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    Dear Alice, just go to www.yahoogroups.com and log in to your account. Unsub from your old email address and rejoin with your new one! Sending much love your
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      Dear Alice, just go to www.yahoogroups.com and log in to your account. Unsub from your old email address and rejoin with your new one!  Sending much love your way, Cynthia

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      I have recently changed addresses yet love to receive your emails. Could you please change your records and send all emails to atotonjian@gmail. com.

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      YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH actually begins when you start dealing with the
      things that shaped who you are and how you exist with those around
      you. This is just part of the living-well process.

      EVERYONE, and we do mean, everyone, goes through these rites of
      passage. How you deal with them will define the type of person you

      There are some who do not believe in alters or fragmented personality
      disorders.  In this process, there is usually one alter-ego, that
      normally - functioning is dominant in order to protect the sensitive,
      damaged and frightened original personality.

      WE KNOW we have been speaking to you of these things that are very
      deep and intense, but we have been getting many questions about
      stress, addiction, personality disorders. It seems that the more
      stress that is upon you, the more you question your own well being.

      This is OUR SINGULAR attempt to put these things in a format you can
      relate to... and that will inform and perhaps help you.

      Now there are three things you can take into consideration if you are
      wondering if you have a propensity toward addictive of dysfunctional

      First, is your family history. Did your mother and father or
      grandparents, or the people who raised you, exhibit abusive behaviors?
      For example, did your mom or dad drink alcoholic beverages to relax,
      or when things were stressful in the family, did they drink regularly
      and did their behaviors change when they did. This also applies to
      using drugs. Now, all drugs are not illegal drugs, as there is also
      misuse and addiction to prescribed drugs. So, you may want to ask
      yourself did the people who raised you self-medicated to a point where
      it changed their behaviors. If you answered yes to either of these,
      then the next question you may want to think about is, how did their
      behaviors change, and how did that affect you and how you modified
      your own behaviors while they were under the influence of these

      Secondly, did you experience childhood abuse? Now, we are not talking
      about you getting sent to your room or your being yelled at. What we
      are speaking of is - abuse. Were you beaten, hit, struck, locked in
      the basement, scalded, or locked outside in all types of weather? Were
      you sexually abused by the people who raised you or a family member?
      These things are intertwined with the individual's sense of security,
      trust, abandonment, and fear. These types of abuse are often stuffed
      within the person and buried as the individual carries a sense of
      self-blame with them when they experience these types of things as a
      child. Furthermore, they almost always deepen and further
      complicate by severe trust and abandonment issues.

      Finally, do you have narcissistic tendencies? Of course you don't. But
      if you did would you be the type of person who put a lot of energy
      into their appearance, or having your home look a certain way and
      everything in its place? Do you think that you have done without so
      others could have their way? Do you get angry when you feel you have
      to compete for attention against other people who may be more likable
      or more popular? Do you pick up the tab even though money could be
      tight? Do you put significant energy into you physical appearance
      because you are aging? Does your image matter to you, where you live,
      the car you drive? Do you like attention to be focused on you, and are
      you uncomfortable being alone? Come on, you know what narcissism is.

      These three components are common among people who suffer from
      addictions issues. THESE THREE THINGS are strong determinates.

      Breath and take in what we are saying -

      Of course any of these individually could have serious effects on a
      person. But combined they impact relationships, careers and your

      Actually when these factors combine there is no limit to the depth of
      unaware self-abuse and the abuse of others the individual will resort
      to, because they do not think there is anything wrong and more
      precisely they feel their response to what they would deem conflict is
      highly acceptable and normal when in fact it is not.

      Rarely will the individual seek any type of help or corrective
      measures without their being a mechanism in place for them to 'get

      Unfortunately, oftentimes this comes at the loss of jobs, careers, and
      relationships and even, at times, after they have harmed another
      person or themselves in a fit of not thinking right or anger.

      Their irrational thought is highly reasonable to them. And there in is
      the problem.

      If they are in a position where others are dependent on them for their
      money, or income, like with celebrities or those in public office,
      then a world of co-dependent relationships open up for them and those
      relationships keep them and their secrets sheltered. As long as money,
      profits, and incomes are kept coming in through them, those who have
      vested interest in them will enable them. The long-termed reality is
      that they either break-down or die.

      So you see, life, is not always easy. It is not always - happy and
      fervently gleeful. This is why so many are content to hear what they
      want to hear - to be told what they want to hear. But that will not
      help you.

      Being aware of the dark side of you, will enable you to move more
      fully into the light and to heal. But healing can only happen when you
      are aware and your eyes are wide open.

      WE SAY THESE THINGS WITH LOVE, not fault or blame-inferred. Life is
      dynamic. It is how you choose to rise above these things that enrich
      your quality of life.

      Michel through David Reid Lowell

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MichelsMes sages/ Healing, awareness and
      wellness through love and tolerance.

      --- End forwarded message ---

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