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      Subject: July 4


      Wednesday, the 4th of July


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      American Independence Day

      We are urged to put some time aside in order to think about the American Experience, the intentions of our Founding Fathers and to reflect upon how well we are living up to those principles.

      The Sun in Cancer is inconjunct Pluto at 13° Sagittarius, suggesting that some serious adjustments need to be made as to how the United States expresses the power, truth and compassion of Cancer. The aspect occurs just before the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow.

      This suggests that the United States has reached a major turning point in its evolutionary history. The Eclipse falls on the Third-Ninth House axis of the US Solar Return chart(inner wisdom, spirituality-communication.)

      Its occurrence just before the Lunar Eclipse signals that we have reached a major turning point in our evolution as a nation.

      The Keyword for the 14th degree of Cancer is Sanction. "When positive, the degree is a highly effective enlistment of deeper and hidden elements of life for some momentary end and when negative, lack of purpose and utter chaos in understanding." Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

      The American contribution to our planetary unfolding is being tested for maturity and responsibility. Growth for increasing numbers of men and women in our nation is now beginning to occur on inner rather than on outer realms.


      The Sun is in 13 degrees Cancer. The Moon is in Sagittarius.

      Today’s Cancerien energies produce impressionability and mediumistic influences. We are drawn to the energy of ritual, exploring the invisible realms and harnessing their natural forces.

      This degree of Cancer emphasises greater understanding in the ways of communication through spoken language, and the language of images, sound and colour. Communication with other intelligences are enhanced. Whole brain thinking is recommended(see Tibetan Paradox exercise or email).


      The search for perfection can become an obstacle when it becomes obsessive. We need to learn to let go in order to flow smoothly through today’s experiences.

      Our spirituality is evoked by the fiery enthusiasm of the Sagittarian Moon . Our emotions and our spirituality are tested as we tread the path, ever pursuing new insights.


      The Moon opposes Jupiter at 4:36 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm aligns with wisdom. This influence supports the blending of heart and mind. We have the opportunity to create new forms of human interchange geared towards the Aquarian Age. This aspect stimulates the presence of love in the form.


      The Moon in Sagittarius goes void at 4:36 AM.

      It is time to relax and get involved in dreamwork. Meditation, prayer and sacred ceremony are recommended.


      Vulcan conjoins Vega at 4:28 AM.

      This star is linked with Canopus and symbolises the charisma and magic of Orpheus' Lyre or as the sacred and charismatic Egyptian goddess Maat. Attuning to the energies of this star inspires magic and wonder in our being. It opens our hearts to the realm of the Sacred, the creative and the magical.


      The Moon is inconjunct Venus at 5:38 AM.

      This influence can bring great insight into the world of matter. The Fifth and Fourth Rays combine, focusing our minds and refining our personality so that it is more attuned to our Soul-purpose. We are able to blend opposing forces with naturalness and fluidity.


      The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:21 AM


      The Capricorn Moon brings a bit more of the Earth element in the fiery and airy energies of today.

      The power of the material world to control our motivations diminishes as we become less materially preoccupied and we begin to feel the simplicity of pure Spirit. Our inner life more becomes passionate and as we learn to heal our emotions, we feel more alive and joyful. We have less need for attention or to have our ego stroked. We are finding that we do not need so many ‘things’ to bolster our identity.

      With this frame of mind, we begin to structure our resources so that they may be used for group purpose. We are beginning to develop a new identity geared towards Unity and World Service.


      Vulcan conjoins Canopus at 10:01 AM.

      Vulcan creates the need to penetrate through our material existence. through the use of matter and form. Our Soul aspiration is the desire to gain experience, wisdom and evolutionary unfoldment in the world of form. When we are collectively unskilled or unwise use of the form nature or our physical life we has led to planetary imbalance and the destruction of the environment.

      Our collective, internal war with ourselves has come from unresolved dualities and dissociative tendencies in the personality. This condition has often been externalised in the form of wars and conflicts in the physical world. Here the form nature or matter has been used against humankind itself.

      In order to make matter work for us in a maximum efficient way, we learning to develop the wisdom to shape the tools necessary for the externalisation of Love in the outer world. The ultimate result is Heaven on Earth. This is the Will of Our Father in Heaven or Logos. Vulcan is a channel for this Ray of Divine Will in our solar system.

      The fixed star Canopus is known as the path finder because it shows the way to Sirius. This symbolic in itself because the star system of Sirius is a cosmic source of Ray Two energy or Love-Wisdom.

      Canopus is a beacon in the southern sky and thought by the ancients to symbolise the great path finder. It also symbolises a beacon in our aspirations because it serves to light Way as we tread the Path.

      We are finding that the foundation of our Soul-aspirations is based on Divine Love for that is the way to Unity(see The Law of One or email to get it).

      The star is Still used today by NASA for navigational purposes. When active in a chart, indicates an individual who finds new ways and methods of doing things.

      As above so below.

      Om Shantih Om

      We are learning to bring in the Energy of Divine Will and apply it creatively in our lives. In order to use this energy we must first learn to integrate our emotions and live a balanced life.


      The Moon conjoins the South Node at 8:50 PM.

      Living in the past forces us to carry our past burdens along with us, making our present life heavier than it needs to be. Tolerating failure in ourselves is healthy and gives us the chance to have love and compassion for our strengths and our weaknesses. We are called upon to let go of self righteousness and judgmental attitudes.


      The Sun is inconjunct Pluto at 10:21 PM.

      This is a very powerful combination of First and Second Ray energy, providing a constant opportunity for the renewal of Love in the outer life.

      Crises of re-orientation lead to the right use of will. This is part of the Path and part of our ongoing alignment with Soul-purpose. The sooner we let go of limiting emotions and attitudes, the sooner we can unlock the creativity and magic in our being. We are then able to serve as a healers in our community and produce catalytic changes in our environment.


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