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The Only Things We Take With Us ~ A Dream of the Future

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      Our Newsletter is exclusively available to those who join Center of the SUN Newsletter mailing list.
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      Center of the Sun - EQUINOX ISSUE 2009
      The Only Things We Take With Us~ A Dream About Our Future World

      Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona, AZ 86339 ~ Ph: 928-282-6292 ~ www.AlunaJoy.com  ~ Email: aluna@...  
      COPYRIGHT © 2009... Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this newsletter on the condition
      that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

      I thought I was done with sending out newsletters for this month until after this year's Solar Wave and our trip to the Maya lands, but I should have known better. I had an amazing dream the other night. This was the night that the green comet was closest to the Earth. It was apparent that I needed to share the dream immediately. Spirit is not always practical, and my ol' buddies, The Star Elders, never understand my very important TO DO list and all the things I need to finish up before I can leave for one of our pilgrimages. When you read this article entitled "The only things we take with us", you will all understand why this is so.


      The Only Things We Take With Us
      Aluna Joy - February 2009

      I don't know what is going on lately, but this I know for sure . . . the dream world is getting really wild. I have to admit that I have had a lot of outrageous dreams lately. I know a lot of you out there have had some pretty crazy things going on at night also. I have to admit that we all have to think a moment to decide if we are going to share what we have been dreaming about. Thoughts pop into our heads such as "What will other people think?", "Will this affect my credibility as a visionary?" or "Will people start to question my sanity as a human being?" But one thing is quite clear to me . . . we really are in insane times, and the norm is not the norm anymore.

      In my last article, I shared my very old dream about the shift and the
      glowing green star that I had while I was still living in Mt. Shasta. I was shocked at how many people wrote me saying that they had similar dreams in the past, and some even recently. I know this dream was about helping us with our orientation during a planetary shift. I don't know why it took me so long to share the dream. Maybe it had to do with the fact that all the words in the world would not really describe the dream properly. I know one thing for sure . . . I do remember the energy of that day in the dream precisely, and I will recognize it the moment that it arrives on this planet. I could not forget it. It would be like forgetting what a rose smells like, or knowing how chocolate melts in your mouth.

      As soon as I shared this dream, I had another dream the very next night that was equally, if not more powerful, vivid and absolutely lucid. The fact is I don't believe that I was even fully asleep. This new dream was not about what happens during the shift. It was about what it would feel like after we arrived to the other side.

      Over the years, the Star Elders have shared things with me regarding what we will take with us through shifts of the ages. The one most important thing that we will take with us is the love that we hold in our hearts. They showed me that love is eternal, multi-dimensional and, most of all, unquenchable. The other things we can take with us through shifted ages are truths, or teachings based on truth, that transcend time, space and dimension. Yet the Star Elders have shared over and over again that nearly 100% of our memory will not survive a shift of the ages simply because we could very easily re-create the same problems. The ironic fact here is that when we finally make our ascension, we will be in kindergarten in the next reality. I never really thought about how impacting these things would be on me and others . . . until the other night.

      I guess I would call the dream the "stairway to heaven dream". In this dream, I woke up in an entirely different environment. I had nearly complete and total amnesia. The fact that I knew I had amnesia in the first place would be a type of memory, however faint and small. The fact was that I had been suddenly shifted into a new age, and this fact was unbelievably disorienting in every way possible, and I was quite petrified. I could feel a bit of nausea caused by the adjustment to the new energy. The shift of environment was very sudden, and the very atmosphere had a strange, unique but yet familiar feeling. Now I remind you . . . I don't really know if I was asleep or not. All I know is that I didn't know who I was, where I was, or anything else.

      There were several beings around me that looked just like you and I, yet I don't recall if they ever spoke to me out loud. Everything I understood apparently came to me telepathically. It was night here, and these beings were resting. One of the beings was holding me like a baby. One of first things I felt was their lack of boundaries. There was no separation between them, and nor did they consider any separation between me and them. Everything seemed to merge into a simple, uncomplicated oneness. I felt so transparent to them. It reminded me so powerfully of how separate we all still feel from each other. This oneness made me uncomfortable at the time, yet they continued to care for me.

      In this dream, I could not sleep. So I laid there in the darkness with my mind full of confusion and disorientation, because I didn't know where I was, or how I had gotten there (Some Maya Elder's believe the shift of the ages will come through a short cycle of total darkness). I guess if I had been asleep, it would have felt less disorienting. Once I had gotten my fear under control, I realized that the new environment was not that bad at all. In fact, it was quite nice and comforting. It was simply different than the surroundings that I had been in when I went to sleep in Sedona, Arizona.

      As the sun began to rise up, I could actually see where I was. There were at least three beings living in this house that I found myself in. It was very similar to the houses that we live in today, but I noticed that there was a complete and total lack of technology. The house was built out of all natural-looking materials; like lots of wood and stone. I had a weird distant memory of breakfast, but I didn't see a kitchen, and I wondered if they ate food.

      There were huge windows overlooking an indescribably beautiful and vast canyon. There were trees that looked like they were from the pine family. There was a little snow on the rocks, so I assumed that it must be winter. It felt like we were the only people left on Earth, but inside of me I knew that this was not true. The energy of the Earth was completely uncomplicated and extremely clear, and the PEACE was unlike anything that I had ever felt.

