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PLW Newsletter - March 2009

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      Robert Rabbin has a new eBook!
      SOUND BITES FROM SILENCE - Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness

      Special Announcement - Sandie will be appearing on an exciting, new, FREE Teleseminar Series!

      CELEBRATING LIFE WITH OUR PETS by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway and Rev. Victor Fuhrman

      Don't miss the INSPIRED PARENTING RADIO SHOW Every Sunday on World Puja!

      MARCH's Crystal Star Oracle Reading

      Free Gifts for readers from PLW contributor Story Waters

      How to order your very own PERSONAL NUMEROLOGY REPORT: Discover the Secret Life and Hidden Potential of Your Child, Partner, Relative or Friend

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      PLW Newsletter - MARCH 2009

      In THIS MONTH'S Free Newsletter...

      Check out the New PLW MEETUP Site!
      Spring is springing... and so are the new projects!
      In addition to Sandie's new venture (see the column at the right), we want to tell you about an exciting new development in the world of PlanetLightworker.com...
      For some time, now, we have wanted to create a greater sense of community among the reader/authorship of PLW. This month, we announce the launch of a NEW social networking site that we're calling PLW MeetUp. This will, hopefully, become a place where everyone - readers, authors, editors, product vendors, service vendors, you name it - can gather and chat with one another. We hope you'll check it out, join in the fun, and help to make it a great resource!
      Warm wishes,
      Vara and Sandie

      Accelerate your conscious evolution,
      change your DNA, remember who you are
      and TRANSFORM your life with this
      FREE Teleclass series.

      on March 16th, 2009 at 5.00pm PST

      Owing to a move, Sandie's interview session was postponed a month. But you can hear her on March 16th at 5.00pm.
      Other guests in this transformative FREE INTERNET TELESEMINAR SERIES, which will be taking place over the next several weeks include such world-renowned masters, teachers and expertsas Professor Bruce Lipton, Andrew Cohen, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Steve & Barbara Rother, Jonathan Goldman, Meg Blackburn Losey, Robert Rabbin, PMH Atwater, and Lynn Andrews, to name just a few.
      You can find out more about the many leading-edge participants in this groundbreaking FREE series and register for notification of each speaker's presentations here...

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      This new eBook comprises 67 sound bites, verbal snapshots, on the theme of Silence, about which Robert writes in the Introduction:
      "One may wonder at the value of Silence. For me, it is everything. It is the goal of meditation, the very ground of existence. It is where I discovered my authentic self, where I learned what life is, where I learned what is worth wanting, where I developed my professional skills, where I learned how to listen, to be aware. It is where I learn about love and courage and freedom and self-expression. It is everything."
      This book, beautifully illustrated with full color nature pictures, is an original expression of the author's personal experiences and insights, whose background includes 40 years of study and practice in a variety of spiritual disciplines, including Zazen and Vipassana meditation, Kundalini yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta, and self-inquiry.
      This book has something for everyone, wherever they may be on the journey to self-knowing. As the author writes, "I knew that this Silence would show me how to live, moment to moment, nothing fixed, nothing certain, always changing. This realization of the nature and power of Silence happened all at once, and yet the 'how to' of living an engaged, dynamic, creative life from within Silence continues to deepen and ripen, as if Silence has become my personal tour guide of an ever-expanding universe of creative and expressive potential and possibility."

      Scouting Reports From the Frontier Of Consciousness

      This eBook is available
      exclusively in the Store at www.robertrabbin.com.

      Robert Rabbin's new eBook!

      Sound Bites From Silence


      IN MY YOUTH, my brother Bob, 7 years my senior, endured the task of babysitting me when our parents went out for the evening. Given the instructions to make sure I ate my dinner, he once chased me upstairs and under the bed where I hid from the dreaded canned peas which were part of my meal. Just following "orders" Bob tried to force me to eat the loathsome vegetables. We ended these donnybrooks in a standoff, and often stomped to our respective corners of the house to brood our positions. Bob also humored me by watching scary movies with me. When I'd get frightened by the Creature from the Black Lagoon or other such black and white horror films, he'd attempt to inject reality (to the extent a 6 year old could grasp reality), by pointing out that the images I saw on our Magnavox console TV were just dots of light projected on a screen - they weren't real, and of course, there was nothing to fear.

