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June 2009 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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      June 2009 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano
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      In June the skies are swollen and the torrent is ready to pour down.  The nature of what falls on you will depend on you.  What has been in your mind at all levels for the last months?  This is what is coming.  It is what you’ve been sowing energetically.
      For many of you, there will be torrents of love and money.  There will be final victory for some and victory finally for others.  For others there will be hassle after hassle and great busyness.  Is there something you are trying to avoid because you don’t think you can handle how good it is?  You can busy yourself with problem after problem as a way to stop yourself from going forward.  Some people may experience what seems like an overwhelming amount of tribulation or pain.  Look for the hidden pay off for this and choose again.  Look at how it stops you in regards to your purpose and destiny.  Look at how it makes you special and independent.  Look at how you are using it to attack yourself and most hidden of all how you are using it to attack others and God.  Forgiveness of the one person you blame for this dark event can be the lynch pin that frees you of this illusion.
      If it’s painful in your life, remember that God wills that you be saved from it.  And being saved is also your true will for yourself. If you have attachments you are refusing to let go of, you will suffer because of them this month.  Let go, it will be better for you and everyone.  It is not loss you will suffer if you let go but flow instead.
      This is truly a month to reach out to friends in need.  They really need your support and your love and presence can have a powerful effect in lifting them up.  Your help can win great allies and devoted friends.  And it builds merit for you in such a way that help is available for you or those close to you when you need it. Don’t try to do whatever it is you are trying to do on your own.  Remember everything goes better with God.  He is your safety.  He is your joy and peace of mind.  He is your healing and an easy awakening to a life that contains more love and truth.  Let Him light your way and make things smooth for you.  The more dissociated and independent you are, the more you will try to do everything yourself and make your ego into God.  But only God will give you rest and make your way easy and smooth.
      Let yourself swell with love and happiness and like the skies release a torrent that blesses and refreshes.
      In the first week in June, nothing should be forced as things are as yet unripe.  Don’t push yourself, anyone or anything, it will grow and develop in its own time.
      In the second week beware of busyness, fights or distractions that are really a fear of intimacy.
      In the third week the tao unfolds for Victory.  Woooohoooo!
      In the last week in June the opening is for God the Beloved. 
      Let yourself experience your Beloved and how much you are loved.
      Let calm soothe you.
      Let love comfort you.
      Let truth free you.
      Chuck Spezzano  
      June 2009
      Wulai, Taiwan


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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