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Colleen Joy: You Don't Have To Die To Find Wisdom

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  • Ash
    This spoke incredibly deeply especially as it touches upon a couple of experiences that are still very much entrenched into my memories. Not in a negative way;
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2009
      This spoke incredibly deeply especially as it touches upon a couple of experiences that are still very much entrenched into my memories. Not in a negative way; one that has helped me grow more by having been through them. May each of you find within this what speaks to your Core Essence as well. Namaste
      When I was 13, years of suppressed depression surfaced, and I found myself lying in bed one night thinking about suicide.
      Nine years earlier I had died twice on an operating table while surgeons removed a large brain tumour from behind my right eye. The experience gave me many gifts and many physical and emotional scars. It was a strange mix of blessing and what felt like a curse, you see, I had tasted "home" and been touched by such a deep level of peace that I was forever changed, but I was also left feeling homesick and was crippled by fear and shyness (a result of the pain of looking deformed and facing mortality at such a young age).
      So by the time I became a teenager I was exhausted by trying to hide my pain, and so suicide looked like a way to escape the pain and go home, back to the deep peace I'd felt when I'd died. This pulled strongly at my heart.
      Fortunately, that night, in the heart of my despair I received life saving counsel from an unexpected source. In the midst of the pain, a deep peace surrounded me and brought comfort to my heart, it felt like home (the same peace that I had felt when I had died) and so when thoughts came to me from within the peace I listened. The peace-filled thoughts said that I could choose to leave if I wanted to, but that if I did choose to stay (to live) that I should choose a reason that was bigger than the pain.
      Have you chosen a reason to live that is bigger than the pain?
      What was my reason, what would make life worthwhile for me, even at 13 years of age? I chose wisdom. I chose to stay for wisdom, I wanted more than knowledge, I wanted deep truth, personal understanding - that was a reason that seemed bigger than the pain and a reason that would make life's struggle worthwhile for me. It is over two decades later now and wisdom still makes it worthwhile.
      In my search for personally experienced wisdom, I found many unexpected gifts, I also found "home" again. The same feeling of home that I experienced when I died at age 4 has become an ever present companion to me today. Its like having a well that I can throw my buckets down into and draw the waters of wisdom from whenever I need it. This is such a blessing, such a life changing gift. Now I teach others to find their own wisdom and to find the waters of inner-peace that can transform the heart from pain to feeling at home.
      You have a "Wisdom Well" inside of you, you only need to throw the buckets of your heart's questions down into that well, open to peace and draw from the inspiration and insights that are waiting to set you free.
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      All my best,
      Think about the fact that fear is just an opinion based on pain and survival, but that peace has an opinion too, if we would only push deeper than the noise of our fear to listen.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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