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Fw: 11 Cancer The Angels of Mystical Initiation

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    ... From: Spiritus Sanctus To: Spiritus Sanctus Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 12:23 PM Subject: 11 Cancer The Angels of Mystical Initiation 11 degrees Cancer The
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      Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 12:23 PM
      Subject: 11 Cancer The Angels of Mystical Initiation

      11 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Mystical Initiation

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Horomor’


      At the appropriate time in the cycles, rhythms and vibrations of each child of God, an initiation from the Universe into higher consciousness is in order.

      All mystical initiations on the earth of this type are governed by us.

      We teach the children of God all mysteries of wisdom from the point of view of the universe.

      " As above, so below. "

      Change in consciousness occurs both ways, from the large to the small and from the small to the large, or, in other words, from the macrocosm to the microcosm and from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

      Initiation works both ways, from the inner to the outer and from the outer to the inner.


      In doing the meditations of the ancient language, in which the attention is placed in the solar plexus and the physical body is imagined as a vast universe swirling all around one,

      a child of God uses meditation to create changes in their own body, feelings, mind and will and through the law of correspondences the larger universe is likewise changed on these four levels.


      In Universal initiations, the opposite dynamic occurs. The vast macrocosmic universe creates changes in the smaller microcosm of the individual. This is usually done through a teacher who attunes to Universal Consciousness through the power of meditation and wills, or asks for, the transference of this consciousness onto the student.

      "Ask and ye shall receive."

      When a child of God goes through an initiation, the powerful FEELINGS of Universal Intelligence are transferred into the feelings of the initiate, and the initiate’s physical body is changed. Because the physical body has changed, the chemical make-up of the glandular system changes. These changes in the production of psychoactive mind-altering glandular secretions enable permanent changes on the levels of will, intellect, feeling, and form.




      H…We teach the power of the word, the ancient language known as Quaballah, and intitiate seekers into how to translate and use the work of divine Providence to fully understand symbols and use the ancient language.

      O…We evoke happy, successful situations in the physical world and we empower metaphysical masters.

      R…We command impeccable service. In exchange we confer highly astute discernment , ingenuity, and expand the mind to grasp and apply this information quickly and easily.

      O…We help develop high powers of judgment and initiate seekers to use the ancient language to manifest any emotional outcome and turn or twist of fate.

      M…As masters of the porcessing of emotions, we understand the change process.

      O…We bestow contentment and poise in this work.

      R…We empower our students to acquire deep inner guidance and a number of magical powers.’

      The musical notes of the letters of our name are A, C, C, C, D, C, and C.






      The 11th day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

      The Angels of Mystical Influence

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Ebvep’


      When Divine Providence ordains that it is necessary for a child of God to impress others in order to gain respect, we bring about powerful and mystical phenomena. These phenomena create fear and trembling in non-initiates who witness them.

      Similar to Moses, who was able to manifest a snake out of his wooden walking stick in order to impress Pharoah enough to "let his people go", so too there are times in the life of each child of God who is treading the path of perfection when measures of a magical nature must be taken in order to gain the necessary respect of others.

      Just as there are physical beings who inhabit the physical world, so are there emotional beings who inhabit the feeling world, intellectual beings who inhabit the mental world, and beings of intent who inhabit the world of will. The Angels of the Moon Sphere control the feeling world and all beings of the feeling world.

      The more powerful of these beings of the feeling world are capable of creating powerful magnetic feeling states that result in amazing and magical changes in matter.

      These beings are assigned to help the children of God who must impress others in order to gain respect when it is for the highest good of all concerned under the approval of Divine Providence.



      We teach those who contact us to manifest changes themselves through powerful feeling states and through the transference of these to others.

      Emotion is the magnetic power that changes matter and also changes the psycho-active chemical make-up of everyone involved. Emotion is combined with concentration on an idea or visual image with the intent to manifest it.

      "As above, so below."




      E…We unite normal consciousness with cosmic, universal consciousness.

      B…As masters of life and death, with the power to change fate, we teach wisdom about polarity and perception of universal life. Universal life indwells everything.

      V…We awaken magical powers, like clairsentience and the ability to concentrate.

      E…We confer high intuition, abilities to control the emotions of others, and and the ability to intensify any idea, image, etc. into physical creation.

      P…We inspire devoted humble service and longing for purification, in order to see the beauty of God and be empowered to birth new realities at will.’




      The musical notes of the letters of our name are D, A, G, D, and B.





      Correction: In the message for the 4th day of the 28 day Moon Cycle, The Angels of Protection, it should read; "

      That is why all but five of the 28 angel groups of the Moon Sphere have names that begin with the letter E, which represents the omnipresence of God in everything. The letter E is of the Akashic element, which is God-penetrating-all."






      Names or phrases in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quaballah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.

      Order these online at


      Previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language, and the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, can be found at:





      [For the Tibetan Exercise of Paradox, you may also email a request to

      spiritus@... ]





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