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April 2009 Free Celestial Timings Newsletter Message

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  • Ash
    Enjoy the latest edition and for all of us that are having storms for the next few days, here in the southeast, stay dry and warm. :)   Free Celestial Timings
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      Enjoy the latest edition and for all of us that are having storms for the next few days, here in the southeast, stay dry and warm. :)
      Free Celestial Timings

      The Free Version of the April 2009 Celestial Timings are now posted and ready to be viewed at this URL http://www.celestialtimings.com/free_timings/index.html  FYI ... The reason I post the Free Timings on my website is in the past email has proven to be unreliable as a way to get the information to everyone.

      The Monthly Free 2009 Resonance Repatterning® sessions for Paid Celestial Timings Subscribers have been a HUGE success.  Each month has built powerfully on the work of the previous months. We have had wonderful reports including shifts in overall health, well being and awareness. We are creating a powerful collective field with these sessions and would love to have you join us.

      Our next FREE Resonance Repatterning® session is April 29. These sessions are free to all paid Celestial Timings subscribers and you can participate either by being on the phone or by proxy. Both are equally effective.  If you are NOT a PAID subscriber you may want to consider getting a paid subscription ($29.00 for a one year subscription) and take advantage of this unprecedented free offer.

      Personal Note: This past month was challenging for me physically due to a flare up of two old injuries I received in my youth. One happened when I was fourteen and I was riding a half wild horse my Mom was training. He reared up and threw himself over backward on top of me. I looked up to see a full grown quarter horse coming right down on top of me. I fractured my tailbone and injured my left hip though truth be told I was lucky I wasn't killed. And then, when I was 26 I was badly whiplashed in a car accident when a drunk driver hit the car I was a passenger in from behind while we were waiting at a stop light. As I have gotten older I have had to be careful about these injuries as I can get muscles spasms if I sit too much or do too much lifting or standing. Last month was one of the worst experiences I have had with this in many years. I was barely able to walk or sit for about two weeks. It started a couple of days before my birthday and I am still doing extra visits to the chiropractor though finally feeling much better.

      Naturally this forced me to slow way down...though I had already been planning on taking more time for myself after a marathon year last year that just didn't seem to end. I had some major event every month last year and had many extra responsibilities added as well. I am grateful for them all but reached my birthday totally exhausted. My plan had been to spend more time in nature and do some hiking and catching up with friends. Instead I got a chance to practice letting go of my picture and be with what was present for me in the moment. I was not very accepting at first and I have to admit I still would have rather been in on the mountain trails around Tucson at the most perfect time of year to do that. However, I am now grateful for the process as I feel my own personal frequency has shifted greatly by having to be still. Self-care has never been more important especially as April is leading us to the BIG triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and the vibration s
      hift is amplifying a bit more each day.

      This is why Teri and I have chosen to work with these energies for the April 29 Resonance Repatterning®  session. These Resonance Repatterning®  sessions are explained in detail here http://celestialtimings.com/subscriber/rr_explained.html. When you become a paid subscriber to the Celestial Timings you will receive the access information for the tele-conference calls and/or how to participate by proxy (meaning you do not have to be on the conference call to receive the benefits of the RR session).

      Don't forget you can access the past Celestial Timings on the archives page of the Celestial Timings Website http://www.celestialtimings.com/archives/index.html.

      Special Announcements and Events (Some of these announcements are not connected to the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School but are offered for your information)

      April 22 - 26, 2009 Beginning Night Sky Cosmology near Tucson, Arizona Cosmology Track with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell To register, contact Cayelin Castell at 520-744-6923 Full Details http://shamanicastrology.com/events/beginning-night-sky-cosmology

      Aug 23 - Apr 29 , 2000 Big Island of Hawaii Night Sky Cosmology with Daniel and Cayelin Details http://shamanicastrology.com/events/advanced-night-sky-cosmologContact Cayelin at 520-744-6923

      New DVD of the Cosmology of the Turning of the Ages. Recorded live Daniel explains the cosmological reasons we are the Turning of the Ages. Also available here http://shamanicastrology.com/products/cds

      Shamanic Astrology Radio Show CD. You can learn more about Shamanic Astrology by listening to the archived internet radio shows with Daniel Giamario. Topics include the Moon, Venus, Mars and the Rising Sign from the lens of Shamanic Astrology. Also there are several quest interviews including Caroline Casey (visionary astrologer and activist), Cayelin Castell (co-founder and creative director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School), John Major Jenkins (author of several books on 2012) and Bill Johnston (director of Project Hindsight). All 13 Shows are now available on a CD (in MP3 format) for $22.00 including shipping. Proceeds go to benefit the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.
      Twelve Tribes CD This is a multi-dimensional guided journey through the Shamanic Astrology archetypes written and narrated Carolyn Brent who is now known as Cayelin Castell and features original sound healing music performed by John Dumas. This CD is $22 including shipping.

      You can order online either by check or by PayPal http://www.shamanicastrology.com/cds.html

      Building a School in the Philippines...Donations from Celestial Timings readers have been an immense help to these children since last year. Many now have books, backpacks and are getting regular meals. Although a lot has been accomplished already, more school supplies, books and building materials are still needed. Donation information is also on the site.  http://www.rbaschool.com/index.html

      Tucson, Arizona Sacred  Drumming Events
      for a full list of events please visit www.dambe.org or www.kalumba.org
      Healing Ceremonies Sacred  Drumming I and II: The Drum, Healing and Integrating  Ancient
      Tucson, Arizona West African Drumming Classes with Martin Klabunde
      For students with NO (or minimal) experience with Djembe, Dununs or West African rhythmical concepts. Students will get instruction on proper playing techniques and basic rhythmical concepts. For more information about any of the above events and directions contact: Martin Klabunde at 520-245-4547 email martin@...

      Joyful Blessings,

      Cayelin K Castell
      mail to: p3@...

      Miracles come from your love...They are synchronistic events that usually occur when you let go of attachment and trust your inner guidance  - Sanaya Roman - Creating Money

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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