      Now, I'm 50 years old. My brother's direct but insightful and ultimately poignant lesson, still reminds me that life can indeed appear scary, but we must step back and recognize the source. By exposing the illusion, we vanquish the perception of fear
      In motivational speeches, I've heard it said that "the strongest steel comes from the hottest flame." Expanding on that, we know our strength derives from the intensity of our challenges and our creativity and capability to overcome them. The "dots on the screen" appearing as problems or mires of circumstance, remain open to interpretation, and ultimately, a reality check.
      When we take a moment to step back, as adults, and see our situation for what it is, rather than how it appears separate from us, we see that in its granular form, the adversity lacks substance. In fact, what we see and experience, in full vision, effect and surround-sound, is merely a projection of our deepest fears, not reality. When we learn to interpret our experiences as a learning opportunity for greater growth, we resume our power in the present moment and turn off stark illusions.
      Cover Your Eyes!
      Ok, I admit it. When I'm watching a horror flick on my own DVD player, I'm tempted to hit fast-forward. (When VCRs first came out [I dating myself - I told you I'm 50!], I naively pressed the "pause" button when the action was unbearable. Realizing that didn't work, I figured fast-forward was the better option.) Particularly lengthy and gruesome scenes with slow motion effects to dramatize the anguish, often receive my threat of "I'm zooming past this now," to fellow viewers in my living room. And, as always, I'm met with detractions and contradictions, so I just cover my eyes. Unable to resist the adrenaline rush, I playfully peek through my fingers to see if its really that bad. Usually, it is, so I continue my own drama and suffer through my urge to hit the button on the remote.
      In life, we cover our eyes and ignore our reality more often that we care to admit. Hoping, like ignoring a yellow-jacket wasp, our troubles will go away if we pay no attention. While sometimes this does work, however, I'm a proponent of giving energy to what I do want in my life, not to what I don't want! But, like a toothache that never improves, when you ignore uncomfortable situations, most of life's little bumps need a reality check. Peeking at them from time to time, trying to outlast the discomfort, doesn't deny their truth.
      The Thrill In the Chill
      Oh, go ahead, scream! You rent the movie, watch it on TV, or drive yourself to the theatre to deliberately view a scary show. Sure, it's a series of dots projected onto a screen, but hey, you paid good money to get scared out of your wits. So, letterrip and let out a blood-curdling eeek!
      We take on life the same way. We deliberately put ourselves in situations in our own homes and relationships, or we seek fear outside of ourselves, which we fully know will give us a roller-coaster of emotions and anxiety. Don't try to deny it - we all do it from time to time.
      You are the director of the movie of your life. You cast yourself in various roles throughout your time on earth. You produce it, direct it and even edit out the parts you don't like. And then you project all of who you are, out there for the world to see. You, too, are dots on the screen, befuddled by the energy you bought into your illusion when you picked up the camera of life.
      If everything in our lives is an illusion, there is nothing to fear and nothing to expect. The breadth of what you observe and experience is open to interpretation, larger than life itself. You can choose to watch it in widescreen or peek through the fingers of your own limitations. But whatever you do, know that the movie of your life is just a projection of dots onto a screen that you, yourself created. I still watch scary movies, and life comes at me in full color and effect, but I remember the illusion and know that there's really nothing to fear at all.
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      Now, Story and Lee are offering PLW readers the chance to experience both Story's The Messiah Seed  book plus two of their audio channels entirely for free! The two channels are entitled 'Receiving the gift of yourself' and 'The Embodiment of Freedom' and they are powerful and healing recordings.

      There is no obligation - all you need do is visit this special webpage to receive the gifts:   http://www.limitlessness.com/downloadgifts.cfm

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      How much more harmonious would your relationships be if you truly understood what makes your loved ones tick?

      CNE's NUMEROLOGY REPORT provides a DETAILED, IN-DEPTH 56-PAGE DOCUMENT based on the birth name, current name and birth date of any individual of your choice. Find out everything you want to know about the true nature of your child, partner, relative or friend, along with their innate strengths, weaknesses and future potential?

      This valuable in-depth 56-page report will reveal everything you need to know to fully comprehend their Personality and life potential, including their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Intuitive Planes of Expression, their Subconscious Self, their Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Hidden Passion and Karmic Lessons, as well as the years of their major Pinnacles and Challenges.

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      & THE MEDIA?


      When renowned channel and international seminar leader Steve Rother wanted to write and self-publish his first book he hired CNE & PLW PUBLISHER & EDITOR IN CHIEF, Sandie Sedgbeer as his writing coach/mentor, editor and publishing consultant. Today, Steve has five books in print in 13 different languages (which automatically results in opening up new audiences for his seminars) and four more in the pipeline.
      Carol Holaday always wanted to be an author. Her dream came true when Sandie advised Carol that she already had all the material she needed for a unique book in her magical crafts workshops. After coaching Carol from start to finish, and then editing the manuscript herself, Sandie sold the book to the first publisher she approached. Carol's book is published this month (see the banner ad in the left hand column).
      Judy Julin thought she was writing a book for the business market - until Sandie Sedgbeer saw the potential for capturing a much broader audience with a change of focus and title. The result is a captivating, true-life, inspirational human interest story that not only got snapped up by a mainstream publisher once Sandie got involved; but is now being looked at by a Hollywood director who would like to turn it into a movie!
      And that's just a few of the many books now in print that owe their success to the knowledge and expertise of Sandie Sedgbeer.


