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Conscious Reality Creation: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams By DL Zeta

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  • Deborah
    Conscious Reality Creation: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams By DL Zeta There are still many on Earth who struggle to create the reality they see in their
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      Conscious Reality Creation: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams By DL Zeta

      There are still many on Earth who struggle to create the reality they see in their dreams and spiritual visions. They struggle only because they do not fully understand the steps of creating their reality.

      The truth is that creating is as much a feeling or being state as it is an activity of the mind and body. The commonly-held belief that creating is strictly a series of outer steps is a misunderstanding. This is one of the greatest causes of human suffering. This perspective of “outer creation” assumes you are separate from what you seek to bring into your life. When you seek to create your desires in this way, you become a slave rather than a creator. Liberation comes from understanding you are the cause of your outer reality, not vice versa. 

      Creating is driven by the Law of Attraction, which says you must be a vibrational match for all you seek to bring into your life. To become a vibrational match, set an intention. The act of intention sets up an energetic field you feed with your life force energy through your attention. Over time, the energy field grows, attracting emotions, energy, people and circumstances that help it further expand. It is this ever-strengthening energetic field that transforms you into an energetic match with your desires.

      Energizing New Fields of Probability

      As you are transformed by a desired creation, you may feel the need to adopt a new focus self. A focus self is the dominant identity guiding your life. When you set out to re-create your reality, you are essentially adopting a new identity. Adopting a new identity inevitably moves you to a different timeline in your present life. This new timeline exists parallel to your present reality.

      It is possible to bring about a major change in your life simply by merging with a new focus identity, therefore energizing a new parallel timeline. When you adopt a new identity, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, intentions, thoughts and behaviors rearrange themselves around the new identity. This represents quantum change.

      Adopting a New Focus or Identity Self

      It is important in creating realities to understand any major life course you might envision already exists as a probability within your energetic field. This "probable self" exists along a certain timeline and follows a certain progression. In order to adopt this probable self as your focus self, merge your conscious awareness with this self and bring your present-moment self into resonance with it. In other words, when you set out to create your deepest desires, you must become the version of you already experiencing this reality.

      Another step is to follow the thread of this probable self's timeline - past, present and future - understanding the progression of this alternate self's existence. For example, if you have a self within your field of probabilities who is an artist, you can track the ways in which this self unfolds within your energetic field. Track this self’s development backward to the moment of your birth and observe how its timeline diverges from "the road taken." See the steps the artistic "other you" took to create its reality. This is the path someone who shares your unique energetic signature would travel to create a reality where they are self-realized as an artist.

      As you adopt a new focus self and its accompanying line of probability, you are likely to encounter resistance from those around you, and even from within your self. Understand this seemingly outer resistance is reflecting to you your own doubts and misgivings. If a friend is standing before you questioning your decisions, silently thank him for reflecting your inner concerns and gratefully accept this opportunity to examine your decisions and, if appropriate, strengthen your confidence and belief in this new course. 

      Convening an Inner 'United Nations' Meeting

      Often when resistance to change is encountered on any level, it traces back to an aspect of your self that is not in agreement with the intended change. This is the time to hold an inner "United Nations" meeting with all your selves to find out which one has concerns about the change. Explain to this self, which is most likely a younger self in terms of soul age, why you are choosing a new probable focus self and ask this self to participate in the new path you are following. There may be more than one self that has concerns, so keep working through this process until you feel you have consensus among all your “selves.” 

      We will add here that these selves are aspected from your other incarnational selves that exist simultaneously in other timeframe dimensions. These other selves exist as aspects and influences in your present life by virtue of your connection with your higher self. At times, your higher self will “amp up” the influence of another self to assist you in healing and spiritual growth.

      The willingness to work at levels beyond the physical is a prerequisite to reality creation. We will explain here how aligning with your self as you exist in other dimensions will assist you in creating your reality.

      Transforming DNA, Activating Kundalini, and the Chakras

      Your ability to transform your reality is greatly expanded when your consciousness awakens sufficiently to transform your DNA and fully activate kundalini and chakra energies.

      By design, the doorway to human consciousness is the heart center, which serves as a portal to realities that exist beyond the five senses. This heart center is the bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind residing in other reality planes. When the higher self, or oversoul, becomes an active participant in an incarnation, this has the effect of restructuring the DNA. This retooling of DNA ignites the kundalini energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine. This energy then travels up the spine and out the third eye, awakening the vision for the life purpose. Once the life purpose is brought to conscious awareness, a series of other activations are set into motion. These eventually result in an understanding the arc of lifetimes and placement of the present life within this arc. In this way, there begins to be an awareness of other lives, past and future. This awareness of all other aspects of self is an important part of spiritual awakening.

      When the life purpose is recognized and consciously accepted, the flow of life force energy into the life is stepped up according to need and purpose. This energy enters the physical system through the medulla oblongata at the base of the neck.

      Principles of Conscious Reality Creation

      Once you understand how things work, you can begin to practice the principles of conscious reality creation. They are:

      1) Maintain focus on creating joy in the life, which implies a readiness to release all that is not aligned with joy. This intention will begin a clearing of all emotional states that stand in the way of living at the vibratory level of joy.

      2) Practice radical self-responsibility. This involves accepting responsibility for all creations in all time. It is impossible to create the reality of your highest dreams when you are holding thoughtforms of negativity, blame and victimhood. Look at every situation in your life to see how you created it, and how it is assisting you in your growth and evolution.

      3) Express openness to all existing realities. This means you are willing to observe and consider alternate and parallel realities.

      4) Trust that the universe is always bringing you experiences to help you grow. In this way, nothing is bad or good, just what is needed in the present moment.

      5) Cultivate an active imagination and believe that whatever your imagination brings you is real. 

      6) Believe that you are already whatever it is you may imagine creating. Some aspect of you is already in vibratory resonance with the images your imagination brings you.

      7) Be willing to become the person who can bring your desires into being. 

      8) Align your desired creation with your spiritual (life) purpose.

      9) Study and understand the Law of Attraction.

      10) Unite all your selves in creating reality. When you have inner unity, you are able to create from a place of clear focus and inner peace. The realities you enter from this place will carry the vibration of clarity and peace.

      By practicing conscious reality creation, you are able to align with the Law of Attraction and energize new fields of probability. As you come into resonance with your desired creation, you begin to transform your reality, often entering a reality that exists parallel to your present moment. By bringing all your selves into alignment and practicing the steps of conscious reality creation, you can begin to energize the timelines of your most deeply-held dreams.

      Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and
      Transformation by DL Zeta

      For more information, visit 

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