      The Ones whose home I was in were beginning to awaken. I could feel that their minds were completely in the present moment. It didn't seem like there was a schedule for the day, or a job to go to. Everything was done very naturally and organically. Some how I knew that there was no government or laws to adhere to, because when you are awakened, there is no need for them.

      I was transfixed by the view out the window. It was like I wanted to memorize everything. I wanted to remember how it looked and felt. As it got brighter outside, I hoped to see other buildings, homes and people . . . but I didn't . . . but I knew they were out there somewhere. I was spellbound by the incredible beauty. It was like I was looking at Shangri-La laid out in front of me.

      Once the other ones were fully awake and moving about, they became aware of my concerns. I didn't know who I was, how I had gotten there, and I had to admit that I was a little bit embarrassed, since I felt like I was intruding on their space. Intrusion was not something that they understood at all. It appeared that they were not waiting for me to arrive, but yet they were completely open to the fact that I had. They simply took care of me like I had been there all along. There was an unconditional love between them that did not need to be discussed, analyzed, or understood. It was simply taken as a fact of life. It was a like breathing to them.

      It was the lack of planning, or thinking about the future, that really blew me away. It made me realize that every time we are out in the future that it is actually a form of fear. Also, there were no patterns or mechanistic behaviors . . . like having a habitual breakfast for instance. I began to realize that all patterns are based in memory, and memory did not survive here; not the kind of memory that we are used to that is.

      As I thought of questions in my mind, I got the answers telepathically from the others. I learned quickly that there was no need for a monetary system, since they all knew how to manifest anything and everything that they needed in each moment. I knew that I would learn to do this. Again, this was their telepathy reassuring my concerns.

      I looked around the room that I was in, and I saw what appeared to be a bookshelf. I went over to look at what was there. I recognized a book on Mayan Cosmology and teachings of the Solar Races. My caretakers were quite excited at the fact that I actually understood what this was. I said "OH YES", and opened up the book and explained things to them that they already knew. Yep, it was an embarrassing moment to think that I knew something that they did not. They felt happy, and they seemed to relax now that I knew about something that they did. This knowledge created a bridge between these peaceful beings and myself. They said it was my constant.

      Looking back on this part of the dream, I now realize that this is one of the truths that the Star Elders said would pass through shifts of ages. This is one of the truths that I would recognize of course because of my years and years of paying attention to Maya cosmology, and spending so much time in the areas where solar races were anchored (Maya, Inca, Egyptian etc…). The teachings of the Solar Races, and what we might call Mayan Astrology, were my constant. These truths acted as a bridge between the old world that I just left and the new world that I had just arrived in. My constant gave me safe foothold into the new world.

      Then without speaking out loud, the ones in this house, my caretakers, shared with me that each person would have their own unique constant. This constant would be a truth that was alive inside of them. It would be the same truth in both worlds . . . the world that they had left and the world that they had just entered. They may not know that they have this truth, but they assured me that everyone does. Most of the time, this constant is something that we take for granted. This constant acts as a landing spot, an anchor and an orientation point for entering this next age. We will each have our orientation point . . . our constant. I noticed once I understood this that I did not feel uncomfortable anymore and that I had an incredible sense of peace . . . present peace. What little memory I retained from the old world was fading very quickly.

      Then my mind went to my partner, Raphael, and my loved ones and extended family. Immediately my caretakers told me that we would never be separated, because we had love and a constant truth between us. The sun was fully up by now. It was a new SUN in a new world. I could feel that I was becoming excited by the idea of exploring this new beautiful world that I just entered. I knew I would find my dear Raphael, and the ones I hold so dear in my heart. The house, my landing pad so to speak, was feeling more like a cocoon of which I was emerging, rather than a house. As I headed for the door to embark on my exhilarating new exploration, I woke up.

      When I woke up (at least I think I did), I woke up in my own bedroom here in Sedona, Arizona. For a few moments I still did not know where I was, who I was, or how I had gotten there . . . But I I had a deep feeling that I would be okay. But I have to admit, it still felt very, very strange. My little dog Bella jumped up on the bed and gave me a kiss and anchored me. I knew where I was. I was back home.

      As soon as I was oriented back in this world, I shared the dream with my partner Raphael. I cannot tell you how incredibly different this dream was from the usual wild stuff I dream about. I wanted to speak it out loud so I would not forget it. It was so lucid that it really felt real. I mean really real. Then I remembered that I had just shared the dream about the shifting, and the
      green star that I had nearly 20 years earlier. I thought it was synchronistic that I would then dream about the experience of how the new world would actually feel like when we got there.

      After a couple days, the dream became clearer to me. I realized that there are no bags to pack, no money or food to hoard, no preparations to be made for the coming shift. The shift will come when we least expect it. It will be upon us without even a nano second to look back at what we are leaving behind. The only thing we take with us is our truth, and the love we hold in our hearts for our brothers and sisters.

      So my friends, my advice to you is this . . . Love your family and friends fiercely, and hold passionately to the truth that you have inside of you. And remember . . . when you get to the other side, it is going to be okay, and there is someone there waiting to take care of you. I just hope they still have chocolate :)

      Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: www.AlunaJoy.com E-mail: alunajoy@...

      Copyright © 2009 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Center of the SUN - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA www.AlunaJoy.com

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