      When 21st Century Vitamins needed to update their image with a friendly yet professinal new website, they hired Sandie Sedgbeer and Justin Harrison, one of Sandie's highly talented expert team of software programmers and web developers, to manage and complete the task.
      When Swiss Company, Laboratoire Medosan, wanted to create a 100% natural Swiss beauty solutions catalogue and direct marketing campaign with a difference, Sandie Sedgbeer was their first choice as editorial/marketing/publish-
      ing consultant.


      When British Company Goldshield Healthcare needed a specialist consultant with the aptitude and expertise required for the highly specialized requirement of a highly creative, solutions-oriented editorial, marketing and communications specialist who also had in-depth knowledge in nutritional medicine and natural health-related products, they turned to Sandie Sedgbeer to help identify and spearhead innovative new methods of communication and develop their business... Today, Goldshield Healthcare, part of Goldshield Group PLC (a multi-national publicly listed pharmaceutical and consumer health company) is the UK's premier supplier of nutritional supplements and health products.

      And That's Just The Beginning...

      That's only a very small sample of what Sandie has done for small and large companies and individuals - and is now ready to do for the conscious community too!
      Whatever the objective, Sandie's never at a loss for a creative and effective solution. Her consultancy services have benefited large corporations, medium-size companies and individual one-man-businesses and authors around the world. To find out what YOU could achieve with the advantage of her 30+ years of writing, marketing, publishing, media knowledge and expertise to guide you, send an Email briefly outlining YOUR dream to:

      sandra (at) sandrasedgbeer (dot) com

      NOTE: When copying and pasting this email address into a new Email form, don't forget to remove the parentheses and close up all the spaces to create a viable email address.
      Hosted by Sandra Sedgbeer

      About The Show
      Today's children face far more challenges than we did as kids. From our governments to our boardrooms to our health services, corruption, mismanagement and carelessness are rampant in the world today. As someone once said, if we truly want to see change in the world, it has to start with us. If we are truly committed to becoming the best humans we can possibly be and the best stewards of our beautiful planet, it has to start with the way we nurture, raise, and educate our children. And it has to start NOW!

      World Puja and the Inspired Parenting Show are on a mission to educate the hearts of our children so that there is no more war, no more exclusion, no more hatred or intolerance in our world.
      Each week, starting in June, the Inspired Parenting Show will bring together an entertaining and eclectic mix of guests from celebrity parents to experts from the diverse fields of science, psychology, sociology, education, health, nutrition, and metaphysics, to discuss their findings, experience and insights, and offer their strategies, tips and tools to assist our children in achieving their full potential as kind, confident, resourceful, loving, inclusive, emotionally intelligent human beings who have respect compassion and love for our planet, and all sentient beings.
      Celebrity moms Jenny McCarthy, Alison Sweeney, Lauren Holly and Kristen Stills tell us how they juggle their various careers with the demands of being a parent, plus leading child development and parenting experts give us the low down on why such qualities as resilience, compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence are now regarded as being far more important than IQ in predicting a child's future happiness and success in life and relationships.

      "CosmiKids' Inspired Parenting"
      airs every Sunday on the World Puja
      internet broadcasting system.

      10:00am Pacific / 1:00pm Eastern time
      and again at
      5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern time
      or you can listen to the archives
      24 hours a day.

      On WorldPuja
      Sunday, February 1st
      ALEXANDRA "ALLIE" GOLON: Raising Topsy-Turvy Kids - Successfully Parenting Your Visual-Spatial Child. To find out more click here.
      Sunday, February 8th
      SHEVA CARR: Raising Calmer, Healthier, More Resilient and Emotionally Intelligent Children with HeartMath®. To find out more click here.
      Sunday, February 15th
      NICOLE CLARK: Children and Self-Esteem. To find out more click here.
      Sunday, February 22nd
      JONATHAN GOLDMAN & ANDI GOLDMAN: The Power of Sound and its Applications in Parenting.
      To find out more click here.
      Crystal Star Oracle
      MARCH 2009
      A PLW Exclusive!


