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Prayer Chain for James Seelandt

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  • Polly
    ... Letter from the editor S A N D I E S E D G B E E R I m going to do something unprecedented this month. Just this afternoon (Friday, 29th November) as I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
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      From PlanetLightWorker Editor,

      Letter from the editor

      S A N D I E   S E D G B E E R

      I’m going to do something unprecedented this month. Just this afternoon (Friday, 29th November) as I was putting the finishing touches to my Ed’s letter for December, I received an email that upset me so greatly, I immediately trashed the version I’d been l laboring over for the past several days. What I am about to do instead is of far greater importance than anything else I could have written about this month.

      I’m going to reprint here the email I just received from a dearly beloved, fellow PLW family and staff member – our Health & Healing Section Editor, Lisa Seelandt. When you read this, you will understand why I am asking you to join us in sending your love, support and prayers to Lisa and her family at this unbearably difficult time.

      Dearest sandie:
      As I sit and write this letter to you I find myself at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. I have experienced the horror of horrors after my son was flown here by helicopter and placed on life support. James - my darling 5 year old baby - was injured when the quad bike he was riding flipped. (It was a child-size bike that went up to 15 mph and he was wearing a fully fitted helmet.) He was rushed to a local hospital and was unresponsive. They proceeded with life saving rescue until the helicopter arrived. They have determined that James has incurred severe brain injury as well as having suffered a stroke. I am in anguish and disbelief. He is still on life support. The doctors have said that he is in God's hands - they have not offered anything other than to say that the recovery is individual to all persons and that they themselves have witnessed miracles. I told the neurologist that this makes me believe that
      since so little is known about the brain, or has even been determined in the last 200 years, perhaps the brain is spiritual as well as medical and that a person's right mind and belief in their own survival can make a difference. Doctors are usually detached and clinical but they agreed that this may be correct since certain recoveries cannot be understood from a medical standpoint.

      I believe in God and I believe in miracles - most of all I believe in James. I am writing this to you to briefly explain the situation and to ask for your prayers. Asap.


      There are no words that can give adequate expression to the welter of emotions that must be assaulting Lisa and her family at this moment. If you’re a regular reader of PLW and Lisa’s articles, you may be aware that it wasn’t all that long ago that Lisa lost her beloved brother - also called James - in a tragic accident. (If you didn’t read the poignant article Lisa wrote back then, and want to read it now, you will find it here.) I cannot pretend to know how she and her family are coping with the sheer weight of pain, disbelief, numbness, and fear that is visiting them anew… All I know is that it makes one feel so helpless to be a bystander.

      But there is one thing we can do. And by we, I am hoping that each one of you will join all of us here at PLW. And that is to set aside a special moment in which to consciously connect, heart to heart with one another, and create a prayer chain of love, comfort, support and healing. Let’s make it stretch all the way from here, to you, wherever you may be, and then send it on to Lisa and her family, who are patiently waiting and praying for a miracle to occur in the room of a much–loved little five-year-old boy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee.

      If it is true, as science at long last seems to be accepting, that prayer has as much – and sometimes even more – power than medicine, then I believe that together we can help create that miracle.

      Should you wish to address your personal prayers love and support to Lisa and her family directly, please send them to . This is a special email account that we have set up specifically for this purpose, in order to keep from overwhelming Lisa’s own email account at this time.

      Lisa – our thoughts, prayers and love are with you all.

      With much love,

      Sandie and your Planetlightworker family.

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