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Urgent Funding Appeal from Wellbriety

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  • Skye Coe
    Aloha Kakou. . . my own spiritual awakening was nurtured by the beautiful and gracious Native American community in southern Oregon.  I am now in Hawaii
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2009

      Aloha Kakou. . . my own spiritual awakening was nurtured by the beautiful and gracious Native American community in southern Oregon.  I am now in Hawaii where I have come to understand the importance of forgiveness through a practice called 'ho'oponopono'  which means to bring balance by making things right.  Elder Don's daily messages have kept me connected to my spiritual roots, so I feel honored to be able to pass this message along.  Please support this effort as able and be sure to pass along!  Mahalo!  Skye

      Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 4:08 PM

      Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness – Urgent Funding Appeal

      The Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness, a 40-day, 6,800-mile cross-country journey to 23 present and former Indian school sites, is scheduled to begin very soon on May 16, 2009 .  It will be led by the Sacred Hoop of 100 Eagle Feathers and it will carry the message that historical trauma can be healed - and prevented from being passed on to yet another generation - through a willingness to “forgive the unforgivable.” Daylong workshops are planned at the school sites to share educational information about the schools, encourage open discussion in a facilitated talking circle format and to conduct healing ceremonies involving local tribal elders and mental health professionals to release the unresolved grief that school survivors and/or their descendants may still be carrying from trauma experienced at one of the schools.

      An increasing body of evidence shows that intergenerational trauma is connected to suicides, substance abuse, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, family break-ups and diabetes which continue to plague Native American communities today.  The Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness will help begin the healing process in Native communities around the country.

      Despite vigorous fund raising efforts, we find ourselves well below the mark that we had hoped to achieve in terms of donations required to complete this journey.  Many Native Americans have sent letters and comments sharing first-hand experience in terms of historical trauma and how critically important this journey is to them.  Perhaps you have experienced the devastating effects of unresolved grief yourself, or have seen one of your loved ones affected by trauma.


      Please take a moment to imagine how your support of at least one mile will assist White Bison in promoting healing and forgiveness among Native Americans across the country.  Will you please help by donating $18.79 for one mile?  If funding a mile isn’t within your means, even a small donation of $5.00 will help tremendously.  

      It is not too late to help, if only you act now.  Your support of this historic Native American healing journey is greatly appreciated! Please make at least a small contribution and let the healing begin!!   Your tax deductible donation can be easily made one of several ways:

      Ø       Check or money order payable to:                                                                                                          

      White Bison, Inc.

      6145 Lehman Drive, Suite 200

      Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

      Ø       Call our toll-free number, 877-871-1495 and we will be happy to take your donation over the phone via Mastercard, Visa or American Express.    

      Ø       Visit our secure website at www.whitebison.org for donation via PayPal

      Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.


      In Wellbriety,

      Don Coyhis

      President – White Bison, Inc.

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