      Area of Responsibility Card: 2nd House - self-esteem, security, survival, possessions and earnings
      Planetary Influence Card:
      Pluto - death, renewal, transformation, setbacks, challenges
      Astrological Influence Card:
      - security, stability, abundance, sensuality, dependability
      Color Therapy Card: Green - Love, self-love, trust, inner healing, forgiveness
      Crystal Energies:
      Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Turquoise

      Crystal Star Oracle

      We are certainly in a time of change and challenge and the Crystal Star Oracle cards for March seem to reflect some of the energy that is surrounding the world at this time. People in many countries are struggling with financial instability and rising debt. The transformations brought about by Pluto energy have a very clear effect on our security and the 2nd House card and the Taurus card indicate that these shifts can affect our ability to work and earn a living.

      But experiencing tough times doesn't have to be all bad. Changes and setbacks often cause people to pull together and cause everyone to become more creative and resourceful. Challenges help us to stretch our ability to cope and help us find new and better ways to live. The Taurus card also says that if we keep our heads and use some caution and restraint we can do a lot to maintain a sense of security and stability in a chaotic environment.

      There are lots of things we can all do to cut back a bit and save without suffering greatly. If you are feeling the crunch March is a good time to sit down and look over your budget for a few little things you can cut out or cut down on. Maybe you and your family can agree to keep those extra lights turned off, close the AC and heating vents to rooms that are hardly ever used, and turn of the TV, computer, space heater, fans, and other appliances when you are out of the room or out of the house.

      You might consider cutting back a bit on family entertainment expenses by planning some family fun at home with activities such as movie and popcorn night or old fashioned game night with cards, and/or board, games. Not only will you save money, but the increased personal interaction that such activities provide can help build better family relationships. Often it is the little things that you do that can make a difference in how comfortable your budget will be.

      The stones and color for March will be great to wear, use and carry as you work to create a better and more stable environment for yourself and your family.

      Green is the color of the leaves on the trees and plants and is representative of abundance, prosperity, love and healing. The energy of Green will help you to boost your love of yourself, others, and the Earth. It will also assist you in remaining aware of all the bounty that you receive each and every day. Bring some Green into your wardrobe and your home environment. Maybe it's time to pull out your favorite old Green jacket or throw a fresh Green tablecloth on the dining table. Some new green plants around your home can bring in a feeling of renewal and abundance. You can even toss a Green scarf over a lampshade or put in a Green light bulb. The healing vibration of Green will help you to forgive old hurts, and enable you to see just about every situation from a standpoint of unconditional love.

      Lapis Lazuli is an ancient and beloved stone of the Egyptians, who revered it for its abilities to enhance psychic power, clear discordant energy and induce a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perfection. Wear or carry a piece of Lapis Lazuli on your person this month so you can touch it whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed. The deep blue of Lapis Lazuli will not only remind you of your perfect self and the blueprint you have created for your future; it will also provide you with sacred subconscious knowledge to assist you in doing the things that will heal and uplift you.

      The energy of deep, dark, blue and white Sodalite will help you to make practical sense of your spiritual connection with all beings. Sodalite is a stone of rational thinking and clarity. Some may think that is not very spiritual, but it is indeed very spiritual to be able to see things as they are in three-dimensional reality and still remain connected to our spiritual foundations. So - find a piece that you can carry in your pocket or place on your desk at work. The grounded energy of Sodalite will assist you in accessing sacred wisdom and will also help you to find creative ways to generate unity and cooperation around you.

      Locate a piece of lovely blue-green Turquoise to help you become attuned to your own needs this month. Turquoise is believed by many Native Americans to connect Mother Earth to Father Sky. It assists you in bridging the gap between the three dimensional world and the upper dimensions. Wear this one near your heart if at all possible, as this stone offers very powerful healing and brings forth understandings about the deepest inner self that have been hidden in the past. Turquoise will provide for peaceful healing of your spirit, clearing and alignment of your body's energy systems, and development of your psychic power. Carrying this stone near your heart will assist you in remaining grounded while attuning you to higher vibrations. It is a master healing stone of shamans and will bring you powerful healing, too.

      Even in times of uncertainty and financial stress you can still take care of yourself by cutting back in little ways that save money but don't bite too deeply into your comfort zone. Also, by looking for ways to spend more quality time with loved ones in home-based interactions you may turn some current challenges you face into opportunities to use your creativity, live more comfortably, and deepen close relationships.

      Visit my website at www.wisdomcrystals.com/ to find out about my new book, Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting your Heart's Desire through Creative Projects, to be published by Findhorn Press in 2009. You may also contact me directly at Joysprite@....

      © 2009 Crystal Star Oracle Reading by Carol Holaday


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