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U-AC Meditation 5

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  • Starlight
    Prepare for the meditation by lighting some candles, burning some incense... Find a beautiful crystal that you feel connected with… Take the crystal with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002

      Prepare for the meditation by lighting some candles, burning some incense... Find a beautiful crystal that you feel connected with� Take the crystal with you�

      Take your crystal into your left hand and start relaxing... breath in and out, very slowly... bring your breath as deep as possible into your belly�  breath in and hold 3 seconds, then breath out... do this again for 10 times� in (hold 1-2-3) and out� very slowly�

      Now tighten your feet, knees and legs and then relax again, do the same with your hips, your belly, your midriff, chest � first tighten, then relax� tighten your arms, then relax� your hands, fingers, shoulders, your vertebrae, spinal tap, neck� tighten all the muscles of your face (make a funny face) and then relax� especially relax your forehead, your forehead feels warm but also very lucid and clear� your whole body is relaxed now�

      Don't forget to breath... very slowly� in and out�

      Now focus on your crystal in your left hand... try to feel the energy, try to connect with it� visualize the crystal in front of you, very big, wide, tall... the crystal is like a door, a door to another dimension, the crystal dimension�

      Now the crystal opens itself for you and you step into it, become one with the crystal, let its great energy fill you, surround you, heal you and protect you� visualize a golden sun above the crystal and let the golden light of the sun fill the crystal and yourself�

      Now focus on the earth and notice that the crystal goes way down, deep into the earth, miles and miles, and the crystal is connected to the crystal grid, visualize the grid� this grid connects all the giant crystals in the earth, these crystals cover the earth� try to connect to a giant crystal in your area� just visualize and it will happen� just feel the energy�

      The next step is to connect to the Elohim of the crystals, her name is Crystal and she is from the 5th Ray � after that, connect to the crystal cities, in the etheric fields surrounding the Earth� usually you will find them above lakes or mountains� just visualize and it will happen�

      Now you may connect to a golden light crystal temple inside one of these cities, visualize this temple, see it as it is, it is perfect� enter the temple� you can see someone is waiting for you, it is a crystal keeper... he takes you to a crystal fountain� sit down at the bottom of the fountain and relax again� now you can ask a question if you want to or you can ask for healing� maybe someone comes over to give you a present� just let your imagination take over� do not think about it, do not rationalize�

      Stay in this energy for a few more minutes� now, filled with this energy you can send healing to other people� you can say names now out loud...

      Place all these people into your heart, your friends, family, people suffering� and send them the golden crystal light� you can declare: "in the name of the golden crystal light, I send you ... healing'

      When you are done, bring your attention back to the fountain and the temple� the crystal keeper will guide you back to the door� then, bring your attention back to the crystal you are standing or sitting in�

      After this attunement, you will stay connected to the giant crystals and the crystal grid, spreading the Christ Consciousness�

      The crystal you have in your hand will be a special crystal from now on; it will stay connected to the grid, so use it when you want to connect the grid again when you feel you lost the connection�

      Now, bring your attention back to your physical feet and move your toes a bit until you feel grounded again�

      Breath out hard a few times and let your breath remove the excess of energy� slowly come back to the here and now�

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