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      Monday, July the 2nd


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Moon in Sagittarius joins Pluto, Mars and Chiron.

      We are called upon to cease identifying solely with our own human personality because this only leads to the process of satisfaction of desire without any specific attainment or direction. We are aiming at a specific, intelligent direction or guidance and learning to work with our thoughts is an important stage in this process.

      There can be no real comprehension of the direction of God’s Plan unless we understand that thought gives power and direction. The activities of the Soul and personality are then attuned to the ordered direction of the Plan coming from Universal Consciousness.

      Our own mental direction is a phase of this unfolding and is called intelligent guided purpose. We are uniquely suited to our guidance coming from the Soul because it is what we came here to do.

      The emphasis is now upon the spiritual Soul and the Fifth or Angelic kingdom in nature. This involves a withdrawal form the form side of life at certain life stages in order to attune to our Soul qualities. The power of the intellectual mind is gradually superseded by the intuition during this process of re-orientation. This leads to an expansion of consciousness and a quantum leap in understanding also known as an initiation.

      "For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret but that it should come abroad." Mk. 4.22.


      Mercury conjoins the fixed star Phact by longitude at 6:05 AM.

      This fixed star gives an appreciation for form and rhythm as well as artistic talents, genius and medium-ship. It is also confers and interest in science.

      This star has been linked to the peaceful dove in Noah’s Ark . It is placed on the top of the bow of the constellation Argo. This is part of the ship which first touches the unknown, the uncharted seas.

      This is an adventurer charting unknown waters. We are urged to work creatively with the mind in order to chart and explore these new areas. Becoming co-creators in the Unified Field is our divine destiny.

      As Humanity becomes increasingly sensitive to the more subtle forms of energy in the universe, there is an increasing recognition and acceptance of metaphysical science which is the science that deals with these more subtle forms of energy.

      Phact near the Sun is found in the charts of the great mathematician Newton and the composer Richard Strauss.


      The Moon sextiles Neptune at 2:25 PM and opposes Saturn at 2:31 PM.

      This influence confers a vivid imagination, psychic sensitivity, depth of understanding and intellectual skill.

      The aspect produces a strong mental focus in the creation of those structures that are needed for our Soul’s purpose. We are able to externalise our Soul’s aspirations in the outer world by attracting people and resources that are needed for our work.

      Decayed social conditions arouse our sympathy, prompting us to use our talents to come forward with creative solutions and to provide an opportunity for World Service.



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