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Colleen Joy: is your life going supernova

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  • Ash
    I have been through what this represents and while there is the pain of what implodes yet there is peace and joy with what explodes outwardly. That very act of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2009
      I have been through what this represents and while there is the pain of what implodes yet there is peace and joy with what explodes outwardly. That very act of creation. I imagine this is one of many ways to describe a shamanic death and rebirth though not limited to just that perspective. Namaste Shay
      One of the most violently destructive cosmic events is the death of a star. When a star goes Supernova it first collapses in on itself and then explodes, casting its torn body into the void of space. I’m sure that most of us can identify with life experiences that feel like supernovas – spectacular in their destructive impact. When an aspect of your life goes supernova – it is a dying experience. We feel as if we have been scattered to the void, lost entirely to the destruction and pain. Divorce, financial collapse, loss, change, health crises – these are our supernovas.

      The stars have guided ancient mariners, inspired great poets, dazzled lovers and comforted lonely hearts. But it is the supernova – the death of a star, which carries a very special insight for us. At first we may consider the death of a star to be a tragic event, but when we look deeper, we see that within every supernova is an opportunity.

      Every cell in your body, every known planet and galaxy, your entire physical existence is there because of stars that have given their lives to the universe. What looks at first to be one of the universe’s most violent and tragic events – the death of a star - is in fact the most creative act imaginable. Through dying, stars seed life. Death is the creative force behind the existence of the entire universe.

      Stars create the elements for life - they are creation factories. It is through their violent deaths that they literally seed creation. With their last breath, they give their blood to the universe and the shattered stars offer the elements needed to build planets, galaxies and universes.

      ·         What can your life’s supernovas seed?

      ·         What creative acts can the pain and destruction in your life begin?

      ·         What is being born in the heart of that which has died or is dying (careers, relationships, ways of life, the way you see yourself) in your life?

      It seems as if creation and destruction are truly sides to the same coin, a polarity that is inescapable in the physical universe. And even as too much yin becomes yang, destruction life experiences can provide the fuel to begin the creation of great things – not the least of which is a greater version of who you are.

      Instead of only seeing pain and destruction look for the seeds of life, the seeds that can birth new. Love your body in its service to your soul – be tender with yourself and others. Let your self grieve and feel.

      Then say “I'm going supernova!” and look for the potential to create anew. Dream, open your heart and trust that you have the seeds of new right here, right now. Look at the stars in the nights to come and let them show you how to make a brand new you!
      All my best,
      Colleen Joy

      This week's InnerLifeSkills workshop (on Wednesday) in Bryanston is on going Supernova - learn the tools to recreate your life from the inside out!
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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