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Fw: July 3

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Tuesday, July 3rd


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Sun’s position at 12 degrees Cancer brings us great insights into the powers of transmutation and the secrets of plants, minerals and metals in the physical world. Today can be considered to be alchemical on all levels. Alchemical means changing form or transmuting from one form to another( reference source: Franz Bardon, The practice of Magical Evocation).


      The Moon is inconjunct Vulcan at 6:40 AM.

      This influence always represents a challenge to the past and to the ways in which the Soul expresses itself in the world of form. The important test is one that requires us to become free of rigidity in thought, word and deed. This release always brings forth new opportunities for creative expression. It is important to be aware of our Soul-purpose in order to identify thoughtforms and attitudes that may be blocking our potential.


      The Moon opposes Rigel at 7:00 AM.

      To bring knowledge to others. These energies help us to understand the deeper aspects of transmutation and the purpose of change. We may receive insights on the creative use of the mind or we may become aware of attitudes that cause us difficulty and need to be transmuted into a more positive expression of our Soul-purpose. Becoming aware of our Soul-purpose is the most important step in our present spiritual unfolding.


      The Moon conjoins Mars at 7:16 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with love in action.

      This is not the easiset of combinations as we become aware of the need to release aspects of the past which hinder our orientation towards spiritual progress.

      The Answer is always in love. When the opportunity for World Service presents itself, we have the chance to put Divine Love into action by giving through our service. As we give so we receive.


      The Moon opposes Hades at 2:04 PM.

      Psychic and genetic encoding of family patterns relate to "ancestral ash" or primordial DNA strands. Our biological inheritance requires understanding and compassion. Learning to love ourselves and our faults encourages non-judgement and harmlessness(Ahimsa).

      This is primordial and ancient resonance and not the niceties of external form. Our essential self needs to have the right to be on its own terms.

      This naturalness of being can evoke great compassion, patience and healing.


      The Moon opposes Mercury at 5:53 PM.

      This a chance to attune to our higher purpose so that we can formulate ways of expressing our energy in the outer world. Through communication, emotional-depth work and affirmation, we are able to transmute apparent conflicts within ourselves and others into a new working synthesis.


      The Moon sextiles Uranus at 9:26 PM.

      The synthesising process picks up at the Seventh Ray give us keen perception into archetypes and how they can be translated into the world of form through order and organisation.

      This can happen on an individual level but it is more likely to happen on a group level. The intuition is strong and our skills in group endeavour are strengthened.


      The Moon conjoins Chiron at 10:10 PM

      Chiron aspecting the Moon requires us to understand our feelings from a spiritual-alchemical point of view. Feelings create an attitude and attitudes can lead to a destiny. Transmuting our negative feelings into positive inclusive ones can fundamentally change our habit-patterns, attitudes towards life and ultimately our destiny.


      Mars opposes Rigel at 10:35 PM.

      As Mars is conjunct Chiron, these aspects are happening at the same time. We must remember that Mars moves much more slowly and is still in retrograde motion. Retrograde Mars requires that we review our actions in the light of wisdom and commit to new resolutions and new actions regarding our evolutionary unfoldment and spiritual service or Dharma.

      Mars represents the male fiery element and the Male principle. Since Prometheus returned the power of fire to the human race, we have come a long way. We have taken ‘fire power’ to its ultimate end point by developing nuclear weaponry.

      As the keeper of fire, the consciousness of humanity is learning to keep pace with new technology. Chiron helps to make these adjustments so that humanity can realise the error of its ways and through the healing of the ancient ‘fight or flight’ encoding that is a remnant of our hunter-gatherer past.

      The male psyche is being transmuted into the in the sacred warrior archetype and Humanity is learning to create technologies that safeguard our home planet and bring us closer together in peace and cooperation.

      Separative ideologies and emotions need to be transmuted to inclusive, heart-centred feeling of Universal Love and compassion because they are more suited to the present paradigm.


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