we are making here at Visionary Music. As everyone is examining how they are doing business these days, we have reviewed our model with great detail to where we are wasting time, money and energy. The main area we have found is in [...]


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