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Carrie Hart: What Now - I Am ((3/1/2009)

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    Sunday, March 1, 2009   Dear Friends, I have a few fun things to tell you before we get to this week s message.   My Show Last Week         I am
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      Sunday, March 1, 2009


      Dear Friends,

      I have a few fun things to tell you before we get to this week's message.


      My Show Last Week        

      I am thrilled to report that my one-woman show, Courage of the Creative Spirit, was a great success.  Here's some of the feedback:

      "Excellent, informative, uplifting and, most importantly, entertaining!"

       "I LOVED it!"

       "It was marvelous.  We really enjoyed it--and learned so much too."

      "Absolutely fabulous!  A trip through musical history that left me enthused, informed and sky high!"


      Isn't that fun?  Isn't that just great? 


      So, if you have an organization looking for a new fund-raising idea or just a "marvelous, fabulous, entertaining" event, please consider my show.  Just go to www.carriehart.com to learn more and contact me about booking a show.


      A Free Telecall for Writers and Would-be Writers

      I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sarah Sloboda, an excellent photographer and writer, who is offering a free call to help you find and express your voice,   "True Voice: How to Begin to Hear it."  Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009, 7 PM EST, Dial-In #: 1-712-432-3000, Bridge: 697732


      Finding your authentic voice is the challenge--and the wonder--of great writing, so let's find out how Sarah is going to lead us down that path to true integrity.


      The Cat Adventures Continue

      It has been so much fun--and so enlightening--to work with Karen Nowak, the Animal Communicator extraordinaire.  This week we got a glimpse into the sweet, pure and loving soul of Bob, our shyest cat.  Please read his interview on http://freedomreinsllc.com/blog/ to be deeply touched by his loving presence and understand why we now recognize him as the spiritual center of our home. 


      In case you missed them, the interviews with Oscar, Sara and Bernard are out on Karen's blog archives.  And photos of all the cats are on http://www.quado.com/photo_gallery.htm .



      I am finally on Facebook.  My apologies to those of you who requested a connection with me before I was ready--please try again, and I will be pleased to accept your invitation to be friends.


      And now, our message for this week:


      Sunday, March 1, 2009

      What Now?  I Am.


      See yourself now standing on a mountaintop.  The wind is strong and blowing right at you, whipping your clothes and hair.  And yet, you find that you can stand.  And as you open yourself to it, you feel yourself beginning to expand.  You feel lighter and brighter as a glow begins to spread outward from you, a glow that is actually made stronger by the winds of change, a glow that is fed off change.


      You let that breeze blow through you, clearing away the cobwebs of old ideas, habits and ways of being.  You let it blow right through you, picking up your fear like so much dust and blowing it away.  You feel the bracing freedom of newness as you reach out to the hands of others who are facing the newness with you.


      Yes, it is time to become a new person, a person that thrives on change and the unknown, someone at home in mystery, someone who needs only to know what step should be taken now, but does not demand any knowledge of the steps to follow, nor the ultimate destination.


      Walk now into the greatest faith of all, the faith that asks only, what now?  That is the only question for which you need an answer.  What now?


      And for this, listen to your own answers.  Do not to expect others to tell you.  It is your answer, and you are fully capable of reaching it.  Ask it:  what now?  And an answer will come.  Then follow.


      And as you do this, your light will grow brighter and brighter and you will expand wider and wider.  You will glow so brightly that the darkness of fear and doubt cannot find a home within you.  Your wind will blow so strongly that dusty old ways of thinking and being disappear.  You will be like a tornado, a spiral of power that swirls around and around and reaches up and up, down and down, endless and eternal.  This is what you are, who you are.


      And so ask yourself:  What now?  And the ultimate answer comes:  I am.  Take these two within you and allow them to circle and cycle deeper and deeper, higher and higher, wider and wider.  Expand through them.  The question and the answer, all one, all the same, all now, now.


      For the answer is always the same and always within you:  to be, to be what you are, to find the ultimate expression of all of your dimensions, to expand into who you are, to let this lifetime, this precious time on earth, be the fullest possible expression of yourself in all ways, so that everything you do becomes an action with deep integrity, as it resonates in your body and your mind, all one, all in harmony, all in balance, all fully expressed as the great wind is fully expressed simply by being.  So are you fully expressed in the blowing wind and shining light of your being, the blow and the wonder of who you are.


      What now?  I am.



      Remember that there are many resources available to you on www.quado.com.  You may download transformational meditations; you may also book a private session to lift you up into your soul power and see yourself shine in all your wonder.


      I am sending you my love and caring.  I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light. 


      Love & peace,




      www.quado.com  for spiritual messages, meditations and readings

      www.carriehart.com  for music and poetry

      www.PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com  to intuitively select your power animal

      www.TwinkleofanEye.com for a transformational retreat in Maui

      Email:  carriehart@...


      * * *



      This newsletter is distributed free of charge.  You may subscribe on www.quado.com .  


      Copyright 2009 by Systematique.  All rights reserved.

      Carrie Hart

      P.O. Box 4411
      Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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