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    As always, using our deepest and highest Discernment receive all that resonates to your Core and release the rest. Namaste     if (typeof YAHOO ==
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2009
      As always, using our deepest and highest Discernment receive all that resonates to your Core and release the rest. Namaste

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      April 17, 2009


      This Month's Newsletter includes the thought provoking,
      heart opening article, "Message From Spirit About Your Soul
      and Your Awakened Life."

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      • A "Message From Spirit About Your Soul and Your Awakened Life." (If you missed any other monthly articles they are in the World Puja Newsletter archives at http://www.worldpuja.org )

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      Dearest Hearts,
      On the weekend of our live event, March 27-29, 2009 Spirit awakened me at 3:00 AM Saturday morning. I was given a message to share with those in attendance at "Creating A Great Reality: The Gathering" first thing Saturday morning, (after an unprecedented evening prior with a host of celebrated musicians from all over the country weaving a concert for almost three hours the likes of which none of us will soon forget.) It is all on the CD set available to download on our website.
      I was asked by those in attendance to please put the message in writing and I have for all of you with just a bit of editing. The complete unedited version with all musicians, all speakers, all meditations and all attunements is included in the 12 CD set.
      Beloved Hearts,
      Have you heard me tell you today, that I love you? I do. There has never been a human like you, not once and not ever on your Planet of Earth. What a blessing you are.
      You have often said you are spirit having a human experience and I am telling you that that former identity no longer suits you. You are spirit having a spiritual experience in the form of a human being. And as such, I Am about to experience the time on your Earth that I have waited a very long time for, and so are you.
      I know that many of you are tentative as you watch the familiar fade from sight. Fear not my children, the fruit of your earthly experience was always meant to emerge at the end of your journey with your human nature, much like the end of the journey for a caterpillar, before it mutates and turns into a butterfly. Many of you are about to change irrevocably, including changing your DNA (because you are able) and to scale what once seemed insurmountable to your former selves. Many of you are in for the surprises and gifts of your life, if you are willing to listen deeply to the promptings of your Soul and take action.
      During this time of great change Beloveds, place with intention into my hands any fears you may have and then gently surrender. Ask me to help you transform your fear into confidence, and then follow my lead as I usher you forward. Follow my lead as I help you re-mind your mind, and inflame your heart. Don't forget we are partners in your awakening. As you awaken, you awaken more parts of Me in you. You will feel My stirrings in your heart. Sit with me awhile. Talk with me awhile, and I will talk with you. We will talk Truth you and I.
      Many of you have questioned when you will awaken fully, or if you will awaken fully. Let me tell you Beloveds when awakening occurs. It occurs when your soul has become satiated with material living and is prompted, by a deep inner urge, to discover deeper truths about your identity.
      It occurs when you become bold enough to run away from your thoughts about how you should live and choose, from your heart, how you will live moment by moment.
      It occurs when you become fascinated with the mystery of life once again, undaunted by the logical mind, much like a child fascinated with a polka-dotted ladybug crawling up its arm.
      It comes when the Light of your Soul begins to penetrate your personality, and its egoic needs. Your Soul has no interest in the dramas and illusions of your worldly plane. It is your Soul that is toppling whatever illusions are still in your life, and running your life. It is doing so to make room for itself to fully enter the temple of your being that houses your life and Me.
      There is nothing happening to you from outside of you, believe it, Beloveds. You are not a victim of anything. Everything concerning your life is being initiated from within you, and on purpose. Please pay attention. You are being led to a glorious place.
      Remember I Am here with you, as One with you. Close your eyes, tap on your heart and feel my stirrings. Talk to Me and listen to Me as We beckon your Soul back to where it belongs.
      Your Soul has waited a long time to take its rightful place inside of your Life. It needs nothing from the world external. It uses the world external only as a place to play out passion, to give and receive love and to be in service.
      The very purpose of your human existence Beloveds is the evolution of your Soul. Daily, your soul literally fights on your behalf and against your lower natures to establish itself inside of you.
      When you feel internal agitation it is your Soul rubbing up against your personality and mortal mind committed to outshining both; not so far different than the pearl in the oyster that is agitated by grains of sand to emerge as a beautiful jewel.
      While this phenomena is taking place in this very moment it requests your support. Your Soul asks that you deny poverty consciousness, regardless of external appearances. You are not the world economy so please don't claim it as your burden or identify yourself with it. You are rich beyond measure. Seek your riches and they will flourish.
      Your Soul asks that you embrace yourself once and for all with a full heart. It asks that you no longer deny your wholeness, because of what you perceive are your imperfections. You have no imperfections. You are a masterpiece in process, much like a piece of fine art. Allow the process Beloveds don't judge each stroke of the brush.
      You are made in the image and Likeness of Me. Perfect. There is nothing wrong with you that a strong dose of Self-love will not correct.
      Your Soul asks that you practice peaceful action, not reaction. Further yet, practice noticing, just noticing, and then make your peaceful moves from there. Your Soul thrives in a state of stability and balance.
      It asks that whenever you are afraid, that you face the thoughts that created your fears and ask yourself if that is the truth that just visited you. And if it's not, and you will know, because you will feel it in your body, surrender your wrong mindedness to Me and I will bring you Truth. Listen.
      If you are wondering where to put your next foot, don't wonder. Instead wander into the Mystery with Me. Let us play on this path of fascination and wonder that spirals you upward leaving the mundane and predictable behind.
      Let the Mystery of your new reality shape itself without your control and free you from survivalist mentality. Give yourself a chance to thrive not merely survive. You are able to do so without a dime spent. You will breathe a breath of Creation like you never have before when you find yourselves no longer tethered to survival, never again having to control and maneuver and manipulate your every turn in your life.
      Your key is to learn to rest in silence for more than a moment so you are able to hear Me speak and feel the Truth that you are not alone and you are being guided every step of your way.
      Every one of your Souls, in all of its glory is anxiously waiting to play spiritual human with you. Put down your books, let your intellect rest, refrain from knowing anything and just open your hearts and go play with your Souls.
      Let your Soul in. Let your lower human nature expire. You are safe. I will never forsake you. I cannot. You and I can never be parted. Remember, I am the only umbilical cord that has ever been attached to you that has never been severed. Remember. And remember what that means to you.
      I love you and I need you to love you right now. It is your love for Self, Soul and Me that will get you through the eye of the needle, from one world to the next, intact.
      You are the One you have been waiting for Beloveds. You've heard this before, please hear it deeply and don't negotiate with it's meaning. Let your true Self in and let's play on purpose.
      Copyright 2009, Maureen Moss
      Thank you for passing this on with both name and websites.


      These sessions are life changing. If you would like your own personal session with me please E-mail me at Maureen@...
      Sessions are now being booked for June. Please include your phone number and time zone.
      The details and the sharing of life changing outcomes can be found on the World Puja site. Click on Fearless Living at http://www.worldpuja.org on the Home Page.
      As always I thank you so much for your presence and your Light. I bless each of you for being a part of a monumental time in human history.
      For those of you that were at the Gathering, Namaste Beloveds! For those that were not, Namaste Beloveds! Please enjoy every minute of "The Gathering" on the complete and unedited 12 CD's from all three days at http://www.worldpuja.org or go directly to https://www.worldpuja.org/great-reality.php
      Maureen Moss
      Steward of: "The World Puja Network"
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