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    This truly is very lovingly put. But how do we do it is the question most ask themselves. To know it, I first in the HUman incarnation must FEEEEEL it and to
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      This truly is very lovingly put. But how do we do it is the question most ask themselves. To know it, I first in the HUman incarnation must FEEEEEL it and to feel it I must allow the feelings of discomfort to arise and love them in order for me to integrate the wisdom, love and power they are wanting to offer me. These feelings are actual created beings (energy in the astral plane) that truly just want to be loved. When did the original or any occurrence causing the discomfort whether in this life time or another, happen to make me feel that we did not belong? This is the key for me. If I sit with the feeling long enough and trace back as far as I can the image that arises in my mind from the discomfort I am feeling and check in with the body where it is coming up and place my right hand there and then simply allow the feelings to flow as I praise them, respect them, thank them and love them, I call forth the power of God source love, the highest cosmic love cosmic law will allow (I of myself to do nothing, I AM the merely conduit to flow through) to alchemize these feelings from coal being the uncomfortable dense/heavy feelings to a diamond of ecstatic joy and supreme happiness, majesty and splendor  which is the truth of who we are veiled and hiding under the these unhealed feelings of the astral plane. When I do this for me I do this for all according to the Law of One. It is a win win situation. This is the work of a very dear brother Michael Schlosser who has transitioned. But thanks to his loving wife, Cynthia Rose the work has carried forth.  They call it the Trauma Clearing Technique which is very similar to ho'oponopono which states we should be cleaning and not judging. By cleaning we are forgiving bad feelings and memories and alchemizing them so we can be at zero, or at peace like A Course in Miracles teaches. I call these techniques Emotional Alchemy. No disrespect, it just FEEEELS right for me to refer to them using this title. Michael had worked with hundreds of Viet Nam vets using this technique and greatly assisted them and now Cynthia teaches it n a Saturday conference call. Email if youwould like the number and access code for this call
        Much about this technique is actually shared in the book, "Divine Sky" written by Cynthia Schlosser. It is a book of the divine virtues, Angelic hosts through kabbahlistic teachings channelled daily through Cynthia. You may purchase it through the following address for $28.00. It is a large book with full color pictures of Cynthia's art work. These Angelic Host are so much working through Cynthia as they see what we are going through here on the Earth plane and so want to help when we ask. This book is such an amazing deal for sure. The couple who are publishing it are retailing it so inexpensively so they can get it out to humanity. You can check out some of her channeling and art work by going to the lovingpurelove yahoo group and each day she post two chanellings. One one of the Angelic Host of the Earth, depending on what zodical degree we are in and one of the Angelic Host of the Moon, depending on what day of the moon's 28 day cycle we are in.
       I have learned and grown immeasurebally from Cynthia's work with the divine virtue's and Michael's trauma clearing work also and have become so humbled through knowing her and her service work for HUmanity and the planet and her kingdoms. Enjoy this loving article below. I AM sure most that I forward this to can relate.
      Blessings Beyond Measure and Joyful Earth Everyday,
      Rael of One ~ Universal Oneness Ambassador ~
      "Compassion is the first outburst of everything God does." ~ Meister Eckhart

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      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Colleen Joy: Heal your roots
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      Such a powerful analogy and this has such a resonance down to my Core. It has been an ongoing process, and will continue to be, in healing my own roots. As they go deep in the process of healing more and more abundant fruit will blossom and flourish.
      Does your apple tree have strong roots?
       "A tree can only grow as tall as its roots are deep."
      Last night I did something I haven’t done in years (I used to do this all the time as a kid), I lay on the ground and looked up at the stars.
      The awesome deep blue of the night, the silence waiting there that seems to envelop us with presence, the sharp points of starlight that remind us of how miraculous life is. The stars have always inspired many to reach further to create lives of meaning.
      When I was young I never felt like I belonged, I truly felt like a visitor (like as if someone had dropped me off on the wrong planet) and somehow by looking up at the stars I used to be reminded of the heartache of not feeling truly at home in my skin, of not fully connecting to my family and not fitting into my life. “Just visiting” was a slogan I could easily have put on my grave stone. The problem was that I thought my apple tree could live without roots.
      • Do you feel like you belong?
      • Do you feel good in your skin?
      • Do you feel at home in your life?
      Last night, as I looked at the stars I realized that finally I feel at home. The stars don’t cause a pang in my heart anymore. They don’t rub salt into a deep yearning to be somewhere else, because now I finally feel at home in my life and have found life in my home. My apple tree is thriving because I finally realized that I needed to heal its roots (which is a journey that I still walk).
      Was this easy? - No. Is it possible? - Yes.
      So, what does it take?
      Here is a simple truth that I have found that has helped me, may it inspire you on your journey.
      • I used to think that I could bring my fruits and purpose to life even whilst ignoring my damaged roots that were crying out for healing.
      • Now I know that the apple tree can ONLY bear the fruits of its purpose and be strong in the world with healed roots. Our roots are our inner experience of our ancestors, heritage and family.
      When we don’t heal our sense of home and belonging – we deprive our apple tree of strength and the capacity to grow.
      You don’t need to heal your family members, you need only to heal the family in YOUR HEART! Then your roots can drink from the life that was passed to you through your parents.  
      One step to help your apple tree's roots is:
      Tell your heart that you belong.
        1. You belong to life.
        2. You belong in your family.
        3. To your race/s.
        4. Your country/countries.
        5. Your heritage.
        6. Your planet.
        7. To all the systems that you come from (even if there are many).
      You don’t need permission to belong, you belong because you exist! By being alive you belong. And you have an equal right to be here.
      Help yourself to open more fully to the experience of belonging.
      Life loves an apple tree, look at how much care and energy is spent bringing even the smallest of leaves to life. Think about the fine lines and patterns on a leaf and then look at your hands and the fine lines of your fingerprints.
      You are loved in that way, every hair on your body, every unique line on the tips of your fingers is life giving you a reminder that you are here, you are loved by life and you belong. Life is working hard all the time to keep you here because you matter.
      When you claim this truth, and show your heart that you do belong, your apple tree’s roots will sink deeper into the earth and finally you will drink and be fulfilled by life.
      Look after your apple tree, it is loved.
      Founder InnerLifeSkills™ and ILSA
      ILS InnerLifeSkillsTM 
      Empowering you to Empower others 
      Tel: (+27 11) 469 1881 Fax: (+27) 088 011 469 1881 
      WORKBOOK - Over the years I have put together a workbook (51 pages) that will guide you through 4 family healing tools. If you want to order the easily down-loadable PDF workbook called ONEFAMILY click here. or copy and paste http://www.colleen- joy.com/? website_pagesid= 111
      WORKSHOP - This week’s Wednesday morning and evening workshop in Fourways JHB is on Family Healing – healing your roots. To book a seat please e-mail info@colleen- joy.com.
      Thanks to you, our on line ILSA student database for these lessons is now over 10 000 worldwide.
      Thank you for making a difference
      by helping yourself and others to grow and heal their apple trees.
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