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  • Triaka Smith
    ... From: Triaka Smith Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 3:18 PM To: Triaka@webtv.net Subject: THE GOOD NEWS Aloha! The good news is the birth of a new
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      From: Triaka Smith
      Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 3:18 PM
      To: Triaka@...
      Subject: THE GOOD NEWS

      The good news is the birth of a new enlightened and cooperative era on earth. 

      This is an era when CREATIVE THINKING is encouraged and self-improvement is  advanced in a global society of Pre-eminent Individuals of Freewill working creatively with the energy of Brilliant White Light, and with the entire human family well-served by the umbrella-like framework of the enlightened political cooperative known as The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uniteddiversity

      This is an era when human needs are pursued by enlightened systems of positive  collaboration of human minds rather than negative methods of compulsion.  The new era finally ends the unequal and unjust governmental bully practice of what is commonly described as "robbing Peter to pay Paul", a primitive act of initiating physical force on one to benefit another.

      This is an era when the universe is seen as a giant hologram, containing both matter and consciousness as a unified field of energy relating to the  evolution of every human being.  It is fundamental to shifting from the consciousness of separation with its attendant disempowering attitude of "not possible", to the empowering attitude of "can do".   In essence, it is the era when human minds are seen as having the capacity to deal CREATIVELY with all things in the material cosmos.

      Some respected scientists - David Bohm and Karl Pribam among them - explain that the human mind interacts with, and influences solid matter This coincides with spiritual teachings of cosmic laws, mostly by indigenous people, that the mind universally dominates matter and serves as the cosmic instrument that creates our reality.  It is said that our universe may be like a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least  in  part, by human minds both consciously, as in group visualizations, prayers, meditations and affirmations, as well as subconsciously where our strongest beliefs are held firm. 

      Scientific evidence is increasing that whatever we truly believe, we achieve, and the new era is the time for its conscious manifestation.

      This way of looking at the world, scientists say, explains such occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body, near-death and other-lives experiences, psychokenesis and lucid dreams, along with feelings of cosmic unity or oneness with all-that-is.  It's an advanced society, visualized, coordinated and sustained by enlightened people.

      There is also scientific evidence suggesting that all things in our world are images of a reality literally beyond both space and time, indicating the human mind can even accelerate time for various benefits such as instantaneous healing regardless of distance. 

      It's this kind of personal power that the new era brings, especially when exercised in unison as perceived in the cosmic law of Light Technology.  Based on the fact that our universe  provides crucial light particles from the sun, a real substance with weight and pressure for the growth of living things, two simple exercises are recommended.for the purpose of worldwide enlightenment: 

      Exercise #1 
      As frequently as possible, visualize loving, peaceful, harmonious interaction among all members of the human family enveloped in Brilliant White  Light.

      Exercise #2
      As frequently as possible, visualize the "World Cooperative" CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY in actual operation among all members of the human family enveloped in Brilliant White Light. 

      In the Spirit of Aloha,
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