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Beings from the Future and the New Earth by DL Zeta

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  • Deborah
    Beings from the Future and the New Earth by DL Zeta (Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 11) A great shift in human consciousness is now hastening
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2009
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      Beings from the Future and the New Earth by DL Zeta

      (Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 11)

      A great shift in human consciousness is now hastening the more harmonious energies of the New Earth. This shift has already happened in its own time zone.  In fact, you are already feeling waves of energy extending from this future time to your present moment.  You need only look around you to see old ways of being unraveling as they are impacted by new energies radiating from future to present.

      Not only is energy from the New Time filtering into your present, but beings from Earth's future history are here to anchor and expand those energies, making them accessible to all who seek to transition into fifth-dimensional consciousness. There are those among you who are awakening to the part of their mission here that has been obscured from memory until now. Some have previously been incarnated in future timeframes. We offer here a further idea -- you may well be one of those beings from the future.

      The Expanding Sphere of Earth’s Near Future

      To fully grasp what we are saying, one must understand the nature and movement of the human construct known as “time.” Earth's future history has always influenced the present moment. Now, more than at any other time on Earth, you will find the future that exists within the next 150 years casting a sphere of influence so broad it exerts a strong impact on the era that just preceded it.  This impact is felt in various ways.  

      One way the future influences the present moment is through the movement of energy.  You may be familiar with time as an energetic framework, each moment giving birth to its own future.  This is only part of the picture.  Energy moves in all directions, extending from the present to both past and future. In other words, energy flows backwards and forwards, impacting past, present and future. This is why a person getting ready to embark on an important trip may feel themselves at their destination a week or more in advance of their arrival.

      Another way the future influences the present is through the study of the frontiers of human consciousness. This growing field will open many doors of possibility. These new possibilities will allow minds of the future to tutor and assist their "past life selves," that exist within the present moment. (We will note here that a future self can influence a past-life self or a past self of the current life, but for our purposes here, we refer to a past self of the current life).

      Your future self is able to influence key events now taking shape in the present.  This is already happening to some extent, but is limited due to issues of resonance.  In other words, a person of the present time period is able to communicate with a “self” of the future to the extent they are in resonance with this self. By choosing to harmonize with a wise and empowered future self, you’re able to greatly increase this resonance.  This opens the door for quantum change within your present moment. 

      Incarnational Cycles and Beings from the Future

      The shift in consciousness leading to the New Time began quite some time ago as a series of smaller shifts. These shifts began taking place in the hearts and minds of many beings over centuries, with the final staging of consciousness taking shape in the last hundred years.  Large numbers of "beings from the future" began incarnating to the Earth in the late 1800s. Each decade since that time has seen a greater influx of beings arriving here to seed consciousness and pave the way for the New Earth. The essence of these beings’ role is anchoring greater light on the Earth to help accelerate the transformations taking place.  

      The Mechanism of Past-Time Incarnations

      All timeframes on Earth exist simultaneously in adjacent dimensions.  These timeframes exist into infinity. That is to say, every second that has ever existed lives on, encapsulated within its own segment of “time.”  

      Since all timeframes exist simultaneously, a soul whose most recent incarnation ended in 2012 may be reborn in a past-timeframe dimension, such as 1850.    Souls have always had the option to incarnate into past time. The difference now is that major energetic shifts will result in greater numbers of souls choosing to incarnate into “past-time dimensions.”  There will be outer, physical explanations for this exodus from the present moment, but we are giving you the spiritual explanation behind these upcoming changes.

      Reasons for Incarnating into “Past Time”

      Individuals or soul groups sometimes incarnate into “past-time” periods. A past time period is one you perceive as the past in terms of linear progression.  Time doesn’t manifest in a linear fashion, but the conscious mind, for organizing purposes, tends to order it this way.  It may be that you are incarnated in 2007 and that lifetime ends in 2075.  After a time, you choose to reincarnate into a time period most resonant with your needed learning experiences, which could be 2050, 1950, or 1750.  This depends on your resonance and your planned future learning experiences.  Sometimes entire soul groups have used this technique of incarnating into a "past" location along the time continuum.  Time in this sense becomes a tool for growth and change.

      “Past-time” incarnations fulfill several purposes that serve the evolution of the individual, the soul group, and all of humanity.  This technique can be a signature of older souls nearing the end of their incarnational cycle, though there are other reasons souls choose to incarnate into past time.  

      Throughout history, souls have incarnated into timeframes where they could best gain needed experiences.  These timeframes synchronistically offered them the best opportunity to share the talents and abilities they had developed.  

      Imagine you’re graduating from a course of study and you discover there are certain lessons or courses missing from your transcript.  You would choose to go back and complete these courses.  You would most likely choose the best time and place to obtain this course of study. In much the same way, acquiring certain understandings requires certain circumstances.  For instance, if you are completing a lifetime in 2100 and you want to learn to love people who are very different from your own vibration, you would need to gain this understanding in a time period where contrasting energies predominate.  If energies are more harmonious in 2100, you may need to incarnate into 1975, for example, to experience this contrast.  Synchronistically, when an individual or soul group previously incarnated around 2100 chooses to incarnate into 1975, they’re able to serve as a bridging consciousness in a transition time on Earth. In other words, they would serve to weave the collective consciousness of 1975 into the cosmic fabric of future time. 

      The first 11 parts of this series can be found by visiting the
      Channelings by Deborah page of our website:

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