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The Love Mediation ~ Gary Smith

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    www.merkaba.org The Love Meditation A Free Meditation for All by Gary Smith A Love Meditation by Gary Smith: Find a comfortable,
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      The Love Meditation
      A Free Meditation for All
      by Gary Smith

      A Love Meditation by Gary Smith:

      Find a comfortable, and relatively quiet place if possible, to meditate. However, noise is no barrier to meditation and one can meditate anywhere. People may find it quite beneficial to light a candle before meditation or prayer, as this signifies bringing in the Light of God.

      Sit comfortably and breathe deeply and evenly until you reach a relaxed state of mind. Take the cares of life, the stresses of the day and place them beside you. For the next 9 to 18 minutes, let everything else go and focus just on your self. Love yourself enough to take this amount of time out for your own spiritual growth and expansions of consciousness.

      When relaxed, use my personal prayer, one of the ancient prayers, or your own personal prayer to begin the meditation. Now, after saying the prayer you can feel the Unconditional Love state of consciousness surround and fill your whole physical body. Now, visualize a pinkish purple cloud of light surrounding you. This pinkish purple cloud of light is the physical manifestation into our visible light spectrum of Unconditional Love, and as you breathe in, your body fills with Unconditional Love. And, as you breathe out, you breathe out any discord, or any of the stresses of life that are stored within you. You breathe in Unconditional Love and breathe out the toxins of past unpleasant incidents.

      When breathing returns to normal, and one is breathing deeply and easily again, then one again visualizes the cloud of pinkish purple light. This time, while visualizing this pinkish purple light, begin to repeat sub vocally the word "Love". Repeating the word Love, creates a mantra meditation. It is the mantra repetition of "Love, Love, Love, Love, ...." which allows a person's personal spiritual energy fields to expand outward with God's Unconditional Love. This Infusion of God's Unconditional Love increases the size and brilliance of your personal spiritual energy fields. This process can translate into visual experiences or just "Feeling Good". This meditation is an easy process of just repeating the word "Love" and returning to it, when one becomes aware that one is not repeating the word "Love". Each time one become aware that they are not saying "Love", one easily returns to repeating the word. When you become aware that your consciousness has drifted off the Love Mantra and is on some thought, easily say to yourself regarding the thought, "we will address that later, but for now it is time for meditation". Then gently return to repeating the word "Love, Love, Love, Love...." and allow the thought to dissipate.

      You can repeat the "Love" mantra using the above meditation for nine to eighteen minutes, or even 27 minutes and longer. When you decide to come out of the meditation, come out slowly. When using any multidimensional training technique, always take a minute or more to come out of the meditation. If you return to this dimensional reality too quickly, then some sense of disorientation can occur. This disorientation can be experienced in many ways, from a sense of "spinning", a feeling of excess "spaciness", or even a headache. So take your time coming out of multidimensional meditations. If any multidimensional discomfort occurs, then put your attention on that area of the body and visualize a cloud of pinkish purple light over the affected area until the discomfort leaves.

      Prayers, Chants and Meditations
      Prayer and Meditation are used by spiritual leaders and people everywhere, from Siberian shamans to Greek Orthodox priests, from psychic surgeons to hands on healers, from children in their first spiritual initiations at their local church, temple, mosque, center or synagogue to leaders of worldwide spiritual organizations. Prayer and Meditation is an area in life where one needs to "Walk Their Talk". One cannot just talk about meditation and/or prayer, one has to "Do It". So let us all, "Join Together and Do It". Prayer and meditation have the ability to lift an individual into the state of consciousness known as Unconditional Love, where one can communicate with God.

      Gary's Personal Prayer:
      Many people begin their Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Meditation with my personal prayer. Prayers can be done without meditation, and meditation can be done without prayer. However, by combining prayer and meditation, exciting adventures in consciousness, or what some call rapid spiritual growth, or in other words - the unfoldment of your full potential, do occur for all people.
      Ayah Asher Ayah, 3 times
      [One's Name], 4 times
      Ayah Asher Ayah, 4 times
      Oh Mother, Father Creator God of All That Is, I Give Thanks for All My Blessons*. I Ask to be a Pure Conduit of Your Love and Your Light.
      * Blessons. In the higher levels of consciousness, one knows there are no Blessings or Lessons, they are one and the same, experiences termed "Blessons".
      Ayah Asher Ayah is a Pre-Sumerian prayer and in the way it was cognized to use, translates as:
      "That Which I Was, I Am No Longer.  That Which I Am, I Am Becoming"

      The Sacred Merkaba Techniques cleanse chakras, activate pranic energy centers, expand consciousness and is a wondrous process which enables a person to Ascend beyond the 4th dimension of Heaven/Paradise in one lifetime. Unconditional Love is a state of consciousness used by all practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques to activate their spiritual energy fields into Merkabas. This process enables them to receive Golden Flower of Life Spheres from God in an "unceasing prayer", also called "unceasing meditation or Mahasamadhi", 24 hours a day. Additional information on the Sacred Merkaba Techniques is available at numerous lectures and/or workshops being given by certified teachers.

      We need help in spreading the Love and the Light about the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. We have 2 page informative flyers, of which this article is one. Please distribute to others, 9 copies, (real paper copies - grin), of any flyer below and we will be pleased to email that information to you.
      a. Ascending Beyond Enlightenment
      b. Unconditional Love, The Full Description
      c. Going Beyond Reiki, with Dr Usui's Approval
      d. Karma, What It Is &Why We Have It and How to Easily Remove It
      e. Maldukians, The Scourge of Humanity
      f. Shiva and Krishna, The Ascension of the Blue Race

      Please select the flyer(s) you are interested in and notify us that you agree to manually distribute 9 paper copies of each flyer you have selected. Send your flyer requests to Flyers@...

      For information on Sacred Merkaba Techniques activities in your area, please email Debra at Emails@... or call her at 239-417-9742. A listing of worldwide teachers, upcoming workshops, additional information on and people's experiences with the activations of their spiritual energy fields into Merkabas is on our website at www.merkaba.org

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