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Spandana 4:8~ Taking a Vow: An Effortless Effort

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  • Ash
          Volume 4 Issue 8     Monday, June 1, 2009     Namaste Spring has finally sprung at 8,500 feet in the land of the Rockies, our American
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      Volume 4 Issue 8    
      Monday, June 1, 2009    


      Spring has finally sprung at 8,500 feet in the land of the Rockies, our American Himalayas, as a welcome warming trend in the weather has brought a collosal display of every shade of green as this season's crop of new leaves made their debut.
      It's official, we have now moved into our new offices in Suite 103 of the Troy Centre in Broomfield where we have been teaching from the comfort of our new training room throughout the month of May. Everyone attending classes seems to love the bright new space as much as we do; we can't wait to share it with all of you! And we've been busy planting flower boxes for everyone to enjoy outside our doors when you come to visit.
      Shruti Institute's Divine Shop
      As mentioned previously, we'll be announcing the official grand opening date soon and inviting everyone to participate in the celebratory offerings. We also have been preparing the Divine Shop Store with new shelves, benches and displays, and we're stocked with many wonderful gifts, books, murtis (statues of deities), mala beads, silver ankle bracelets and other beautiful jewelry that's just arrived from India. There are many wonderful, rare items to be found in the shop for any and all wishing to shop for yourself or others.
      And speaking of rare treats, we have recently begun my long awaited course for chanting the Sri Suktam. This is one of the most precious and powerful chants you can learn for uplifting all qualities of life and its ideal for these troubled times. For those who'd still like to join and participate, our next class will be held Saturday & Sunday, June 20 & 21, with the schedule each day going from 10 am to 5 pm (including a lunch break). To learn more information or to sign-up for this class click to: http://www.shrutiinc.com/sanskrit_sri_suktam.html
      Another rare treat has Jeff providing this month's feature article for Spandana, "Taking A Vow: An Effortless Effort - How Establishing a Regular Meditation Practice Ensures Positive Influences on Life."
      We'll be taking a short break beginning June 4 for about 10 days to regenerate on the beach in California and then return to move down from the mountains to our new home nearer the new center, but we will be back in plenty of time for our mid June courses. We hope you too are enjoying the new found warmth and greenery that the change of seasons and Mother Nature has brought. Get out and enjoy it! 
      Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu (May All Beings Be Happy),


      Taking A Vow: An Effortless Effort

      By Jeff Poole

      When teaching mediation, I request students take 40-day vows to practice their meditation regularly twice daily without missing a day for 40 consecutive days. When we all next meet at the conclusion of this vow, each student re-assess their progress to see how far they've come during that timeframe.

      Vedic Sage

      My Guruji once told us that "when you take a vow and successfully achieve it, all the Angels in heaven come to congratulate you - it's a big celebration!"
      Vows are powerfully flexible and flawless processes for achievement of your goals. If you've successfully kept a vow, you experience the reward and happiness completing it brings. 
      Even if you miss a day, you just effortlessly start over from there. So no matter what you're in process of achieving that vow, you still get to celebrate, because you're still on the path to accomplishing your goal. It becomes an effortless effort for you.
      In this same way, a vow can be used as a powerful aid to establish a regular discipline of daily meditation through this effortless effort.
      A gardener prepares for healthy plants by regularly watering the plant's roots. Even when the fruits ripen and everyone's busy enjoying the fruit, the gardener keeps on watering the roots so the plant continues to thrive and live.
      Meditation is just like watering the root at the source of life. When we regularly attend to our source through daily meditation, we ensure the continuous quality of our life and contribute to its success.  
      Our regular meditation becomes very important contributing to life's balance and progress, since it ensures we live from a strong foundation.
      Daily meditation brings improvements in health, mental clarity and inner fulfillment to life through contact with our silent, still source & center; it infuses these orderly qualites into our lives. During each meditation we effortlessly come to rest in this silent stillness absorbing and infusing it in every fiber of our being, and when we come out, we begin to radiate this stillness and balance in everything we do.
      This produces dramatic changes not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of everyone around us. In fact, the Vedas proclaim that "meditation, influences seven generations into the future and seven generations into the past."  
      This means our meditations can generate an influence so powerful they actually change the effects of the actions our ancestors performed in the past and in the future for generations to come. Regular meditation offers solutions to life's problems by eliminating disorderly stress that contributes to those problems throughout time.
      All it takes is a small amount of effort to continue a practice of effortless meditation on a regular daily basis and create such positive influence in life. Then just like the 40-day vow, a daily meditation practice becomes an effortless-effort as well.

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      About Dr. Katyayani Poole

      Yogini, 15 year Sanskrit scholar and master teacher, Dr. Katyayani Poole is the author of Sanskrit for Yogis™ , a revolutionary and convenient self-study course designed especially for Yoga teachers and students.

      Katyayani holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is co-founder of Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts (Shruti Inc.) an educational institute dedicated to promoting, enlivening and preserving the ancient knowledge of Sanskrit (the Yoga of Sacred Sound) Jyotisha (Vedic Life Coaching), and Meditation (Vedic Mantras).

      Blessings and best wishes to all of you,


      Katyayani Poole

      Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D.
      Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts (Shruti Inc.)

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      Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts (Shruti Inc.)
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